We revolutionized how businesses get Written & Video testimonials. We get Quotes not just compliments. A compliment says ‘You’re awesome.’ A quote tells WHY.

We gently guide people to tell your story, in their own words, over the phone. We use the best sound bites to create VIDEO testimonials.

“I’ve started using OnFire Reviews in my proposals. I’m not having to preach what we do here; my clients are telling them firsthand. It works well to go to a landing page on our website and hear it.”
– Jonathan Bryant, SiteStaff

Ignite Your Reviews

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How We Ignite Your Reviews

With OnFire Reviews, you get Written & Video testimonials along with Topic Videos that are full of valuable customer driven content that you can use throughout your marketing. All videos are created without the exorbitant costs and nightmare that comes with the logistics involved in traditional video testimonials.

“I attach the, ‘After the Tour,’ [topic] video to an e-mail, thanking a parent for a tour, I have gotten more responses since doing that.”
— Michele Fortier, Cornerstone School

Clarify what sets you apart with a custom Discovery session
As a 3rd party we get clients to share candid feedback
Get Quotes that hook potential clients and shorten sales cycles
Produce review & topic videos, without a camera, that highlight what you do

Check out some OnFire Reviews

  • “OnFire Reviews has been a fantastic service. We’ve been able to effectively gain testimonials from our clients without the pressure of being on camera. OnFire Reviews does a tremendous job to make clients feel comfortable with the process from the beginning.”

    Jonathan Bryant, SiteStaff

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  • “OnFire Reviews made an impact on our business. They enrich your engagement with your existing clients, by asking for specific testimonials, and reminding the clients of the great experience they had.”

    Lori Ruff, Brand Specialist

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  • “I realized that some of the written testimonials that we were using weren’t very effective. They were very long, verbose, did not get those salient points out that we wanted.”

    John Suazo, The Exercise Coach

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  • “You should work with OnFire Reviews because they really help you to understand why your customers do business with you, and they can help you to earn more business.”

    Mark Kutowy, VolumeNine

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  • “My OnFire Reviews are more comprehensive than testimonials I have gotten because they truly reflect my client’s thoughts. That’s what makes them perfect.”

    Kelly Ikenberry, Kelly Ikenberry Coaching

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  • “OnFire Reviews made me think about how I approach customers and really clarify and boil down the specifics of what I’m looking for. They definitely guided the conversation in a way that helped to get the clarification and bullet points that were needed.”

    Rob Peterson, Paint Denver

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  • “You have done the work of getting that client to tell a good story and getting it into a format that we can actually use in our marketing and website and that kind of thing.”

    Linda Wheeler, Keller Williams

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  • “I would definitely recommend OnFire Reviews because they know how to bring the best testimonials out of your clients. There is definitely an art and a science to it and most of us as business owners are spread so thin that that’s not necessarily something we’re experts in.”

    Sara Korn, WriteSmith

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  • “The video makes a really rich deliverable that people have commented on. By asking those deeper questions and driving the conversation in that direction, we’ve gotten richer content.”

    Lori Ruff, Brand Specialist

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  • “I have found it to be a very valuable tool in terms of closing additional sales. It helps to facilitate the process and the speed to close.”

    Mark Kutowy, VolumeNine

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  • “Nobody else in my marketplace has gone to this extent. They maybe have written little blurbs of testimonials, but nothing with the content and the breadth of what these are. They’re much more professional and in-depth and I think carry a lot more weight with a consumer.”

    Rob Peterson, Paint Denver

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  • “Hearing what our customers have to say about us, to a third party was valuable. They do an awesome job.”

    Keith Myers, Re/Max

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Ignite Your Marketing Using OnFire Reviews

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