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We saw a need, found a unique solution and created a new service.

Working on the marketing for AutoSearch USA we needed content for their blogs and website. TC had a great idea to call their clients to get testimonials to become content for blogs. As we interviewed their customers they told us exactly why they bought. We realized we had more than testimonials, we had OnFire Reviews. Through trial and error we’ve perfected open-ended questions to give the call a conversational feel – getting us the most input.

As the market changed, we again realized another need – it is critical for businesses to get more positive online reviews. Humans tend to post online more negative than positive comments. In addition, we are not always eloquent.

Now, we have a way to help companies get posted the positive online reviews they deserve.


We Bring Diverse Skills!


Bob is known as the guy in the hat; the rainmaker of the company. He “seeds the clouds” by networking, utilizing LinkedIn and participating in social media. Nothing makes his day more than when he helps sales people close a sale. That’s why he joined OnFire Content.

Bob is always thinking outside the box. You may say “there is no spoon” – Bob says there is no box. He loves working with a team that can take his crazy ideas, pick the ones that work and make them reality.

He loves that he never has a normal day… the only routine is that there is none. Because he is so curious and just has to be “in the know,” he makes sure we stay on top of the constant changes in marketing and internet technologies. He keeps it all working and up to date, even teaching the staff (not so easy).

After getting his start in politics running petition crews for various causes including the Right to Work Initiative, Bob later trained politicians on the use of social media and SEO. While he no longer works in the SEO space, he knows enough to evaluate an SEO professional.

A win at work is when he sees the light bulb go off when he shows clients how they can use OnFire Reviews in their marketing copy to close sales. Bob also enjoys working with agencies; helping to create more billable hours. His current claim to 15 minutes of fame: He is the #1 recommended person on LinkedIn for “Wearing Hats.”

TC is tickled when people call her a Maverick because that means that she struck again! TC is known for creating unique ideas and new ways of utilizing existing resources. If you believe repurposing is good, then what she can do for you is gold.

When TC talks about content she’s talking real, solid, customer-driven and -oriented content that shows people you’re not just good at what you do and it translates into your doing what you’re good at for them too. At On Fire Content, TC designed the methodology we use to obtain authentic OnFire Reviews.

TC serves as our client’s content and marketing consultant. She’s direct. She won’t spend your time pussy-footing around an issue. When you ask for answers, that’s what she gives; direct, hard-hitting advice that you can use immediately. She’s known for keeping it real and telling you exactly what’s going on and has a really good sense of trends and new things. Put that talent to use for you.

She is use to turning challenges into successes—whether it’s launching a successful business the day after 9/11 or staying married to her IT guy for 20-something years—she’s figured out how to make things work. TC also enjoys connecting the right people together and always asks “who do you need to know?”

Mary is known as “The Translator” because many people think she can read minds. The magic happens when she is able to translate sometimes complex or technical information into terms that people can clearly understand. Her experience in process development and training lets her get to the heart of what is needed to grow a business and get more revenue. She translates ideas into dollars.

As CEO of OnFire Reviews & Content, Mary leads the team that translates what might be traditional testimonials into On Fire Reviews, creating Great Content for your marketing and promotion efforts.

Mary is also referred to as the ‘cat herder extraordinaire’. With all of the detailed steps needed to get On Fire Reviews completed for our clients there is a lot of ‘i’ dotting and ’t’ crossing, which is exactly what she loves to do. The underlying details are crucial to any functioning system. She is the one who makes certain that things work just as they are supposed to by implementing systems and processes to make sure it gets done right.

After obtaining a BS in Engineering and training to write software, she quickly realized that she wanted more direct human interaction. It makes her day to take complex ideas and translate them into simplified concepts for others to understand. Her newest skill set: pulling out OnFire Quotes from your customer interviews now makes her day even more exciting.

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