What Our B2B Clients Are Saying…

Roger Knecht, UAC

  • “Use OnFire Reviews because it’s both professional, and more importantly, applicable to the sales process that you have with your customers. They’re able to hear what it is others have experienced using your products or service.”
  • “OnFire Reviews has been able to speak with our customers in a way that I don’t feel our company could have. The customers share with OnFire Reviews things that we wouldn’t have heard otherwise. With OnFire Reviews being a third-party entity, they’re more candid and more thorough on what it is they liked or disliked about our company. We’re able to learn more from that feedback than if we had done it ourselves.”
  • “OnFire Reviews, with the video production that they do, enabled us to communicate to our potential customers really what our customers are experiencing and feeling. It’s been nice to be able to have our customers, in their own words and their own voice, say what it is that they’ve experienced.”
  • “OnFire Reviews has been both professional and timely. They’ve been very good at doing the thorough work with the different testimonials that they’ve gathered for us. The customer is able to quickly explain their experiences with our company, and more importantly, their opinion of what it is we’ve done for them. OnFire has been very efficient in getting from our customers what’s needed, and they’re very quick. Five-, ten-minute conversation is all.”
  • “The nice thing that OnFire Reviews has done, is help us understand not only what is it we have, but how to utilize it in our marketing, online, in various venues. How we can apply it to our own sales process.”
  • “OnFire Reviews, they’ve been able to do something we couldn’t have done ourselves. It’s been nice to utilize their services to get our customers to speak of our company and our products in a way that we wouldn’t have otherwise.”
  • “TC was very good at actually finding out a little bit more about our sales process and what it is we do in order to engage our potential customers. She was able to take the time to help them, as salespeople, understand how to incorporate best these testimonials that we received from OnFire.”
  • “OnFire, they’re very, very efficient and effective in taking the testimonials that we’re getting and giving them to us in a way that we can now repurpose and use them. I’ve taken the time to actually embed them to complement what our message is online.”
  • “We’ve embedded the videos on some of our webpages. Salespeople are putting links in their emails so as to send people directly to those pages for them to see the testimonials we have. That actually helps potential customers better understand what it is that they’re able to achieve with our product and service.”
  • “The salespeople are more excited about the testimonials we have, in the sense that it’s gratifying to know what it is our customers have said about our services. It’s just one more thing to get them excited about what it is they’re now offering these new, potential customers. They’re a wonderful tool for our salespeople. It’s adding to our sales process testimonials that complement what we’re saying we can do for our customers.”

Patrick Hart, MatrixCare

  • “You should work with OnFire Reviews because it helps shorten the sales cycles of new business development. It’s a great tool to use to engage with your prospects or even your existing clients. OnFire Reviews has allowed us to present a testimonial in a way that’s different from the norm.”
  • “Prospective buyers of MatrixCare, they’re able to see what others are saying. You have an archive of videos where clients have said nothing but true, tremendous things about you. So, you could send that throughout the sales process and it extremely shortens the sales cycle.”
  • “OnFire Reviews, they’ve taken the time to put it in a format that’s presentable and customizable that I could use to help drive additional business for my business unit.”
  • “You should work with OnFire Reviews because it’s a new look that’s not only visual but it’s audio. It helps shorten the sales cycles of new business development. It’s a great tool to use to engage with your prospects or even your existing clients. It allows you, as an organization, to remain focused on the things that you’re doing well.”
  • “Whenever you get someone like OnFire Reviews, which is a third party, to solicit feedback, our clients feel that it’s an environment where they could truly tell the truth, which has lended to some great content. The clients that we’ve had OnFire Reviews engage with, what they appreciated was it wasn’t a call that lasted 20 or 30 minutes. It allowed them to present information in a format that was comfortable for them.”
  • “The video adds another additional element of visualization to where not only can you hear what someone is saying but you could truly see what they’re saying. It’s on point for where testimonials should be in 2017 and beyond.”
  • “OnFire Reviews has allowed us to do is really present a testimonial in a way that’s different from the norm. Prospective buyers of MatrixCare, they’re able to see what others are saying, which has really shortened our sales cycle.”
  • “Most clients nowadays, they want to know other people who’ve done business with you. You’re not having to dig around and find clients that are saying great things about you. You have an archive of videos where clients have said nothing but true, tremendous things about you. You could send that throughout the sales process and it extremely shortens the sales cycle.”
  • “OnFire Reviews, they’ve taken the time to really get to know what I need, as a client, and put it in a format that’s presentable and customizable that I could use to help drive additional business for my business unit. I’m excited about the partnership and I appreciate the customer service that they’ve provided.”

JB Bryant, SiteStaff

  • “The biggest advantage of OnFire Reviews is when our client uses their own voice to show how satisfied they are with our product or service. There is no other manner that can convey their level of satisfaction.”
  • “I’ve started using OnFire Reviews in my proposals. I’m not having to preach what we do here; my clients are telling them firsthand. It works well in a PowerPoint presentation, and it works really well to go to a landing page on our website and hear it.”
  • “OnFire Reviews has been a fantastic service. We’ve been able to effectively gain testimonials from our clients without the pressure of being on camera. OnFire Reviews does a tremendous job to make clients feel comfortable with the process from the beginning.”
  • “They’ve done everything I’ve expected and more, it served us very well. All it takes is an initial conversation with OnFire Reviews, to gain the level of confidence to proceed.”

Alexis Courtney, FranNet

  • “You should work with OnFire Reviews because they did a very good job of getting testimonials from my clients that really were fabulous for my company. It’s a third party and the questions that are being asked really help clarify exactly what my company does and exactly how I help others; precise and accurate about the type of things that I offer.”
  • OnFire Reviews does all the work of getting the testimonials. All I had to do was send them a list of clients that I would like them to call and interview.
  • “It was easy for me to get my clients to engage with OnFire Reviews because it was only a five-minute phone call. OnFire Reviews does a really good job through e-mail with introductions so that your clients don’t feel that it’s a cold call.”
  • “The quotes that I got were really quite amazing. Sometimes, it can feel braggy or as if you’ve paid somebody off or maybe it was your aunt that went ahead and gave you a review. I didn’t feel that way about any of the reviews they were very genuine and high quality.”
  • “Having the video with the client’s own voice really has a good emotional response. People really can connect to that because they have the opportunity to hear of the experience of what it was like to work with me from other clients.”
  • “I decided to do OnFire Reviews because pretty much all of my clients are referral-based; somebody telling another person about what I do. The more I can have reviews of people validating that information, the better my businesses will work. I live in a community where we’re the number one state of multi-level marketers, so I have quite a few people that are very leery about working with anybody new. It’s very important for them to have referrals, and an OnFire Review is a referral. It really helped my company.”
  • “In today’s society, referrals are the best way to get business. OnFire Reviews is able to take the clients that you’ve already had, that are happy with their experience, and turn it into a referral that you can send to anyone at any point in time.”
  • “One thing that I really liked is not only did I have the quotes from each client, but they took all the quotes and put them into specific categories. So, if I had a client that was concerned about one type of category, I then have the information from other clients that could address that.”
  • “One of the ways that I use my OnFire Reviews is in a first introductory e-mail, with somebody that doesn’t know much about my business or company, I attach those reviews. The response has been very good and I feel that I am able to build a trust with the new clients.”

Sarah Brown, FranNet

  • “You should work with OnFire Reviews because your clients and referral partners hearing testimonials from the mouths of your own clients is invaluable. The process was very enlightening to me. They reached out to several of my clients; to hear it directly from my clients’ mouths was very impactful for me.”
  • “Clients repeatedly said the fact that I had owned a franchise before and had gone through the process a couple times myself really gave a certain amount of credibility. I never really played that up in my sales process. Now, I approach that differently and say, ‘Mr. or Mrs. Client, I’ve gone through this myself. I understand how stressful this is.”
  • “I had a lot of hesitation in asking more out of my clients. But the fact that I could, with confidence go, ‘OnFire Reviews is really only going to take five minutes of your time,’ they’re much more apt to do it.”
  • “I’m so close to my own business I can’t get out of my own way. Having OnFire Reviews as a third party ask questions, they were able to get information that was much more impactful than I could’ve pulled out. It’s difficult, even as a professional, to go, ‘Hey, Mr. Client. Tell me how awesome I was,’ where having that from a third party is just more comfortable for the business owner that wants the testimonial.”
  • “OnFire Reviews is able to get the quote on the screen with the actual client’s voice. Gives it a much higher level of legitimacy.”
  • “The most impactful way I used the quotes and the testimonials from OnFire Reviews is with my referral partners. I get a majority of my clients from other professionals. The fact that I can go ‘Don’t take it from me. Take it from my clients, in their own words.’ I think it’s incredibly impactful.”

Cyndi Stout, PROMZ

  • “OnFire Reviews got to the bottom and really got the feeling from my clients on what they experienced. After-the-sale kind of survey just didn’t pull that kind of information out. OnFire Reviews definitely gets to how the clients really feel about their interaction with us. They really expressed, in detail, what we did for them.”
  • “We send out a survey afterwards and, sometimes, we get a response and, sometimes, we don’t. By using a third party like OnFire Reviews people were under the impression that we were more of a professional organization. I thought that just made us look like a bigger company.”
  • “I can see where OnFire Reviews would be very beneficial to gaining that first-time order, as everybody’s gone to the Internet and are looking for those testimonials from previous buyers and seeing what their experiences are. By having that video along with the testimonials is powerful and help to increase new referrals and new business.”

Eric Johnson, Minuteman Press

  • “OnFire Reviews makes getting testimonials a more-streamlined process. It makes it easier for us to actually obtain those testimonials that you may not hear otherwise. OnFire Reviews works. It’s helping us develop our business and keep making our business better.”
  • “I’ve had some pretty interesting feedback, which has been really helpful for my company. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback, which is great. Every once in a while, we’d get some constructive feedback, which has been really helpful, as far as areas we can improve on.”

Peter Thorpe, FireAvert

  • “OnFire definitely does help us close sales. It’s part of our standard first e-mail that we use for customers, now. Every first email to a new customer gets a testimonial. When we follow up with the customers, we send a new testimonial video saying, “Hey. Hear what our customers are saying.” They’re listening to them because they mention to us about the videos they watch. I do believe that it is helping us increase sales.”
  • “You should work with OnFire because you’ll be blown away by the amount of testimonials and the quality of the testimonials that you’ll receive from all your customers.”
  • “Before using OnFire, we would try to get testimonials or when a customer would mention something, then, we would write it down and try to share it. With OnFire, I am blown away by how many of our customers want to give a testimonial and how many of them have good things to say about us. We definitely would not have gotten as many testimonials without using OnFire.”
  • “Having the videos is one of my favorite parts of OnFire because my customers that I’m courting right now get to hear other customers, their voice and their own words and their own experience. I love that the videos have multiple customers talking in the video. It’s just not one person talking but multiple people telling their own personal experience with the product.”
  • “OnFire does a wonderful job with talking to customers and getting them to open up and share the experiences and helping them remember using our product. When we first started this we had just a few testimonials. Now, we have pages and buckets full of all these great testimonials.”
  • “OnFire’s been great with educating us on where to and how to use all the testimonials. How to use them in our website, on our social media, our newsletters, everywhere. All of our marketing material now has wonderful quotes that we’re able to use.”
  • “OnFire helped me, as a business owner, understand my customer and the values that I wasn’t aware of. By doing the reviews, I have better understood my customer.”

 Rob Peterson, Paint Denver

  • “OnFire Reviews made me think about how I approach customers and really clarify and boil down the specifics of what I’m looking for. They definitely guided the conversation in a way that helped to get the clarification and bullet points that were needed.”
  • “You should use OnFire Reviews because they paint a perfect picture of your business, of the experience that our customers have, and what your customers are looking for from your business.”

Brent Crabtree, Connectshare

  • “OnFire helped me to actually clarify exactly the message that I would like my customers to be able to get across. What their experience is about our company and what results they’ve gotten. It was really helpful to fine tune exactly what I’d like them to say. It worked very, very well for me.”

Devin Sizemore, 4505 Consulting Group

  • “As an online marketing agency, it is refreshing to work with a company that has a unique and simplified process that we know our customers will be comfortable with. The brainstorming and editing sessions will help you get clarity on what makes your business special, which is critical to your overall marketing.”

Monica Miller, Monica Writes

  •  “OnFire Reviews got what was in my head down onto paper. They really helped me clarify what makes me so unique and different from my competition.”

Cindy Rayfield, FranNet

  • “You should use OnFire Reviews because they really do know what they’re doing when they’re helping you get the information out of your clients that you can’t get for yourself. OnFire Reviews was able to get the pointed feedback that I was looking for, not just something very generic.”
  • “The quotes are what makes the end result of the video so fantastic. Instead of a bunch of compliments about how great Cindy is, it really does speak to the results. When people hear somebody else’s voice, somebody else who’s experienced it, it makes it easier for them to have an emotional connection.”

Ryan Coburn, Office Evolution

  • “You should use OnFire Reviews because it humanizes your business. It takes it out of the corporate-speak. I think that it’s easier for the viewer to empathize or relate to the person on the video. We were able to customize a profile of questions to elicit the responses that we wanted to hear.”
  • “The feedback that I got from the clients was that it was easy to work with OnFire Reviews and that it didn’t take up a lot of time.”

Mark Kelly, TeamLogic IT

  • “You should use OnFire Reviews because your prospects or customers will find a connection with other clients through the use of their personal testimonials that resonates with them in a way that you probably won’t find with your other traditional marketing techniques.”
  • “Using OnFire Reviews I was able to get testimonials from a number of our clients. Then OnFire Reviews did a nice job of packaging those up in the format of a video that I can distribute out to other prospects or customers talking about the services we provide, the professionalism we provide for them. We find it very useful as a marketing tool.”
  • “OnFire Reviews did a very good job of asking insightful questions. Customers provide heartfelt testimonials that I probably could not have gotten out of them through my own means. They did a good job of getting quotes I’d consider actionable or quantitative or speaking specifically to products and services we provide that help them be more productive in their business, without resorting to just glittering generalities that have no concrete value to someone who might be reading them or listening to them.”
  • “Getting the voice of the client makes a connection with someone else who might be listening to it. They   see it as a very truthful and honest representation of what that customer is saying.”

Ruth Ann Rose, Rose Marketing Solutions

  • “OnFire Reviews’ products allow Rose Marketing to present our services and our customer experience in a way that’s truly unique.
  • We are using them in our follow up with our customers who we have submitted proposals to, those who might want to get some references from our clients. We had them playing as a loop on a laptop on our table at a conference.”
  • “I know my new potential customers are very busy and many of them do like to check reference, OnFire Reviews certainly gives me that ability let them check reference in an easier way. With just a click of button, they can watch a video and hear other clients talk about Rose Marketing and how we meet their marketing needs. A timesaver for potential clients.”
  • “I find the team at OnFire Reviews to be very focused in helping me be a better marketer. As a marketing professional, I often lack the time to do my own marketing. And OnFire Reviews gives me tools and coaching that help me to stay focused and to remember to sell my company. The content will certainly help me to go back and evaluate my website to make sure that my website clearly communicates my unique services.”

Sara Korn, WriteSmith

  • “It was really wonderful to receive reviews from my customers in their own words, describing what it is that they appreciated most about my services and what I offer. It was a reinforcement of what I already knew.”
  • “The thing that I really liked about the process was I had a session where we talked about what made me special and unique in the marketplace. We figured out exactly what we could get reviews on that really set me apart.”
  • “I would definitely recommend OnFire Reviews because they bring the best testimonials out of your clients. There is definitely an art and a science to it and most of us as business owners are spread so thin that that’s not necessarily something we’re experts in.”

Mark Kutowy, Volume Nine

  • “Our clients have us provide references. We don’t want to have our current customer base be inundated. Over time, clients just get tired of saying all the great things about how great of a job they feel you’re doing. The reviews that were generated through OnFire have been a great way to provide testimonial and client feedback to new prospects.”
  • “You should work with OnFire Reviews because they really help you to understand why your customers do business with you, and they can help you to earn more business. TC and the OnFire team do a phenomenal job of really helping to sort out the reasons that clients do business with you and why more clients need to do business with you.”
  • “We’ve taken some of those best clips in order to really immortalize the words and the good things that clients are saying about us. We provide those as references within our proposals. It actually not only stops us from having to give out those same people time and time again, but it seems to speed up our time to close, as well.”

Alice Langoria, Successful She

  • “OnFire Reviews was able to really synthesize the value and the uniqueness of what I bring to my clients. You don’t want to waste your time trying to get reviews and testimonials on your own.”

Lori Ruff, Brand Specialist

  • “I know that OnFire Reviews made an impact on our business. They enrich your engagement with your existing clients, by asking for specific testimonials, and reminding the clients of the great experience they had.”
  • “The video makes a really rich deliverable that people have commented on. By asking those deeper questions and driving the conversation in that direction, we’ve gotten richer content.”

Kelly Ikenberry, Kelly Ikenberry Coaching

  • “My OnFire Reviews were more comprehensive than testimonials I have gotten because they truly reflect my client’s thoughts. That’s what makes them perfect.”


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