What Our B2C Clients Are Saying…

Dr. Julia Rohleder, D.M.D., The Downtown Dentist

  • “You should work with OnFire Reviews because the end product is magnificent. I do like that they’re very concise and straight to the point. It sounds more authentic. It really helps you to attract new patients.”
  • “OnFire is able to get the patients to say why they like coming here. We have gotten testimonials that we would not have gotten on our own. It’s a little embarrassing to ask for those things or you feel like it’s not the right time, and so we wouldn’t have even asked the question. It is nice to have a third party do it.”
  • “I worried about getting pushback on this stuff because, me included, you don’t always want to get a marketing call. They make it easy; my clients are eager to participate. I’ve never heard one complaint, and we’ve been using OnFire for years. I think the actual phone call is a nice personal touch.”
  • “The OnFire Reviews have helped to add content to the website. The reviews that OnFire has gotten for us has made a big difference in increasing our showing on Google. I will tell you that our Google standing has increased from like page 40 to page 2, and on some headings we’re on page 1.”

Pat Sculley, The Exercise Coach – Dallas

  • “You should use OnFire Reviews because it is going to help you grow your business by letting others hear what your current clients are saying about you. OnFire Reviews has provided us significant content for our marketing from our current customers, something that we were struggling to do on our own.”
  • “It was very easy for the client to set up their appointment. It was very quick for the client. A very good process for interviewing the client and gathering not just a sentence or one paragraph from the client but getting more of a holistic view of how the client feels about the service that they’re receiving from the company. That was valuable to us.”
  • “OnFire Reviews uses a very good process to interview the clients that causes them to think about the service that they’re getting from us in a different way. OnFire Reviews pulled more information out of them than we would normally get in trying to gather our own testimonials.”
  • “We learned some very interesting things about our clients. Each one was a little different. We know our clients very well, but that doesn’t mean they tell us everything. It was interesting to hear some of the things that they said during their testimonials that they had never shared with us.”
  • “OnFire Reviews uses the client’s actual voice in the videos, along with their pictures. It’s one thing when you are reading a testimonial on a website it’s totally different when you hear the actual client’s voice. That’s what you get with OnFire Reviews.”

Sharon Simpson-Dogon, Wellness Matters

  • “I am fully on board with the OnFire team because they helped me to see what was possible with my business and to discover how I’m different from the other providers that are out there. They are talented people who can pull out the best from you and from your clients. Who better to talk about your business than your clients who enjoy your service.”

Chris Kelly, Balanced Health Solutions

  • “You should use OnFire Reviews because they are the best in the business at targeting the areas of your business that make you the best. I recommend OnFire Reviews 100 percent. OnFire Reviews helped us to identify that patients choose Balanced Health Solutions because Dr. Kelly really cares about his patients and he listens to them.”
  • “We have used our OnFire Reviews. We have them embedded on our YouTube page. We also have them on a loop in our reception area of our office.”
  • “I believe that hearing and reading the reviews at the same time helped create that emotional response. Patients often say that they believe what we tell them, but they really feel and believe when another patient who has gone through our program tells their own story.”
  • “Every single person that was approached was happy to spend five minutes giving a review for Balanced Health Solutions.”

Linda Wheeler, Keller Williams

  • “You have done the work of getting that client to tell a good story and getting it into a format that we can actually use in our marketing and website.”

Rob Peterson, Paint Denver

  • “OnFire Reviews made me think about how I approach customers and really clarify and boil down the specifics of what I’m looking for. They definitely guided the conversation in a way that helped to get the clarification and bullet points that were needed.”
  • “You should use OnFire Reviews because they paint a perfect picture of your business, of the experience that our customers have, and what your customers are looking for from your business.”

John Suazo, The Exercise Coach, Colorado Springs, CO

  • “You should use OnFire Reviews because they will help you figure out the value you bring to your clients. As well, they’ll help you figure out the type of testimonials from your clients that you can use to grow your business.”
  • “I think the biggest thing is to get us thinking about our business in the aspect of how we can generate more growth in our business through using the testimonials of our clients. Really concentrating on the value that we present to our clients.”
  • “We do have some corporate-sponsored reviews that we use. I was really intrigued by the fact that we could improve our retention and our sales by having homegrown comments and reviews from people that we were actually training, here, in our studio in Colorado Springs. I also realized that some of the written testimonials that we were using weren’t very effective. They were very long, verbose, did not get those salient points out that we wanted.”
  • “We’ve used them with great results, providing these videos for our clients via e-mail before they come in and as they go through their trial period, to shore up their confidence in our program. Seeing our clients that have been here, people like them, that have had the same concerns and fears that they did.”
  • “It’s neat to be able to show a prospective client a video that hits home to them. In our case, we had a client who had let her health slip a little bit. Her two goals were to be able to go on vacation and be able to drag her bags and be able to walk through the entire vacation without much trouble. And, also, to be able to walk upstairs without being out of breath. And just by happenstance, one of our clients had those exact same two points that she talked about. I felt like it certainly sealed that transaction for us.”
  • “You should use OnFire Reviews because we’ve used them with great results. Providing videos for our clients via e-mail before they come in and as they go through their trial period, to shore up their confidence in our program. Seeing our clients, people like them, that have had the same concerns and fears that they did.”

Keith Myers, RE/MAX

  • “You should use OnFire Reviews because it does indeed separate you from your competition, tells the true story of who you are as a professional, and lets the prospects see that from the words from your actual satisfied clients; that you do follow through and provide a level of service that separates you from a crowd.”
  • “It gives us a real professional image and professional way to extol the virtues that we can benefit our clients by, as opposed to just telling them how we great we are. Clarify the value we bring to our clients.”
  • “Nobody else in my marketplace has gone to this extent. They maybe have written little blurbs of testimonials, but nothing with the content and the breadth of what these are. They’re much more professional and in-depth and I think carry a lot more weight with a consumer.”
  • “The finished product separates us from our competition by putting a professional image out there that does, in fact, tell a good story about the extent of the customer service that we provide and how much we care about the outcomes of our clients.”

Patricia Kelly, Forethought.net

  • “OnFire actually really helped me understand how to use the reviews. Working with them was fantastic. We’ve used the reviews on all of our main pages on our website and we’ve also tweeted out reviews. OnFire is a great solution to help solicit new feedback and testimonials from my clients and people I work with.”

Glen DiAcri, Real Estate Agent

  • “OnFire Reviews were able to get really amazing testimonials from my clients and really get them to say the things that I really wanted them to say about my business. It would’ve been tougher for me to get them to open up about my services. These are testimonials that I could never have gotten on my own.”
  • “I was surprised at the great things my customers said about me and my services; I knew they were happy with my service, but I didn’t know how happy they were. So, when I heard the testimonials, I was very impressed.”
  • “OnFire Reviews made my clients feel very comfortable and made it very easy for them.”
  • “My testimonials go on all my print media, my website and I embed them in e-mails. They’re very powerful. The value is huge and it’s a fantastic price.”

Brandon Stegman, Top of the Peak Landscaping 

  • “They went above and beyond in regards to calling the customers. They did a great job of tracking them down and getting the phone calls. Everything was pretty smooth.”
  • “They set up the customers’ raves and/or testimonials with the verbiage in the background. Hearing what they have to say, whether it’s good or bad, was valuable to us.”
  • “When they got everything done, they set up a nice video with our logos, the customers’ testimonials and then the customers would be saying it.”
  • “They’re our customers and hearing what they have to say about you, whether it’s good or bad, to a third party – was valuable to us.”
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