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OnFire Quotes – not just complements

Having Casey available really helps me make the right decision on what we need to take down. If there’s a tree that can be saved, they’re going to save it; which is something you’re typically not going to find with most tree people. They’re there to make money; Casey wants to protect the tree.

We’ve looked at starting to reforest our golf course, and they have given very good recommendations on that. It really helps out knowing that somebody’s got that expertise that I can call on.

What they do is extremely dangerous. You couldn’t pay me enough to get up in one of those bucket trucks and do what they do. But you have no concerns with anything happening on your property. They are always very careful about what they’re doing. They make sure they’ve got all the proper gear, and their saws are sharp and are maintained appropriately. All that stuff’s extremely important.

They are truly one of the nicest families I’ve ever met, they are just genuinely good people. They are very thorough and fair. If they can’t help you, they’ll be honest with you; and that’s always appreciated when you’re dealing with something that most of us don’t know a whole lot about.

We’re off a golf course, and when his crew leaves you don’t know they were there, and for us it’s extremely important. You can’t hardly find a leaf left.

They are very polite, very easy to work with, very attentive, and all around just a solid company.

Mike Painter

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

We have a new building project. I wanted someone to come in and really be concerned about the trees and consult with me on what needed to be done to protect those trees, as well as for them to be healthy after the building process was completed.

I liked and trusted Casey. He’s very knowledgeable and dependable. When he makes an appointment with you, he’s going to be there. His people were all very professional and they conducted themselves the right way.

Dusty Womble

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

Casey and Kelly Hildebrandt are truly men of integrity, and provide a great service with their business. They are very knowledgeable in care for trees in the yard, and since we have been using them, our yard has never looked better. The trees that we’ve had for 20 years, they’ve really taken on new life.

They’re extremely meticulous in the way they conduct their business. They are very punctual. They actually follow through on what they promise to do, which is not that common. They offer all the information and suggestions for treatment which we were not even aware was possible.

They have grown up in the community and their name is very well respected throughout Lubbock and the surrounding areas. We’ve been very thankful that they’ve respected our time and our property. They take care of people’s property like they would their own.

One of our sons worked with them through the summer. He was amazed at how well they took care of their crews. Their standards for safety are extremely high.

Lisa Wentz

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