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OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"I take my kids to ABC Academy because they’re prepping them for kindergarten. They have a good education program. They use the STEM program. They just have really good leadership at the top and the staff, they’re really caring. The teachers are there, teaching. They’re just not watching the kids."

"We have a five-year-old and we have a one-year-old. And, actually had them in a different daycare a while back. At the time, she was always talking about how she didn’t like school and she didn’t want to go. We made the change and we’ve just seen some really good things. She’s looking forward to going to school. We’ll pull in the parking lot and she’s like, 'Yay, we’re at school.' And, those were the types of things that we didn’t hear at the other place."

"I love the communication. When you ask your five-year-old, 'How did school go?' and you usually get an answer like, 'It went okay.' It’s nice to get it from pictures. You have the updates and what they did and what they are working on. It’s great communication for the parents to know what their kids are doing."

"One thing that I notice is when we drop off our one-year-old, the staff comes and welcomes the one-year-old. Usually will take him immediately out of your arms, versus you’re having to drop them off and just hope that they’re going to get enough attention. So, they’re definitely engaged. They’re aware who’s coming in and when they’re coming in. And they’re there to welcome them there and to say good-bye and give you their report on what they did all day."

"Their infant room, they have it separated in sections. They have, obviously, the cribs there, for sleeping and then they have a nice carpeted spot for the toddlers who are just starting to walk. They have another section blocked off for the crawlers and the ones that can go in swings and roll around and those types of things just to keep them safe. So, I have no questions about safety, as far as dropping either one of the kids. It’s good to know that they’re in really good hands."

Brett Nowery

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"I take my kid to ABC Academy because the learning environment is safe, the teachers within the classrooms are loving and take very good care of my little baby. Our experience there has been really wonderful. I think about him but I don’t worry. They take very good care of him. They keep me informed if there’s something I need to know about. And they share lots of celebrations with me, as well. Definitely feel comfortable."

"The security access door with each parent having their own code, it’s one of the ways that I think that they make sure that the children are secure. They check IDs to make sure that you’re somebody that matches the emergency card that can actually leave with the child. That’s another way that they really keep things safe and secure within the facility. They also have video cameras in the classroom."

"They definitely use the ZONO machines and that kills like 99.9 percent of all bacteria. So, I definitely think that that helps prevent illnesses from occurring within the classroom."

"They’re only in the cribs for sleeping and the teachers are checking on them regularly while they’re sleeping. They’re not used for any other purpose besides resting."

"They helped ease my mind and helped me feel comfortable leaving him, which is one of the things that I appreciate the most. They’re now people that I look forward to sharing things with. When he does something over the weekend, I’m always anxious to share with them the new thing that he did that was exciting. They’re equally interested to hear it, which is wonderful."

Jolene Crawford

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"I take my child to ABC Academy because I feel like they offered such a well-rounded experience, from the curriculum to the communication with the parents. I feel like it’s the very best place for children to go."

"They really take an account of what you want. They want to hear from you, and to hear what they can do for you to make your experience the best that it can be for your child."

"I’ve had a great experience with ABC Academy. All the staff pays a lot of attention to my daughter. They do a great job at making sure that she’s really well taken care of, and that she’s getting everything she needs every day. And they provide a lot of feedback, which I really, really appreciate."

"I love Tadpoles. It is the best thing ever because they tell me about her day but they also send pictures of the day. I’ll get a photo on my phone that shows me some of the activities that she’s participating in. And, it’s just really nice to see."

"Aria’s teachers are so nice and they love her. They treat her just like they would their own children. That’s really important to see. I see that every time I drop her off and pick her up."

"I’ve picked her up at various times throughout the day. And each time they’re always taking the best care of her, loving on her and helping her."

Alexis Adams

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"I take my kid to ABC Academy because he loves it there, always feels comfortable, and gets to learn and dance. My son just turned three and he’s been going there since he was three months old."

"They do all kinds of fun stuff with him. Painting, shaving cream, arts and crafts. Every holiday he’s making something different. He likes to play in the sandbox outside during recess. They celebrate every holiday."

"It’s always clean. The teachers are always really nice and welcome him. It’s really always been a pleasant drop-off in the morning. Just above and beyond any other daycare provider I would ever consider."

Tonya Sears

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"I take my child to ABC Academy because the staff are wonderful. And, they provide my child with a loving environment, not just with capable hands but they love her very much. I feel good leaving her there, as a working mom."

"I’ve been using them to care for my daughter since she was nine weeks old. And she’s about to be 16 months old. We just love it. I’m a working mom. My husband works, as well. Going back to work and being away from my daughter was extremely difficult for me. But the center’s just made it a really easy transition. They’re as excited to watch her grow and learn as I am, which makes me feel really good."

"They send pictures during the day. And that’s really nice, because I can see that she’s playing and having fun. Then, at the end of the day, I get these daily reports. So, I know what her day looked like, in terms of her basic needs. But then, talking with the staff I get to know all the details in terms of ins and outs of what she did."

"They have the variety of rooms of different ages. For example, my daughter’s room, they have a non-mobile section for the non-walkers versus a mobile section so the kids don’t run each other over. And then, even when they go outside, it’s the same thing."

"They’re helping her to learn to use a sippy cup and to eat foods with textures. A lot of times, by the time I get her home, its dinner, bath, and bed. So, a lot of that practice needs to take place during childcare. They do help out a lot with that. I love that they’re really involved with the eating process."

"I just really love their staff. I love that we have great communication with them. I love that they’re excited to see my daughter. And, it’s not just the staff in the room, all the staff in the center know who she is. And they’re always smiling and tell her, “Good morning,” and, “Good-byes.” I think they do a really good job."

Jenny Brundage

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"I take my grandson to ABC Academy, because I trust them. I have experienced for myself that they are knowledgeable in the care of children and infants, in their interaction with them. I feel very comfortable communicating with them about the needs of my child. He’s far ahead socially. He’s confident. He can verbalize what he wants. He could communicate via the sign language with three or four things before he could talk."

"I take my grandson there since he was a small infant and he’s over two years old now. He has done excellent as far as excelling in his vocabulary and motor skills, social skills. I’m very happy about that."

"Every day I can see what he ate, when he went to the bathroom, when he slept. I get an e-mail every day. It’s basic information regarding him. Tadpoles had pictures of things that he’s done throughout the day or any updates. It’s an app I have on my iPad, it’s very convenient. Just one touch of the finger, and you can then select if you want to look at daily reports, or the week, or the month. And, there’s videos. I’ve seen video of him interacting, singing, or doing the morning routine. I can see that he’s comfortable, happy and engaged. And he likes to watch himself, too."

"I always feel that the conditions are clean and sanitary there. I’ve never experienced otherwise. My grandson has never had an illness that I felt was associated to any type of unsanitary conditions there at ABC Academy."

"I see the staff daily, including the owner. They’ve very accessible. They’re right there by the entrance. I see them pitching in as well, as they don’t just stay at the desk. They’re up doing things if need be, and on top of things."

"They always are truly happy to see and greet him. All the teachers, not just his, as we come in through the hall, any staff member there is equally welcoming. And he’s happy to go there. I pick him up in the afternoon or evening, he is always engaged and interacting with the staff. I have to peel him away from what he’s doing to get him home."

"He knows his shapes. He knows his colors. He knows several of the alphabet letters, and he can count. He can say his ABCs and he’s only two. And, I don’t think it’s the structure. That does happen through play. By structure, I mean conventional teaching method. There’s no way his attention span could ever do that, so it’s through play for sure."

"They have them brush their teeth there, so that becomes part of the daily routine. Then at home, too, we can work on that and wash the hands. And politeness, learning to share and get along with others, and how to handle that verbally instead of physical altercations."

"The whole room is baby friendly so they are left to explore, with supervision. It’s the perfect area for them to cruise, grab onto things, and take their steps. The people that work there wear slippers once they’re in that environment so the babies have free range. Free range babies."

"The primary caregiver is very important in that they knew him and his little idiosyncrasies. And he transitioned very well from me to the caregiver there because he knew them. He didn’t show any indication that they were a stranger. They knew him well and would know how to soothe him, and would tell me at the end of the day how he acted and how he responded."

"I get him there in the morning at right about the time the breakfast cart comes around. I don’t have to worry at home before I get him off to daycare that I have to hurry up and feed him, because I know in five minutes, he’s going to be having breakfast, which is very convenient. I pick him up, he’s not starving in the afternoon either that I have to hurry up and get him fed, because I know he just had a snack. It’s helpful to know that they are hydrating them throughout the day, too."

Nancy Kelso

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"I take my children to ABC Academy because it provides them a solid foundation for their school success. I’ve had two children, both have been there since they were about six weeks old. ABC Academy definitely provides the opportunities for parents to be involved in the program."

"ABC Academy is fun. I know that my two-year-old really enjoys going every day. He gets really excited when we get to school. And he always looks forward to seeing his teachers."

"He really loves the monster trucks that they have in their classroom. They do a really good job at providing materials for children in the classroom that go with their interest."

"I think it’s just been a great place for my children. I know that my oldest was definitely ready for kindergarten and even now is excelling in school. And I definitely feel it’s because that she had such a good beginning in early childhood, to help her to grow and learn."

Andrea McCabe

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