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"She was a tremendous blend of charm, intelligence, and humor. That is not something that trial lawyers bring to the table very often."

"She was just a great partner to have in a law firm. She definitely won the case. I think she made partner in less than seven years, which is very, very quick."

"She would see the big picture and go, “You know, hey. If it’s going to cost the insurance company $100,000.00 to defend the case, with respect to attorneys’ fees and expert fees, what if I could get a mediation together and resolve it for something between 50 and 75?” Now, that is not something that lawyers come up with, believe it or not, early in their career. What I saw, here, was an ability to see where you wanted to go with the case and make sure that it made business sense for the client."

"She has an ability to get people to like her and to trust her at a very early stage. And that is not something you can learn. I think you either have it or you don’t. Alice simply just had it from the very first moment. She really inspires confidence and you just know that you’re in good hands with her. I’m not the only person that would say that. I guarantee you that."

"Out of nowhere, she approached the managing partner with some technological, innovative ideas. And none of the lawyers here really knew what she was talking about. They were computer-based systems, things having to do with our server, a program designed to make the firm more efficient. And, quite frankly, drag it into the twenty-first century. Everybody was happy by the time it was all said and done."

"Before she came along, we didn’t have our documents in a system where we could retrieve them from our computer. We had to go to the file. We had to find the document. We had to print the document. And then, put the file back. But she was the first one to suggest, 'Why don’t we try to have our documents in a database on the computer so we could look at them when we’re not in the office?'"

"Wonderful networker. It’s not everybody who can just walk into a room. She’s really good at working a room. If I took her to a wine tasting tonight, let’s say, and it was a wine tasting/business networking event, I could go to the bar, get a drink, and say, “Go over to that group of people and just start talking to them and I’ll join you.” And by the time I was able to get the two glasses of wine over to her, she would’ve probably been engaged with five or six people."

"Respect to teamwork, I think that’s a given. You can’t become a partner in a law firm unless you can work in a team."

"You should hire Alice Longoria before somebody else does. Alice Longoria should be a member of your firm or company because she’s dedicated, she’s smart and she will get the job done."

Steven Maslauski

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