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OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"I take my child to Aloma Childhood Learning Center because they care, they love, they have an excellent curriculum, they keep the facility extremely clean, organized. They care about me as a parent and know how to walk alongside me to help in the growth and development of my child. I am just thankful to have even found them."

"My daughter has been going there almost a year now and it has been nothing but delight and joy. The amount of love that they give the kids, every day they leave they tell them they love them. They hug them. It’s just such a warm environment and they also include the parents."

"My daughter was very shy because she was watched at home. They were able to, through love, just embrace her. When we leave for her to go to school, I can’t keep her in my arms long enough, she just runs away. Whereas before, she would be so afraid to go. Very comfortable now."

"They do a lot of hands-on teaching which tailors to a child. For example, last week they were doing the letter P, and they talk about they were having a pajama party with pizza day. They were going to pop popcorn. My daughter has learned so much because they teach each child at their level, where they are."

"It always smells clean. My daughter suffers from sinus issues. Since she’s been there, she has had no sinus issues. She also used to have fever because of the sinus issues, that has subsided. She does not have those at all any more."

"The environment is very clean. They’re constantly cleaning whenever you go in. Everything is very organized. When you come in, there is a place where you have to put the lunchboxes."

"Since her first day there, they have been nothing but loving, giving. The learning environment that kids are able to learn through play, they learn through hands-on activities. They go to chapel and pray, which is very important for me as it teaches them not only academically but also spiritually what is of preference for me."

Teresa Brown

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"I take my children to Aloma Childhood Learning Center because I feel very comfortable and safe that they’ll take good care of my children and really care about them. I’m actually an alumni, I had gone there as a child."

"My oldest went there from when she was two to four, and she’s now seven in elementary school and we’re very happy with the way she was prepared for kindergarten, she was definitely ready and on her way."

"I also have a four-year-old and a two-year-old there now, so we’ve had the whole family going through. We’ve been obviously very happy with everything they’ve done, we don’t have any doubt that they care about our kids and they keep us informed, and the kids there always show a lot of progress there during the year. And, we appreciate the spiritual education that they get there as well because they definitely learn things about that."

"I have actually had times when I’ve gone to drop off one of my kids and the other one is sick so I had to bring them home and they will cry because I’m not dropping them off. They really, really enjoy it there. They’re very happy there, they have friends there and they look forward to seeing the teachers."

"We’re able to work around our schedule quite frequently. I think that’s one of the best things that they offer. There’s been times when we’ve used only afternoons or only mornings or only certain days of the week, whatever we’ve needed, and it’s not ‘we have to pay for 40 hours a week’ in order to go there."

"We know that the staff knows our kids well. I’ll talk to teachers who haven’t even taught my kids but they’ll know my kids’ names and they’ll be familiar with them and they’ll ask about them. So, they definitely have a sense of community and they’re very involved and they care about the kids."

"They talk about all of the holidays, they learn Bible stories and they act out Bible plays. They come home and they really seem to understand what they’re talking about and we appreciate them getting that understanding at that early age. It’s of course something we can be involved in, so we’re able to talk to them about it and they get it reinforced."

"They’ve got the two playgrounds for the littler ones and the older ones. We know that they’re getting lots of outside time."

"I’m going to be honest, I’ve never compared tuition. I never had any question that my kids were going to go there because it’s something that my family’s been very connected with. I’ve heard they’re a good value, but I never even bothered shopping around. We’re very loyal to them, we feel our kids are very safe, and we really like the staff there."

Sarah Krones

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"I take my grandchild to Aloma Early Childhood Learning Center because it is a safe, friendly environment where play is the work of a child. I’ve been very, very pleased with Barbara and with the entire crew."

"To trust your child or your grandchild to somebody outside your home is a big step. I don’t think it’s some step that you would take lightly. I don’t worry about Jack when he’s up there, not for one minute. It just makes you feel very comfortable and very secure."

"Every single day that child is ready to go to school; he loves it. When we get there, there’s always activities out for them to do. The transition from us dropping him off is excellent, and at pickup my daughter has experienced nothing but 'I want to stay, I want to stay, I want to stay.'"

"My background is in early childhood and I had my own center in Houston, Texas. It’s just very hands on. The staff is very, very open, just had that right feel. I don’t see sick kids, and they’re very cautious about that."

"In the kitchen area I’ve seen some of the teachers get dressed up by the children. They’ll put like an apron on them or feed them the plastic food. When you walk in they’re either sitting at the table doing activities with them or they’re on the floor. When you go to pick up, they’re reading to them. They’re sitting on the floor. Kids are all over their lap, sitting on the carpet listening to the story, artwork."

"Barbara and Layla are very visible; they’re there all the time. They’re always in and out of the classrooms. They’ve got a very keen eye I think for any child that’s struggling or maybe a child that’s having a difficult time or maybe has some learning lags. They’re very, very aware of every single child in that school."

Lynn Merlet

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"I take my children to Aloma because I feel that they’re in a safe environment where they’re going to get the best care and the core learning skills for their future. I didn’t have to worry about them. It’s not a daycare. It is a learning center, really educational, very like a home feeling. Everybody knows each other. Wonderful."

"The teachers, they’re not just teachers. They just love on the kids. They love them. And, it’s something that they don’t have to talk, you can see it, they just embrace them. And they treat their classrooms like it’s their house. Everything’s clean."

"They’re developing skills that they need. The core of being a good person, thinking about others, being respectful and just thinking about other people. Doing what’s right from the beginning, from the root. And, the please and the thank you. They have chores for the kids. One of the kids will set up the table for lunch. One of the kids will hold the door open. They have little assignments. It propels them to be better in the future."

"I made a mistake, because we’re moving, I took my son to another school. Nothing in comparison to Aloma. Nothing, I’m telling you. I was amazed. When you go to another school, you can compare. So, I took him out of the new school. I’m driving an extra 30 minutes just to take them to Aloma. Yes, I moved 30 minutes away and I’m willing to drive just to take my children to Aloma. I’m willing to do it because I know they care."

"They have what’s called extended care. He gets out at 1:00 and she gets out at 2:20. I can leave him for one hour and quickly just pick him up and go pick up my daughter. I love that. And, the extended care is educational. It’s not a daycare center. They are teaching them. Sign language. Arts. They’re teaching."

Yanira Alicea

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"I take my children to Aloma Early Childhood Learning Center because they are very supportive and nurturing staff. I have felt my children grow."

"They’ve been very helpful. My oldest child went there from the time he was in his late twos to pre-K and he had a great time. You could tell he was learning a great deal at school. He, immediately after starting to go there, started speaking in fuller sentences. And, of course, it’s good for him to be making some friends outside of the family. Now, my youngest is going there and the teachers have all been very supportive in being very good to the kids."

Victor Gomez

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"You should take your children to Aloma Methodist because it’s the next best thing to being with mom and dad. I find their tuition to be quite affordable compared to other schools in the area. I actually had become a stay-at-home mom after my daughter was born at around six months, because I just couldn’t find a good fit for a preschool. I was able to return to work because I found Aloma Methodist. And, it was the first preschool of hundreds of preschools that I had looked at over the almost two-year period that I felt comfortable with."

"We’ve been through three different teachers and classes. And it’s just been a very positive, loving experience. A lot of the preschools that you go to will have a high turnover rate in teachers. Many of the teachers that are there have taught there for five, ten, twenty years. And the relationship that they have with one another just resonates throughout the whole experience there, at Aloma. They are a family so, they’re able to be an extended family to us."

"Aloma is a Christian-based school. They take faith very seriously. And, they also let children do a lot of different, imaginative play. Instead of pushing things like worksheets they let kids just really play and be creative and enjoy being kids in a loving and safe environment."

"Another big reason why I chose Aloma Methodist when my daughter was 20 months old was her class only had 4 children in it at the time. And they kept lower ratios for those younger classes."

"It’s definitely not one of the schools that they make sure that all the paint stays on the paper or the dirt stays off of their clothes. They let them really experience the different mediums and outside and play. They let them really just use their imagination."

"They’re very creative. One of the things that they focus on at the school that I really appreciated is healthy living and healthy choices. For example, last week, they actually made stone soup, where they took the children out and actually had stones and vegetables and let them experience making and eating that. Whenever they’re able to tie in a hands-on experience for the kids, they do."

"What I do love and appreciate about the school is if there is a child who might be struggling in some areas, behaviorally, rather than just kicking the child out of the school, they really just spend extra time with the child and the family to help correct the behaviors. And, I think that’s really important, instead of just turning the family away because a family may need a little bit of extra support and help. I think the earlier that you start modeling that type of appropriate behavior for a kid, the better."

"They encourage the kids to work through things together. I think a lot of that ties into the Christian base of the program. They have chapel once a week. We’ve just absolutely loved it. And my child, who is a rather shy child, has just really come out of her shell. That’s really her favorite part of the whole program, just going to chapel every week and getting to sing and getting to be around other kids who get excited about God and about learning and about positive behavior and morals."

"The flexibility with Aloma I have never found at another preschool. Most schools, you’re required to either be full-time or go Tuesday, Thursday, or, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. They actually let you pick your days and pick your hours. So, you’re only committed to the four-hour session in the morning, if you choose. Or, you can extend by one additional hour up to five additional hours each day. So, it really lets you customize your schedule."

"They’ve been really good about making sure that the classroom remains clean. They’ve been open to keeping things clean and doing it in a safe way, which is important to many parents."

"I can honestly say that my child, who’s now eight months old, has never once cried at a drop-off. She’s always happy to go. She gets excited from the moment that we pull into the parking lot. She loves to go and be with her friends, play, and they’re always outside of the cribs."

"Their baby room, I can’t say enough good things about the teacher, Mary Lou, who’s been there for over 20 years. She’s absolutely phenomenal. She has such a gift with the little ones. And she, somehow, is able to manage three and four at a time and keep them all happy. They’ve got special mats and flooring in there to where it’s a safe environment for the children to play in. They’ve got different areas set up for the infants where they explore in a safe environment. They spend the majority of their day crawling around and just enjoying the environment they’re in."

Gina Parani

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