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OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“I would highly recommend hiring Arvee as your coach and mentor if you're really wanting to get more business and using speaking as the tool to do so. You will not only become a professional speaker you will also immediately feel confident and know that you can get more clients, more business, and make a bigger impact on the world by taking her class versus any other class on the market.”

“Arvee's speaking system is created as a template. So, no matter what you need to speak on, where you're speaking, or who you're speaking to, you can always use that template to create your speech. The step by step approach that she provides is so detailed and so easy to follow it's just been amazing and a true value for me.”

“Arvee's speaker intensive training was amazing. She has it set up that when you walk in you not only learn her system but you actually walk out with your signature speech done, your story done. All the tools that you need that you can literally turn around immediately and begin booking speaking engagements. I have never seen a program that allows you to walk out with completed tools that you can put to use immediately.”

“You received one-on-one attention any time you were struggling or didn't know words to say or how to put things together. She worked with you one on one even though this was a group class. You got up in front of the group and spoke that portion. At the end of the time you put all the pieces together and you were giving your signature speech to the whole group. It's training but even more importantly it's actually immediately using and being critiqued, taught as you stand up and speak not just sitting and absorbing information.”

“I was immediately able to get in front of people and begin getting more business because I was able to professionally speak and people listened and they wanted what I have to offer. It is very easy with the tools that she gives and the information on the scripts to call and talk to get speaking engagements. What I love is when you talk to someone or send them your information, they're absolutely interested in booking you. The response I'm getting is overwhelming.”

“Quite honestly I have to tell you that Arvee's training is truly priceless. Of course, she has to put a price on it. When you're willing to commit to taking your business to the next level and to do speaking to get more clients, you can't find a better value than Arvee. The fact that you can go out and speak and do your passion, share your information with others is just wonderful. She is worth so much more than the money that you put out or invest in yourself.”

“She is absolutely available. I have contacted her many times and had things that are last minute and she is able to just be there, help, encourage, and support. Arvee cares more about you, how you're doing and succeeding professionally than anyone else I've ever worked with. Arvee always overdelivers, always gives you more information and tools than you ever thought you were getting.”

“I went to an event of hers originally wondering if that was where I really wanted to be. Thought I wanted to speak, wasn't quite sure. After hearing her speak and providing so much valuable information and obviously extremely knowledgeable, I went ahead and signed up for her program and I am so glad I did.”

Bethany Sunny

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Work with Arvee Robinson because if you want to become a professional speaker, this is the person you need to see. In a business world where you have so many people clamoring to give you advice and information, Arvee stands out like a jewel. You feel like she's only working with you.”

“She's there for me. If I call her, Arvee gets back to me personally. Absolutely it's worth every penny. The overdelivering you've heard of before, what we've all said, attest to that she gives so much more.”

“She gives the most unique approach. She is so fundamentally sound and yet so approachable. She's funny. She's knowledgeable. She changes lives, literally. One thing she said that really has changed my life, my outlook, ‘I have something to say that somebody needs to hear that only I can tell them’ I've never heard things like that before.”

“She gives you an outline or a way to craft your speech. What I really like about that is, I don't have to start over from square one all the time. I can use that outline with every speech I give. I already have my basics down.”

“What the Step-By-Step method does is it takes you through a speech and helps you to dissect it and put together the different parts you need. And, they all fit together well. It is literally a system that you go from point A, to point B, to point C. If you stay with the system, you come out with a wonderful speech.”

“What she does is, she tailors this program so that she can give that individual attention. She had the time to work individually with us wherever we may have been stuck. She could help us go and process through that and make the adjustments, so that we could get our practice and then come forth with a speech.”

“What she showed us was that in terms of speaking, it is an absolute perfect lead in as far as getting business clients. You're speaking to various groups, you're getting in front of your ideal clients, you're getting in front of great referral contacts, and you're enlightening them. Now you're fishing in the pond where your fish are.”

“What happens is, you become an expert. I didn't like that term before because I thought that's pretty pretentious to say that. But literally as you become versed in what you're speaking about, you literally are the expert. You're the one that knows what you're speaking about.”

Bill Cross

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

1. “Work with Arvee Robinson if you are wanting to become a paid speaker and be able to monetize what your product is. You will be able to get on that path faster. You have someone that has experience, has credibility, and has a desire to help you succeed. Definitely worth every penny.”

2. “Everybody's different. Though she teaches you a system, she's not expecting everybody to be the same. The system helps you know how to craft future presentations and to know how to do that in a way that helps you build rapport with your audience.”

3. “I was, I thought, a pretty good speaker. I'm a teacher and have been for years. I specifically hired Arvee to learn how to tell my personal story. Everything that I had done public speaking wise had been more informational. It'll blow your mind. It's like sucking on a firehose. It's that much information. When she says it's an intensive speaker training, it's intensive.”

4. “I honestly know that I've gotten more clarity. I've gotten a direction. I now have a website, I have a logo. I have branding. I have a signature speech. I have an event. Honestly don't know if any of that would have happened in the timeframe that it did without the assistance of Arvee.”

5. “You can write and have it in your mind but then you can go through the system which is very easy. Every time it's amazing that it's so simplified but it really works. You do leave with your signature talk and you do get opportunity to practice it in front of people.”

6. “I really credit Arvee. Not only did she help me craft that story to where it could be impactful, she has now shown me how I can monetize it. Literally, she helped me design my contract and things that I needed to do to help monetize my experience. She's not just a great speaking coach she's a good business woman. She's really good at helping you find what your target market would be and what your specialty would be because it is based on everybody's story.”

7. “She's certainly helped me to expand my vision. For me I got to speak at Disneyland, this year. At their food and wine festival. Which is a big deal. It's like you don't think of yourself ever doing it. But when you've got the training and then someone that encourages you or pushes you to say you can do this, you're good.”

8. “Nothing's ever flawless or goes without issues. She always turns that into a teaching opportunity. It's never from a victim mentality or whatever. Whenever you deal with people there's always going to be challenges. I've appreciated that I've seen her have to deal with some very challenging situations. As a result of watching her, my respect even grew more.”

9. “Arvee gives you critiques as you go. Always positive; never negative. She's not critical in how she does it and she's very thoughtful. She's very proactive. She gets involved, she gets connected with you.”

Deb Ringler

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should work with Arvee Robinson because she's an extraordinary teacher of public speaking skills. If somebody was looking for a breakthrough in public speaking, Arvee would be a great resource to help them accomplish that. Arvee is the finest ‘How To’ public speaking trainer in the world today.”

“Her real gift is when she's working with somebody one on one. Teaching them how to stand, what your body language should be, different techniques and how to be an effective presenter. How to break through fear of public speaking.”

“Arvee is a great instructor. If I had a client that needed to be mentored one on one and be taught public speaking step by step, I would guide them to work with Arvee. She'd be my first choice.”

Eric Lofholm

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Working with Arvee Robinson is the human revolution. You should really seek her out. She’s a master speaker, trainer, author. The relationship has just been absolutely phenomenal.”

“In her speaker training intensive, three important things come out. One is an identity, two is a vision, and three is the message. She delivers that opportunity for every one of her students to step into it. It was a matter of, for me, giving public speaking a little bit more direction, more function, purpose. It was more about when I’m up on stage, ‘What am I doing?’”

“It’s about love and connection. The most powerful way of doing that is through public speaking. It starts with knowing your personal story. It’s knowing why you’re up there and what message that you have to offer to others. That’s what Arvee’s intensive does.”

“I can attest that being visible, that’s where it’s at. That’s what generates the most leads. That’s what promotes the most connection. I got more than what I was seeking.”

“She’s one of the most deep, heartfelt persons anyone could ever meet. When anyone is fortunate enough to enroll or be a part of a speaker training intensive or mastermind program, I would feel not only getting the core messages, the signature talk, all of those elements that she teaches, but you’re getting an invaluable friend out of it, as well. That’s a true bonus.”

“What I value most with Arvee is her friendship, her support, her love. I value her passion for the public speaking industry and understanding even how public speakers could evolve in these changing times to reach his or her audience. If there’s anyone that I know is devoted to the art, as well as the science, of public speaking, it’s Arvee.”

Jason Christopher

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