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OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Work with the Branning Group because they have a very high-quality product. They are high integrity people and will deliver on any and all promises that they make to you. He's respectful of my time. I foresee us using Alex and his team for a long, long time. He answers your questions and your calls in a timely manner.”

“Alex is a high integrity person. It has been above board and above par. They've delivered what they promised. If there is something that I thought could be done differently, they've never had any problems with my input or making changes.”

“He has been able to take the concepts of my visions and bring them to fruition. Alex’s systems have worked better for me than other people have. He is cost effective but produces at a high level. He's a high integrity individual. It allows me to trust him and his team.”

“I don't even remember paying any type of a setup fee or setup cost for different programs or anything like that. It's always been month to month. There's never been an issue with any hidden cost. Many times, has done more service than what we were expecting versus the price that he quoted us.”

“The investments and/or cost that we have used with the Branning Group have been minimal for the rate that they have produced for us. I look at the Branning team as a very integral part of our overall marketing and of our business plan. We decided to expand what we do with Alex and his team and are very happy with that.”

Elgin Walker

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Work with the Branning Group because if you're not, you're just gonna be a couple of steps behind of what's to come in the future with email marketing and social media.”

“My experience with Alex Branning has been very enlightening. I'm learning a lot from what he has to offer. He has a lot of experience in what is up and coming and what is working. When it comes to social media, I gotta say he's nailin' it on point on a regular basis. His technique and strategy just seem to be a step ahead of what I'm seeing already being done.”

“He really cares about your success. He takes it personal. He wants to make sure that your success is his success. There's a real nice feeling when doing business with him that you know that he's not only there to earn money himself but he's there to make sure that you're getting as much value as you can. It's nice to work with him and I plan on working with Alex on a much bigger scale in the near future.”

“His prices are more than fair. I've never balked at any pricing. I know the value and the quality that comes with the investment and to this day he's never let me down in what he's gonna provide. I think whatever pricing he charges it's backed up by results and he knows that he's gonna deliver.”

“Any time I make an investment to Alex I'm not worried about getting my money back. He’s very accessible and I've never had a tough time trying to get ahold of him or anybody on his team. Alex has lived up to every expectation. I have no doubt in my mind that we're gonna hit our expectations sooner than later.”

“One of the reasons why I'm working with Alex is because of the fact that I feel like we're on the same team. He encourages a lot of communication at beginning, during the middle and through the entire process of any changes or any alterations or any feedback so that he can make lifetime changes.”

Tim Marquez

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“We hired him several years ago to design our site. He got our SEO up to the top. We’re number one or two on the search engines, all the really pertinent searches for our company. Just really hit a home run on both Miller and Fine Grade which are the two companies that I work with. Both companies really love their sites. He's done a good job maintaining since then.”

“We've gotten really good feedback from customers and anyone else I've talked to as far as how the sites look and how functional they are. He does updates for us whenever we want. There's never been any over hype. Anything he's promised that he can do, he's done.”

“One of the companies we had build our site prior to him, they charged almost two and a half times what he did, and they delivered a much, much lower grade product. He delivers a good product for the price. They do month to month billing. I would definitely recommend Alex.”

“On a professional basis, he's integrous and he delivers a good product. He always makes sure he doesn't stop until the customer's happy, works quickly to correct any issues.”

Kyle Ginn

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Work with the Branning Group because he produces the results, period. He's very good at what he does and he's very passionate about getting you the results. Outside of getting the results that we were looking for, I just enjoy working with him.”

“It does take work to reach the first page on a Google search, it's not automatic. There's a lot that goes into it and a lot of cooperation between us. He originally said that it could take up to a full year before the results would really start to kick in and that time was cut in half. It's only really about six months and we started to see results.”

“Alex is a business owner that's very goal driven and likes to help his customers succeed as well. It's always pleasant to work with Alex. There's a lot of details that go into coordination with beginning a website design and performing. All of the communications back and forth from us to him were seamless. I didn't really have any trouble ever getting ahold of him.”

“I was surprised with how much was included. My previous provider of this service with the Website and SEO would always come up with an extra charge for this or an extra charge for that. And when I worked with Alex, he just says, ‘Well we gotcha covered on that. We'll take care of it no problem’ and that is appreciated.”

“I had a website previous to working with Alex that just wasn't performing well. I have a service business that to be on the first page on a Google search for my services is rather important. I just wasn't there with the previous supplier and I got hooked up with Alex and he said, ‘Sure no problem we can handle that’. And sure enough, he did. And it's made a big difference in our company.”

“I had some very specific items that I wanted and goals that I wanted to achieve with our website and the goals were achieved and it's only been a short year. We're not only on the first page, we're actually seeing a 20 percent increase in the number of service calls that we get.”

Rick Shortridge

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Work with the Branning Group because they charge fair prices. They're reliable and they do what they say. I've referred him to many of my top clients and I've had a great experience working with Alex in the Branning Group.”

“When Alex quotes a job, he's able to deliver the job within the quote. I have a clear understanding of what the cost is. I've never been asked to pay anything over what the original agreement was. I'm very, very satisfied with what he charges. Anytime I've hired him I've always been happy with the quote that he's given me, and his pricing has always been fair.”

“Alex always does a great job of clearly communicating what the scope of the project is, what the deadlines are. In our business relationship, anytime he needed something from me, he was clear in his communication. And he's always followed through on what he said he was going to do.”

“I've worked with web developers now for over 15 years. In the industry some web developers tend to be flaky. They don't follow through and do what they say. Alex always does what he says he's gonna do. He's met every deadline he's agreed to. I'm very, very happy with the quality of work that he's done and the fact that he follows through on his deadlines.”

“I've been very, very satisfied with the way it's worked financially in his web development for me. Yeah, I've been very happy with the investments that I've made with Alex on my web projects through the years. When I invest in web projects, I'm very satisfied with the return on investment that I've received from the different products that I've worked with Alex on.”

“One of the things that I love about Alex is his commitment to always getting better. He's always working on the latest software the latest technology. He's truly passionate about helping people grow their business online and that's one of the many reasons why I regularly refer him to my top clients.”

Eric Lofholm

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