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Cookie Cutters Franchise

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should purchase a Cookie Cutters franchise because it’s a good business that will be a long-term investment. The experience that they have and the experience that they give to new franchisees is going to be invaluable to a new owner. They go above and beyond what other franchise owners do. Pretty much anything we need, marketing and support of our software, is provided by the franchisor. We’ve owned Cookie Cutters now for 22 years. It’s been a really good business for us.”

“It’s a business that pretty much once you’ve got a client, you’re going to have them for six to eight years. It’s a service you can’t get on the Internet. We have pretty much an equal mix of boys and girls. It’s a fun, happy place to be, no matter if you’re working there or getting a service done.”

“The chairs are all custom-made, much heavier-duty. They’ve been designed to be safe for kids, above and beyond the other things that are available.”

“We do have an awful lot of special-needs kids. We pride ourselves on being one of the salons that doesn’t treat them differently.”

“Some stylists have been with us for 20 years. Cookie Cutters really has got the experience and methods to acquire and hire people much easier than you could just going out on your own.”

Larry Shelton

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

1. “You should buy a Cookie Cutters franchise because it is very rewarding and dependable. In the past ten years, when the economy was struggling, we managed to stay strong. I never had to lay anybody off, and I never had to dip into my savings account to make ends meet. We are a need-based business, we maintain very steady numbers. Hair gets cut and then hair starts growing again the very next day. That cycle continues no matter what’s going on in the economy and no matter what time of year it is.”

2. “I work with the franchisor whenever I need any assistance or ideas to bounce off of them. They’re very accessible and very open to helping me with anything I might need. On the other hand, I really appreciate that they let me run my business. I feel like I have a lot of freedom.”

3. “One of our ways of communicating is a monthly conference call where all of us owners can jump onto a phone meeting, and we can bounce ideas off of one another. If there’s something that we’re doing and we feel it’s working, they’re very eager to hear and then often will make it part of the operating for the rest of the stores. I can benefit from a wealth of people’s experiences and ideas.”

4. “There’s plenty to do as an operator/owner who doesn’t cut hair. Looking back on the last ten years, would say that it was critical to my growth, that I not cut hair. I’ve always had a senior manager who helps me with interviewing stylists. I don’t have a knowledgeable enough eye to grade somebody’s ability on cutting hair, my managers assist me with things like that.”

5. “I have approximately 35 stylists in my 5 locations. 80% of them have been with me for over 5 years, and 50% of them have been with me for over 10 years. It is a very high retention rate. I also think that the other reason we have such good retention is these women are more mature, and they respect one another. They all work hard. Less drama. That makes for a much more pleasant work atmosphere.”

6. “One person, her name is Christie is there every day unless she’s on vacation. It’s been the same person since the beginning. She’s very reliable and she knows us and knows our situation and I can count on her.”

7. “The franchise can buy a bigger quantity and often can negotiate a better pricing for a line. They can get discounted and quantity discounts and then that can be passed along to us.”

8. “It is a feel-good business. It’s very much community and family and it’s a happy place. One of my favorite stories…we had a mom who had been bringing her children into us and she had a baby. Because of his special needs, he was not able to hold his head up his own. So, it was a team effort between mom and the stylist to hold his little face steady so that she could do his haircut. Two days later, a letter came in the mail from the mom saying how she appreciated so much the way we had handled her son; no better place in the world because our team cared.”

Alison Celentano

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should open a Cookie Cutters franchise because I’ve had great support from the franchise. They’re not meddle-y. They take care of a lot of issues like getting the best rates for credit cards and working with the Shortcuts computer program and things like that.”

“Even when Michigan was hit hard with the economy, our business never really slowed down because it was for the children. We’ve been able to retain clients and not have the big drop-off in the recession times as the other full-service salons or other salons have had.”

“They have started a Facebook page just for owners so we can, talk amongst each other. We have a quarterly phone conference with all of the owners. We talk about ideas that could help other franchise owners and they take them into consideration. They have used ideas that other owners have had.”

“There’s always been a constant of the same people when you call the office or send e-mails or however you’re communicating with them.”

“They have salon-approved vendors. They allow you to choose which ones will fit your marketing the best. I’ve never seen a markup.”

“There’s not a gender preference that likes our shop. They both enjoy the shop. Girls and boys. We have a good mix of both.”

“Since we have been there, we have replaced Lightning McQueen and that’s only because that’s one of our most popular cars. Other than that, all of my other novelty chairs are the exact same ones that were there when I started ten years ago with the shop.”

“We have a large population of autistic children. Once you have accommodated a special needs child, their community is such a tight-knit community you will always get referrals off of that.”

“I’ve been doing the little boy’s hair since he was five and he can no longer be in the shop with other children. So, I open the shop 30 minutes early so they can bring him in when nobody else is there to get his hair cut. When he would first walk in the door, you couldn’t get him through the door. Now, he’s happy to come in. He sits in the chair without any assistance and we can make it through a haircut. It makes it so much easier on the mother and on the child.”

“I know that, in the past, I’ve had other potential owners ask me would I have opened another shop or would I have done this? Do I regret any of it? I do not regret any of it. The only thing that I regret is that I was not ten to fifteen years younger because I would definitely open a second shop.”

Wendy Machcinski

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should buy a Cookie Cutters franchise because it allows you to be part of your community, especially if you like to be around children. It allows you to be part of their smiles on their faces and giving them a good experience, rather than something that’s terrifying on something that’s a necessity.”

It’s been fantastic. I really like it because while it is a franchise and they do have the outline for you, they still are open to suggestions and ideas. Neal and Alexis still own their own Cookie Cutters which gives them an opportunity to see hands on. It’s not just, “This is the corporate way and it’s my or the highway.” They take suggestions.”

“It’s a very niche-based business. People take their kids to go get their hair cut because they need their hair cut. But a lot of salons don’t know how to work with children. They get impatient or they just don’t have anything to distract the child. We have that all set up. Parents come in here and they’re just amazed. We have a great mix. We offer braids and glitter for the girls. We also do the boys, where they can get some nice pomade in their hair and a really cool style.”

They have a great team that is available at any time. I’m always been amazed that when I need to talk to somebody they’re always available. When you go to the Cookie Cutters training, you see the software firsthand in the stores already working. When you go back to open your store and use it, you can call them at any time.”

“I am not a stylist; I get to focus on the business aspect of it. I didn’t have to know about hair. It’s just more about running businesses, being good with families, being good with kids. Giving a good atmosphere.”

“They helped put us in contact with a real estate agent. They also give an idea of what the build-out plan would be. They helped research what would be a good bid for a contractor. We gave them ideas of where we were looking. They told us things to look for. How many kids in the area? Families? Rooftops? Things like that. Then, helped us decided whether it was a good location or not.”

“They told you what to look for hiring. What kind of wording works. Things to ask. That was helpful, “Well, okay. I’m not a stylist. So, what should I ask them?” They gave me some great tips on that.”

“The cars are put up on a pedestal that these kids can beat on them and everything. They’re going to survive the kid torment. These kids, they’re trying to drive these cars, they’re trying to drive the airplanes. You’re not having to worry about them falling apart on you and they’re easy to clean, which is nice.”

“They do have some very specific vendors that they vouch for and that we do get a huge discount from. If you even look around at other wholesale places, it doesn’t compare to what Cookie Cutters corporate can get and they pass onto us. It’s just nice that there is that openness, too, between corporate and the franchisees. There’s nothing hidden.”

“We deal with special needs children. They don’t like the sounds. They don’t like the noises. We work with that. We had one mom that came in. She had a special needs little girl. Mom thought she was literally just going to have to come in, hold her down, have her hair just chopped. We were able to keep her child distracted and happy. We gave her a really cute little haircut, which the mom was just ecstatic about because she’d never had treatment like that. Here, she had a completely different experience, and the mom was just beside herself, which made us feel really good.”

Ashley McDaniels

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should purchase a Cookie Cutters franchise because it’s a recession-resistant business because your hair’s going to keep growing even during a recession. They’re not micromanaging me in any way. Whenever I do need something, all I have to do is ask. They’ve been more than willing to help out.”

“When I was investigating Cookie Cutters, I actually looked at some of the competition, also. But I felt really good about Neal and Alexis. They were straightforward and honest with me. Neal understands this type of business. He wasn’t giving me numbers and telling me stories to make me feel good. He had everything to back it.”

“I love that the kids walk in here and they just love the place. They usually cry when they leave instead of crying when they come in. I know getting a haircut can be an ordeal so parents, when they can have their kid be excited to go to Cookie Cutters even though they don’t need a haircut, that’s awesome. This is not designed for one gender or another. I have a six-year-old daughter and she loves to sit in the pink car. But, we also get lots of little boys who love the pink car. As a customer base, it seems to be pretty close to 50/50, boys to girls.”

“One of my concerns at the beginning since I don’t know anything about cutting hair, ‘How can I run this type of business?’ They prefer their business owners to be just that, a business owner. We look at the business instead of being bogged down, thinking about the everyday tasks that the stylists do. By not being a stylist, I can focus on all the extra stuff. Stuff that the stylists don’t need to worry about.”

“One of the common concerns is, ‘How do you hire stylists?’ Because I’m not a stylist. I don’t know anything about cutting hair. They reassured me that, ‘Shortly before you open, you will find someone.’ And, I did.”

“I really like the line of products that we can get through Cookie Cutters. I just stuck to the pricing that Cookie Cutters recommends. Customers have come in here and they like the product. They’ve come back and said, ‘Yeah. We can’t even find it cheaper on Amazon. This is a good price that you’ve got, here.’ I still make some money. It’s awesome.”

“There’s several specific special needs kids who have discovered us. Their parents have discovered us. We’ve even got reviews from the parents that our stylists take the time to help their special needs child. Their child might not even cry during the visit, so they keep coming back.”

“I do thoroughly enjoy the fact that my daughter is constantly asking to go to Cookie Cutters. If we keep letting her cut her hair, she’ll end up having a boy’s haircut pretty soon. She just loved getting her hair cut.”

Tyler Stinson

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Purchasing a Cookie Cutters franchise is a very smart move. You don’t have to borrow the moon and the stars. It’s fun, it’s flexible and you can grow it as big as you want it and you have really great support from the franchisors. They’re giving you all the tools.”

“They put a lot of time and effort and research into methods that help people be successful right out of the gate. If you call with questions, they respond right away. They’ve employed somebody that knows how to get the word out through social media, places in the social media platforms that they’ve tested and had really great results.”

“We have quarterly phone-in calls. If people have comments and if you have anything that you bring up, they are very readily on it. They’re very actively involved with the franchisees and making sure that any questions, concerns or other things are heard and responded to.”

“It’s fun and you’re providing a great service to the community and for the kids. From a business perspective, you will never run out clients because people have babies every single day and they will need their hair cut. And, a lot of other places don’t like to cut kids’ hair.”

“You’re looking for a stylist that wants to work with kids. I’ve got some older stylists that are the grandma types that just love being around them, they have a blast. We develop a family sense in the store. It helps to create a very low-drama environment in the salon. A lot of people are long-term just because of that environment we have created in there.”

“The boys, some of them are little hams. They like to play up to the girls. The girls like to come in because, the staff, they’ll give them a small side braid. They just spend that little bit of extra time giving them that princess feeling. Making them feel special when they come into the salon. They get to watch a movie and they get all the goody stuff at the end.”

Valerie Wells

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

1. “You should purchase a Cookie Cutters franchise because it’s a low investment. It’s a relatively easy operation to run. You can be a semi-absentee owner. Multi-unit ownership is definitely a possibility and you get a great return on your investment. It’s a really cool concept that fits in an industry where there’s not a ton of competition.”

2. “One of the things that really attracted us to this brand is it’s unique and kids always need a haircut. One thing we keep saying is you can’t Amazon a haircut. You can’t get a haircut online. That’s what makes it really cool. The majority of the kids that cry in here are crying on the way out as they’re leaving because they don’t want to leave. That’s the thing that really reaffirms my decision into getting into this business and knowing that we’re going to have customers in the future.”

3. “It’s nice to have Alexis there, you can call her directly. I’ve been in several franchises and that’s not always the case. Sometimes, you have to call somebody who’s sitting in a call center to get some help. When I have frustrations or questions, I know I can get an answer because she’s experienced all them, being an owner. They’ve had Cookie Cutters franchises.”

4. “The training program’s really great. The person who leads the training from home office, has been a huge help. She’s always available when I need her. She was more than willing to take things at our pace and cover the things that we really thought were important in learning this business.”

5. “We got a ton of help picking our location. Cookie Cutters provides you with a letter of intent to submit to the landlord. They’ll help you with lease review. Looking at all the demographics that are involved with selecting a site. How many cars do you get in front of your store every day? How many kids are within a ten-mile drive? They were very helpful with that.”

6. “Once you have all the cabinet work, the millwork ordered, the build-out’s really easy. It’s just a matter of having a bathroom and a shampoo sink, and then, the millwork company comes in and installs all the mirrors and the cabinets. It’s a little painting here and some wallpaper.”

7. “I can say that you don’t have to be a stylist to be successful. One thing that you really need to focus on is hiring good stylists. They provided all the words that needed to go into the Craigslist ads, and on Indeed, and Glassdoor. One of the great things that Cookie Cutters provided us was their retention ideas for employees because once you get good employees, you don’t want them to leave. We retained every employee that was hired so far.”

8. “We’re probably about 50/50 on boys and girls; it’s a great mix of both. This concept really is catered to all kids. There’s no gender that likes balloons and lollipops more than the other.”

9. “With Cookies Cutters, we’re getting the same price that they’re getting from vendors. Some of our products, we get directly from the manufacturer, which makes it really convenient. We know we’re getting the best price available. In other franchises the franchisor will buy product, mark it up, and then, sell it to the franchisee and make a profit.”

Eric Gustafsson

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should own a Cookie Cutters franchise because of the independence that it gives you as a salon owner but also the security that it gives you as a network. You feel like you’re your own boss, like you’re your own company. You also have the support system of so many others around you to bounce ideas off and to make it successful for everyone. I’m able to be there for my daughter a lot more than if I was beholden to somebody else.”

“If I do ever run into a problem, they’re extremely supportive to come in and help out and do what needs to be done. They’re going to be as supportive as you want them or need them to be, but also giving you that respect of not overstepping their bounds.”

“What’s unique about Cookie Cutters is we kind of have a built-in client base because we provide a very unique service. People are always having kids and kids are always needing a haircut. The fact that of being able to maintain our staff is mostly because of that job security. Our retention is really fantastic.”

“Christie is like the home office guru. Jack-of-all-trades. She knows so much about the software that we’re using. Also, really knowledgeable about the products that we carry and what sells and what doesn’t sell.”

“Been really helpful that they provide all the extra tools for me as a franchisee that I can just jump on and send an e-mail blast. They create a lot of documents for us that we can post.”

“Our vendors are really great about giving that same price to all of our franchisees and they ship direct. There are a few vendors that you have to go through corporate to order and they pass on those savings. Our success equals their success which is better for everybody.”

“The mom came in, and you could tell she was frazzled just walking in the door. The boys were both high end on the spectrum of autism. Nonverbal. She’s never able to have a successful haircut. They have always fought the stylist. Our staff were very calm with the boys, and we spoke with them very softly and kind of walked them through our whole process. The boys weren’t stressed at the end of the haircut. The look on the mom’s face was really worth it to me.”

Leslie Warner

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should get a Cookie Cutters franchise because it is a business that you can own along with other businesses that you have. It’s a feel-good business. I’m a semi-absentee owner. I also practice law. It’s just been an excellent business for me to have that will give me additional income during my retirement. I am not a stylist. You don’t have to be a stylist to own a Cookie Cutters franchise. It’s been everything we had hoped it would be.”

“We have quarterly conference calls with all of the franchisees and the corporate office to get feedback and to discuss things that are working, what’s not working and those type of things.”

“With our store, because we’ve been open for eight years, we have teenagers that have been with us for eight years that are now going off to college. They still get their hair cut at our store.”

“We have stylists that have been there for a number of years. We treat them right so they enjoy working in the store. We have a retention bonus program. One of the proofs of that is we have a number of stylists that have had their friends that have come and worked at our store because they like it there so much.”

“We do a lot of children that have various forms of autism. We have all the time, mothers and dads, that say that it’s just been such a joy for them to find a place that would really cater to their child and understand their special needs.”

“We had a mother come in, her boy was probably about six or seven years old and he was autistic. The stylist that gave his haircut was just so caring with this young boy that, afterwards, the mother was in tears because she said it’s the first time that he had been able to have a haircut where he wasn’t terrorized about it. It was very heartwarming to have that happened.”

Michael Hayes

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should purchase a Cookie Cutters because it’s a wonderful opportunity to tap into an under-served market. It’s just a real kid-friendly environment, not really biased to either boys or girls, and it’s just a real happy, colorful environment for all kids.”

“I highlighted my career on Wall Street and I was looking for more of an entrepreneurial experience. Alexis and Neal brought us in and treated us like family. I really love the concept and the good feel with the kid’s.”

“The build out, they’ve done everything we’ve asked. They’ve checked in with us. They have Christie who checks in with my wife and I all the time, and it’s been seamless. All the support we need.”

“We signed on to buy four locations here in Austin. I didn’t have experience in the real estate game and I asked Neal to come down and do a market tour with me. He was down here two weeks later, and was kind enough to spend the day with us. He ran his demographic analysis on the software he has and we found the area we wanted to target. He was a great help.”

“My wife and I are really focused on the operations, spreading the word and getting our name out there. Making sure our employees are happy and doing what they need to be doing. Just making it an overall happy environment and making sure they treat our customers the way we like.”

“Neal and Alexis are really open to collaborating with the franchisees and figuring out what’s best for the franchise as a whole. My wife and I jumped on it, because we feel it’s more of a family-oriented business rather than just corporate. They really want to hear what we have to say, which is great. We’re able to bounce ideas off each other and really collaborate.”

Don Avena

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should purchase a Cookie Cutters franchise because they really invested in me and believed in me. It was really important finding the right people to work with; wanted to feel like I just wasn’t another number. I wasn’t just another store. You don’t have to be a stylist to be successful. The number one thing is to be able to work with people and communicate with everyone around you.”

“They know what they’re doing. They’ve narrowed down exactly what’s going to work and what’s great quality. The franchise really supported me on going with my gut instinct and things that I thought would be great for my location and my store.”

“Everyone’s always going to want and need a haircut. Being able to make children happy is a win-win. I absolutely love my store. I have a three-year-old son. I am one of those parents who, when I want a haircut, I’m going to take my son to the professionals. Going into a place like Cookie Cutters, knowing that my child is going to be appreciated and cared for and have fun, that’s exactly what I wanted to pay for. I knew that there was a lot of other parents out there that feel the exact same way.”

“They were great at knowing exactly how to get me started and what I would need to do with the marketing to really get me at a great jump-off point when I was ready to open my store. The communication line is always open. There’s always somebody there to hear you out and to discuss what any of my concerns or questions might be.”

“It’s a simple, straightforward software. Being able to work very hands-on with Christie, she really knew exactly what she was doing and how to teach me in the most simple, not complicated way possible.”

“We have a good mix of boys and girls. I think it’s really important to be able to have something in your store that makes everyone happy, whether it’s a young baby or a 16-year-old boy.”

“The franchise did a great job with giving me a lot of different options and ways to find staff and employees. Together, we’re all able to make it successful and I had a full staff when I was ready to open my doors.”

“The franchise presents you with three of the best names on the market for children and products, and they give you a variety of things to choose from. As the owner, you get to select what’s going to work for you and what’s going to work in your store for your customers. They’re very open to any other ideas and products that you want to bring to the table to sell to your customers, as well.”

“Everything we have in the store, I absolutely love. It’s great stuff that will last for a long time even with all the wear and tear that you get just from kids playing around. It’s very appealing to the eye. When parents walk in the door, it instantly makes them happy. Everything just looks very positive and bright. It’s a place that people want to be.”

“We have a lot of children with special needs that come into the store. The parents look to us as, “Okay. How are you going to help me? Because he hasn’t been able to get through a haircut at 39 other places. What’s going to make this different?” I feel like the biggest thing that we do differently is we care. We genuinely take our time to learn about the child, to learn about what the child wants, and we give a quality, caring haircut. We’re always making sure that we treat everyone the same and try to make the parents as happy as we can with giving a great cut.”

Ashley Watson

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should purchase a Cookie Cutters because it’s something that is very unique and it’s very fun. So much happiness and joy when you see a little kid getting his first haircut. We’ve appreciated all that we have with Cookie Cutters. We have been successful not only with our family, but we’ve been able to see the community grow and see all of the success that Cookie Cutters brings.”

“I started out as a stylist and then became an owner myself. I have loved working with Cookie Cutters. It’s so different, it’s such a unique experience. We get a good mix of both boys and girls. It caters to both.”

“I can’t say enough good things about the home office of Cookie Cutters. I definitely appreciate being heard. Christie is somebody that I call on a regular basis. She will answer the phone and answer any of my questions right away.”

“I was told to place ads on Indeed and then also get involved with the community. With the corporate website there’s a way for people to be able to log on and apply for a job at my location and then at our Lehigh location also. Nice to have that convenience.”

“I’ve found that with stylists that start out at Cookie Cutters, they just love the experience of working with children. They’re easier than working with adults. They get paid more in tips, so we keep them around a little bit longer. Our retention rate for all of our stylists is much higher.”

“We opened when there was a recession, but we actually had no problem. We were successful. There were businesses in our same mall complex that were failing, even a mom and dad salon that was right next to our Lehi store, they all failed. Cookie Cutters is such a unique place for little kids to come and get their hair cut. During the times where people weren’t making as much money, they still need haircuts. It’s definitely foolproof, and it’s always going to be successful.”

“Each month we do a conference call with all of the other owners. Right away, if we have an idea, it’s brought up to the other owners. Because they bring it up in the conference call, everyone is heard and everyone can know what’s going on with each store and it makes us all successful.”

“I love how we have the option to sell whatever we want in the stores. Alexis and Neal suggest options. Anything that I’ve ever put in the store that was suggested by the franchise has been successful.”

“All of the laminate looks really great. Our slide, it stays really nice. That’s the number one seller for all of those kids that walk in the door. All of the equipment that is supplied by the franchise does last. It’s great quality.”

“I am emotional about it. We’ve had so many opportunities to serve with Down Syndrome kids, with autistic kids, with autistic adults and Down Syndrome adults. The great thing with Cookie Cutters, is we get all of these kids that come in all the time. We can cater to them and make it fun for them to get their hair cut.”

Stephanie Hayes

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should purchase a Cookie Cutters because it’s not a terribly complicated business. If you are thinking about doing a discovery day, go do it. Go meet Neal and Alexis, meet them face to face. They’re very honest, genuine, open people that will tell you the truth. We’re excited to be open.”

“The one thing that makes Cookie Cutters really unique is having access to a Fortune 500 CEO, somebody who worked in the franchising world and has a lot of experience. That’s not something that you’re going to find anywhere else. All of the other franchises that I looked at, they have sales people and then the person who owns the company has no actual functional knowledge of the business.”

“The coolest thing about Cookie Cutters definitely is the fact that Neal and Alexis, not only are they accessible, but they actually know what they’re talking about, they’ve done this. They’ve walked in your shoes, they’ve opened stores, they’ve hired staff, met the same challenges that all of us are going to face.”

“They helped us find the correct location to open. They do have some pretty cool software that will go in and identify your competition as well as your immediate trade area and make sure that you’re getting a location that’s going to set you up for success. They were definitely helpful in making sure that the locations that we thought looked good were actually ideal for a Cookie Cutters franchise.”

“They made the build out for us pretty simple. They suggested little tweaks here and there to the lay out based on their experience. That’s really where Christie shines having worked with Cookie Cutters for 20-plus years, and running their salons.”

“We looked at other franchise opportunities and they really run the franchise fees and the build out and all those things as profit centers. There’s no way that we could have opened our location for the price point we were able to with Cookie Cutters on our own. There really is no markup. We get better pricing on products from them than we can anywhere else, and they make it very simple to get everything that we need to be rolling quickly.”

JP Dauber

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should purchase a Cookie Cutters franchise because they’re an amazing company to work with and it’s very rewarding. They want everyone to succeed and they’re very good at addressing any concerns or problems. We all bounce ideas off of each other. I felt really comfortable.”

“Kids are always needing haircuts. Parents put their children first. I liked working with the kids and the parents. It’s enjoyable to be able to improve their day, because a lot of kids are scared of haircuts and it makes it fun for them to come to Cookie Cutters.”

“We have all ages, boys and girls. Sometimes kids have special needs and they’re a little nervous. We just try to cater around having them have a great experience, whether we need to distract them with the movies or suckers.”

“I’ve been in the store for 12 years. All of our stylists like being with Cookie Cutters. The little cars I don’t think I’ve even had to replace any.”

“It’s nice to have the option to work through Cookie Cutters, and order through them, it makes things really smooth and easy. I’ve also been able to branch out and buy some other products. It’s been nice that we have a little bit of freedom that way.”

“I have a sister that has autism, so I think my heart has a special place for children that struggle with that. Cookie Cutters has really been great for a lot of kids that have special needs. Being able to come somewhere that they’re comfortable. It really touches your heart to see them improve where they’re so scared, their first haircut, and then it becomes something that they love to come and do and give you hugs, and it just makes you feel so good that you could help somebody with those challenges.”

McKenzie Bergquist

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