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OnFire Quotes – not just complements

“I take my child to Discovery Tree Academy because it’s convenient, it’s one of the best preschool values that I’ve been able to find, also just really good for our daughter. We have felt that we get a great value.”

“They’re constantly encouraging them. My child often wants to give them a hug before she leaves. My child speaks of the staff by name, at home. We like the smaller class size because it seems kind of obvious. Our kids get more attention. Our child gets more attention.”

“They have taken a lot of time to really improve and update all of the rooms and the flooring and the furniture. It’s beautiful.”

“They also were willing to work with us. There was a time when what we needed was really flexible care. The ability to bring our child some days and not other days. And, because we were willing to commit to a certain number of days and regularly pay, they gave us that flexibility. That flexibility meant a great deal to us. Now, our child goes every day.”

“We had been with another place for a little while. We got a little dissatisfied with that place. It seemed like it was a little bit too high a number of kids for people who were running it, kids to adults. And also, that we didn’t feel like we were getting as much, the quality of care or quality of activity or interactions that they were having.

“One of the reasons that we decided that it would be worth putting our daughter in full-time, every day is because socially, it’s been so good for her. And, intellectually, she’s learning so much. She really thrives on the learning that she’s getting there.”

“Tim and Karen, others as well, go out of their way to mention specific interactions that they’ve had with my daughter, which tells me that they are attending to her. Also, the way that they explain these interactions, it’s just obvious that they enjoy her just like I do.”

Keith Leatham

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

“I take my kid to Discovery Tree Academy because I love this place. I wanted a place where they teach the kids. Not only a daycare.”

“When I went to Discover Tree, my little boy was only nine months old. I really like that classroom. It was very clean. The toys were appropriated for the age in each class you see. And now, I love the classroom for the three years old.”

“In my country, education starts when the kids are three years old. So, I was very worry about my kid because he was turning three and I didn’t want only just a daycare. I wanted a daycare and a preschool. And this is what I have in Discovery Tree, I have both. They are teaching my little kid. Last week, they were studying about planet and each day, he brought a different planet with a scientific fact. I’m not just paying for a daycare. I am also, you see, paying for education.”

“I love the teachers. They are really loving and patient. Also, the other teachers from the other classes, they know my kid. They know the parents. We have a very good relationship with all the teachers.

“I like the security because in the other places, you can enter the building and no one is there. And instead, here, you need a pass, like you have a password that we parents only know this password. You need to put your fingerprint to clock in and clock out.”

“The other thing I want to say about Discovery Tree. I love it because they hire new teachers and including the manager there, they are bilingual. They speak Spanish and English. So, this is very important for me because, sometimes, even though I want to practice my English, I need to say something in Spanish because I know the word. And I can do that, knowing that they can understand. So, for me, it’s so easy to communicate the problems or the questions that I have with the teachers and regarding my little boy.”

Maria Abdala

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

“I take my kids to Discovery Tree Academy because I know they’re going to get a top-notch education, great care, and they’re going to be loved and treated fairly. And, because it’s just a great place and it feels like a home.”

“My son and my daughter both go there. The rates are good with the training and the attention that they get. We’ve noticed really exceptional growth in both the kids.”

“One of the cool things I really appreciate, they noticed some habits and things about my son that we weren’t aware of. Going a little bit above and beyond, he’s doing well now. Like a lot of boys, he was a little behind in speech. We’ve been able to get extra help for him in the areas he needs improvement in. Without their being proactive, we would never have gotten the help that he needed.”

“It’s not just a daycare. It’s a place where they’re really going to learn a lot. And, they’re really going to motivate your kid to do well. I’ve seen it in my children and it just feels like a family there. So, I really appreciate what they provide for us.”

“They personalize their care for each child. And they do love them like they’re their own kids. One thing with Miss Karen is that she knows each child. She has that genuine care and love for each one. That’s very visible with the kids, as well. I notice with my kids, they really appreciate her, they love her, and respect her, too.”

They offer a lot of good security. They have the cameras and you can see the monitors, too. I have no problems or worries with my kids, leaving them there. I know that they’re getting 100 percent taken care of.”

Clayton Reyes

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

“I take my children to Discovery Tree Academy because they are getting the best education for their development, socially, mentally and this will prepare them for going to school. It is one of the more expensive daycares in the area and I fully support the reasoning behind it. I get my money’s worth.”

“They have been amazing. My kids went from pretty not educated, especially my three-year-old, to, now, she knows her letters. She knows the sounds they make. She has sight words. She’s excelling beyond belief. My son has just been super excited to go to school. He comes home, he tells me what he learned. He’s comprehending what he learned which makes a huge difference.”

“They help my kids socially. My son says, “Please,” “Thank you.” He speaks clearly. He speaks in sentences at the age of two. That’s a huge, huge accomplishment.”

“I think they do an amazing job when it comes to development and education. My daughter’s recognizing sight words at the age of three. She can tell me the alphabet, she knows the phonics, she’s tracing. She’s starting to be able to learn to write her own name, which is incredible.”

“Emotionally, they come home and they’re in a good mood. And I hear how much daughter loves her teachers. And my son, he comes home and tells me that he likes his teacher. That they had fun. That they read books. That they’re very interactive. This is not a TV daycare.”

“They interact with them. They talk to them. They give them hugs. When you say, “Oh, my gosh, she fell down on the playground and she was crying.” And I’m like, “Okay. Well, is everything okay?” They said, “They put a Band-Aid on her and then we just cuddled her and she calmed right down.” And I’m thinking, what an amazing thing, a teacher who’s willing to cuddle and love on her students when they need it. That’s what kids today need.”

“They keep it very, very clean. You can smell the cleanness. A lot of other daycares, you walk it into it, you can smell the diaper room. This place? It’s good. It’s really good.”

“The one other thing I will say is that the owner truly cares about his business. He’s there at opening. He’s there at closing. He’s there all day long. You can ask any question and he will get answers for you. And I think that really says a lot, when the owner, when the director, puts that much of their time, love, and effort into it.”

Amy Harris

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

“I take my kids to Discovery Tree Academy because I want them to grow up in an education-focused environment that helps them develop the skills they need to succeed as an adult.”

“I really like the fact that they have a pretty solid security system. They have cameras in all the classrooms and what not. They actually keep an eye on what’s going on. I like the fact that you can’t get in the door or out the door without putting the code in or pushing the button. So, the kids can’t wander out and random people can’t just wander in. They have the fingerprint system.”

“I really like the guy who runs it, Tim is his name. He has always been a great guy to ask questions and get feedback. They’re very good at communicating to parents and letting us know what’s going on with the kids and if the kids are having problems or need anything. It’s always been really nice to be able to just go in and ask them questions and get real answers and feedback from them, which is something that I felt was lacking at some of the previous places my kids have been.”

David Harris

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

“I take my children to Discovery Tree Academy because they have a chance to grow there, they are independent. Their teachers and directors know and understand children. They are very picky when it comes to choosing their teachers, which is I think is phenomenal.”

“They encourage the children to speak. They encourage the children to solve the problems. They’re helping with giving the children the words. They’re giving the children the chance to be independent instead of having someone solve their problems for them. And, that is so critical for life skills.”

“Our youngest, who is three started going there when he was two. And, their teachers have been amazing to work with. And their director has been fabulous. He also is one of the first directors from a childcare center that was willing to take our autistic son, who is my oldest child. So that was our first big thing, because we had been searching for many daycares.”

“The assistant director has also created such a large bond with my autistic son that if any of the teachers are having a hard time with him or he’s having a meltdown, she’s the only one that can actually get him calmed, which is a big help to know that I have someone that can handle him in the way that he needs.”

“The teachers are amazing with working out with the three-year-old. He’s done his numbers, he’s learning his alphabet, as well as his phonemic awareness. So, they’re very on top of what these kids should be learning and they are getting through to the children. And any other daycare, I’ve looked into many, I would not be able to find that anywhere else.”

Danetta Sabin

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