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OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

"You should use FireAvert because it’s actually helping save lives. It is a good tool to use. I know I’ve had two instances where the resident has called and said that they were unable to use their stove. I immediately remembered if the smoke alarm was set off that it would shut the stove down. It lets me know that it’s working."

Aisha Zachary, Winnstead Apartments – Peak

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should use FireAvert because it’s definitely worth it. It has many positive effects, as far as keeping residents safe, making residents feel safe. It also works to save your property, as well. We’ve installed FireAvert in all forty-five units that we have in our building. It was a very good investment. It’s definitely worth it.”

“We’ve not had an actual fire. We have had residents tell us that they had forgot they had put some water on the stove. It was boiling over and it actually went ahead and tripped it. That does show us that it’s working for what it’s intended to do.”

“Our maintenance man installed them within all of our units. It definitely wasn’t a time-consuming process, and there wasn’t a whole lot involved. They were very easy to put in and get functioning.”

“We have a monthly meeting that we do for the residents. We explained it to them. There were several that had expressed they were excited because it definitely made them feel safer, especially being in an apartment complex. If one unit catches on fire, that’s going to affect everybody in the building.”

“Some of our residents, they have home health aides. We’ve even had a couple aides tell me that they were glad that something like that was put in. It definitely gives the aides a peace of mind.”

“Ever since we’ve installed FireAvert, FireAvert has called us every couple months, just to follow up and make sure that we weren’t having any issues. Make sure that everything was okay and that we were still satisfied with the product.”

Crystal Mongold, Hattie Jackson Commons

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should use FireAvert because it will save you operational expenses, as well provide secure living conditions for the residents. We installed FireAverts about two years ago in the entire two hundred and sixty-four apartments. We’ve actually prevented two fires on the property. Before FireAvert got here, we had an apartment fire and it was the whole unit, it was about $40,000.00 to redo everything in the unit.”

“We’ve had smoke detectors and carbon dioxide detectors, but we’ve still had fires. The FireAverts, shuts off the device when the resident isn’t home. It definitely helps us respond quicker and prevent damages.”

“It was an easy installation. It was a very quick process. Lots of support from FireAvert if we had any issues and follow-ups. It wasn’t as if they just dropped the box off. I definitely felt the care in the company and concern that their customers were happy. I think they’re just an awesome product. We truly appreciate all the customer service they’ve provided us.”

Nick Victorio, Presidio at Rancho Del Oro

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should use FireAvert because it’s safe and it saves money. We haven’t had any major incidents. We do have our residents that normally burn food and their stove is turned off constantly. We already know who they are. They already know what to do, to call us and make sure that we go sync it back up with the smoke detector and make their stove work again.”

“It’s actually saving us money. There’s not any kitchen fires happening. There’s not having to deal with renters’ insurance or having residents have to put money out of their pocket to be responsible for any of the cost of any damages to the appliances or any of our structure. I highly recommend it to anyone.”

“It is very easy to install, from what my maintenance staff has told me. It’s also easy to reset in case it is set off. I do recommend it.”

Vicky Mendoza, Redlands

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should use FireAvert because it will save your life. Eighty percent of the reasons you’re going to have a fire in your house starts at the stove. I’m the firefighter and I personally have carried three people out in body bags who have died because they left something on the stove.”

“I have a client without a FireAvert. Approaching dinnertime, she put a pot of beans on her stove. One of her girlfriends said, “Hey. How about we go out and play a round of golf before the husbands get home and we have to cook?” She ran out of the house, got to the fourth hole and she saw the fire equipment screaming by the golf course. She thought, ‘Gee. I wonder where they’re going? No! They’re going to my house!’”

“A tenant of mine, she forgot she had something on the stove and she left. The FireAvert did what it’s supposed to. We didn’t have our apartment building burned down. That $200.00 that we spent on that FireAvert saved us $20,000.00.”

“I bought 42 and I’m installing them. They are very simple to install. They just make me sleep much better, knowing I’m not going to hear fire equipment rolling up on me and have to do a remodel.”

Brian Kelly, Lake Lochwood

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should use FireAvert because it is a great, fairly inexpensive way of maintaining the safety and peace of mind inside the apartments for the resident and the management team. It was definitely a great investment. It is something that is out of the way and is not something that’s big and bulky and is in the resident’s way. It’s one of those silent helpers.”

“I’ve had great experience so far with FireAvert. We’ve installed them in every apartment here. They’ve been working great for us as far as, as soon as the fire alarm goes off, cutting off the power to the stove. I know in one situation, it actually did prevent the fire from spreading, which was a big help.”

“We have tried the extinguishers that connect above the stove, right underneath the range hoods that when they get too hot, they open up. We had a resident cooking food and had stepped back into the bedroom. Before she knew it, she heard the fire alarms going off. FireAvert cut the power to the stove and the cut the force of the heat immediately. It did not get hot enough to where even those extinguishers needed to go off. There was no mess that needed to get cleaned up from all the extinguishing powder that comes out from those things. There were no damages to the apartment. It could’ve been a lot worse. It could’ve affected the other 29 households that lived in that building.”

“FireAvert doesn’t expire. The magnetic fire extinguishers we have underneath the range hoods all expire after so many years. You can use it once and that’s it, you need to purchase more. With the FireAvert, the good thing is, is when it does prevent the fire, it’s just a matter of resetting the system to where it could work again. We do not need to go out and buy new equipment to replace what was just used which saves us a lot of money.”

“Everyone we’ve spoken to has always been very interested in how the system is working for us and how they can help us. I’ve always just heard kindness and sincerity from everyone that I’ve spoken to there.”

Maria Arrington, Willows of Cumming

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should use FireAvert because it’s a little guardian angel and it’s tucked away in the corner, you don’t even know you have it but it’s there in case you need it. It’s fabulous, because it doesn’t ever go bad, and all you have to do is sync it with your smoke detector so it knows that tone and you’re ready to go.”

“I had seen it on Shark Tank, and immediately, I bought it for my father who’s 81. The reason I bought it is because he’s not always hearing as well as he used to, and I’m afraid that him being by himself, that teakettle won’t be loud enough or he won’t hear it. At least FireAvert will shut it off immediately.”

“I tested it. I bought it, put in a new stove, hooked it up and I thought let’s just try this out. I synched it, and then I had my brother set off the smoke detector. Within eight seconds it cut the burner electricity off, so that it would not work anymore. That’s really quick.”

Cheryll Leopold, Family Member

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should use FireAvert because it’s a good product and it saves lives and saves apartments from starting a fire. Ever since I’ve installed them, we haven’t had any issues at all with any fires.”

“I’ve been here the last two years, there’s been probably three people that have called, the smoke alarm has went off, and it shut the stove off. It’s actually shut off like it’s supposed to do. If someone leaves their stove unattended, when it starts smoking, it shuts it off. I think it’s a good investment, obviously.”

“It was an easy process, took maybe five minutes, at the most, to install.”

“Fire Avert called to check up on how everything was going. They definitely cared.”

Greg Hagenstein, Pineview Apartments

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should use FireAvert because it’ll save you potentially thousands of dollars if somebody decides to have a fish fry in their oven. It saved us. They really do work.”

“We actually had a resident who was frying fish using a vat of oil inside of her oven with the broiler on and it caught on fire. As soon as the smoke detector went off, the device actually turned the stove off. Then the resident decided to throw a few gallons of water on her stovetop. Turning the oven off probably saved her being electrocuted. If the device hadn’t been installed, who knows what would’ve happened.”

“They come in a box and you literally just plug them into the wall and then you plug the oven into the box and that’s it.”

Michael Lowder, Hawk Ridge Apartments

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should purchase FireAvert because it’s easy to install. No tools. Actually, I did not use a single tool. Everything went just as exactly the way said in the instruction. It is something that every condo and house and building should have installed because it really prevents a fire.”

“I’m a typical senior myself. I really do honestly believe in this. Whoever installs one of these units will definitely have peace of mind for themselves and there’ll be peace of mind for their loved ones. I would recommend it to anyone.”

“I was pleasantly surprised because I’ve tried many, many products in my lifetime. There’s always discrepancy between what they’re saying and how the product acts. FireAvert performed exactly. Took 30 seconds for the signal to go from smoke detector to the unit itself. I have some very, very senior family members. That’s exactly what they need because for sure they’re going to forget the stoves on sooner or later.”

M. Mike Giltaca, APC Ltd

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should use FireAvert because it’s common sense, practical, safety in place to protect tenants. We’ve got a 420-unit apartment building for seniors. One of the things we wanted to add, without raising rent, per se, is an additional layer of safety against fire. Your residents know that you’re looking out for them. We have sprinklers. We have smoke alarms. We have other systems in place. This is one more layer that protects everyone.”

“My brother saw this product at a trade show, was pretty intrigued by it, has had a bad experience with fire in one of his buildings, and wanted this installed. It’s a layer of protection that allows me to sleep better at night. It just quietly does its job and we don’t have to worry about it.”

“I installed them myself and I’m not Mr. Handyman. It was easy enough to do and it was easy enough to explain to the people as to why. We didn’t have to modify the ovens or do any electrical work. It was just an adapter that goes into the wall, and then the stove plugs into the FireAvert. It was as easy as could be. Took maybe five minutes to install and another maybe five minutes to do the testing, and I’m done.”

“We have one gal who is deaf and wouldn’t hear her smoke alarm if it did go off. It would be an extra layer of safety for her; stop the source of the flame. We haven’t had any incidents and I suppose that’s the whole point, isn’t it? We have had no crises, no emergencies, no fire department phone calls. That’s really what we invested in; that all operates safely and quietly behind the scenes.”

Dave Vondrachek, Osseo Commons Apartments

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should use FireAvert, because the product is a true prevention product. That is the reason for us swapping from the other product that actually puts out the fire to FireAvert that actually prevents the fire.”

“We own apartment complexes and we build apartments for ourselves. I’m the construction project manager and we will continue using the product in every apartment that we have. Right now, we are implementing them into our apartment complexes nationwide. They’ve been a real good asset to us and we like the product.”

Wayne Standford, Abbey Residential

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should use FireAvert because a dollar saved today is several thousand dollars spent later. Fantastic product, it addresses every issue. The ease of installation, the compact size, the price point.”

“I just installed 30 of them. And an hour after I installed them, we had a person forget a pan and it smoke and that worked. We got a benefit out of it pretty quick.”

“The Stove Stops were motion detect-based. You had to be in front of the stove. You could set the amount of time you could be away, two, three minutes or so. And they were constantly turning off. It was an extra step to turn the stove and hit ‘start’ before they used the stove. It was an extra bit of training. They’re expensive. And the buttons wore out, they got dirty, one of the reasons I didn’t like that product.”

Bob Hopkins, Beacon Communities

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should use FireAvert because it saves lives. We’ve had one resident here, she’s going through the stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s. She would start cooking and forget that her pots were on. The first incidents, she literally melted the stove. We had those FireStoppers, they didn’t stop it at all. We were able to replace her stove. We put in our FireAvert and we plugged the stove into that. And the next time she forgot her pot, the stove just cut off.”

“The first time, she melted the stove, if one of her neighbors hadn’t walked by and seen the flames, she was very, very close to setting the entire unit on fire. We have cottages. They have four units in one cottage. And so, there would’ve been four people displaced if she had caught the unit on fire.”

“It just saved her life, period, when we put the FireAvert in, because it just cuts the stove off. She came, “Well, I don’t know why my stove is not working.” And I’m thinking to myself, “Because you left a pot on there that caught on fire.” It’s saving lives. That’s our biggest thing. We also had to replace the stove and do a little smoke damage, about five to six hundred dollars.”

“Basically, you just pull your stove out and then plug your stove into the FireAvert and that’s it. Push your stove back. No major instructions. I don’t have to call a tech out. I don’t have to rewire anything.”

“It’s affordable. When it shuts the stove off, I just go and reset it. It’s simple. And that’s the best thing about it. It’s simple and it’s quick. And it’s saving lives.”

Lydia Clay, United Church Home and Services 

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should use FireAvert because the first building that we installed it in, the resident did have a fire and it worked great. The gentleman left the stove and sat down in his chair to watch TV and fell asleep. The food burned and it set the smoke alarm off. The product shut off the stove and it worked just like it was supposed to. It worked great for us. So, we’re in the process of installing them in the rest of our properties.”

“Our goal is to keep the resident in their apartment for as long as possible. We try to come up with solutions to keep them in their apartment safely as long as possible. So, this is certainly one way to do that. We have the small, apartment-size units. Our maintenance guys were able to install them pretty easily.”

Lee Ann Hubanks, Pioneer Place Senior Housing

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