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OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“My experience with Alexis has been great from the beginning. She has helped me to decide which franchise is right for me and what system will work best with my skillsets. I’ve had several meetings with her throughout the process.”

“Her way of doing business is more of a guide or a counselor than a salesperson trying to push you to a franchise. She has never pressured me about anything. But she does get whatever your needs are. She knows where to stop or where to turn when you get a dead end with some of the franchises. She knows how to guide you through that thought process.”

“Her experience being both a franchisee and a franchisor has helped me get to know the pitfalls or troubles with some franchise systems. She knows which franchises or which systems are very healthy or friendly to the franchisee. She has pointed some of the pitfalls of choosing one franchise over the other. That’s a real asset that Alexis has.”

“Most of the franchise ideas were in the vicinity of what I’d like or what I’ve done in the past. They were familiar. Then, right away, she took me to another place that I wouldn’t have considered. It broadened the picture or the options for me.”

Daniel Beaujon

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should work with Alexis because she is a professional and is very knowledgeable about the franchise industry, and would do a great job of matching any potential investor or franchise owner with the proper fit. It’s no pressure to work with Alexis. That was very reassuring. It certainly helped that Alexis was also a franchise owner.”

“I certainly don’t feel any pressure to do something quickly, as in make a choice or move on and not waste her time. Most people don’t know a lot about the franchise industry, myself included and has been very enlightening for us to go through that process. She’s been great, as far as educating us on that.”

“The fun part of the discovery, hearing about things that we’d never heard of. We’ve got one that we’re settling on and really putting our focus towards. She’s managed that process very well.”

Eric Myers

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should work with Alexis because she has fantastic knowledge. She understands the ins and outs of franchising. She was very interested in what my goals were, where I was in my life. She took that into consideration and listened. Then, put a plan into place. Recommending initial steps that I need to take. She’s very much an educator in that respect.”

“I was nervous going in to meet her, and she put me at ease so quickly, it was amazing. I felt very relaxed, and I felt like I could truly be open and honest with her. More as a mentor; someone who could provide guidance. There was never a sales pitch, never pressure. She never tried to close a deal. She presented information based on the information I gave her about my life and my goals.”

“She did not charge an upfront fee. There was no catch, there’s no expectation to sign on the dotted line. She explained the process if you are interested, what other information you need to look into. She’s there the whole way for any questions you have, but it will be your decision, and it will be entirely up to you.”

“I think she really understands and gets it with her background and experience. She started as a franchisee, then a franchisor. She started with a background in education. It’s very comforting to know that she comes from a background that wasn’t all business, and yet she’s made a huge success. Her advice is sound.”

“She’s really straightforward. She doesn’t hold back. She does explain how much work it will be, but she also explains that you put the effort in and with that support, you will be able to succeed.”

Carolyn Pivirotto

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should work with Alexis because she’s a genuine person who has integrity, intelligence, and energy. Alexis actually knows about business and knows about the risks that are involved in transitioning from a regular job to being an entrepreneur and owning your own business. She’s definitely educated about the franchising environment.”

“She provided me with a lot of useful information, a lot of useful knowledge. Talking about the franchise disclosure documents; really helping me to hopefully steer away from any potential pitfalls. We talked about budgeting and various other aspects. A very good educator.”

“She really cared and sat down and provided several different ideas for potential franchises that she had vetted. It was really a personalized thing, to help me locate some franchises. It’s really been a very helpful and a productive process.”

“You don’t have to pay any money to meet with Alexis. Really, it’s free to meet with her and to go through the process of learning about franchises and going through the personality test to try and match you with the best possible franchises. Alexis always made clear that we’re not under pressure to buy anything.”

“Alexis showed me several different franchises that I originally wouldn’t have thought of and in various different industries. There’s just so many different franchises out there. It was definitely useful and a mind-opening experience to see the different opportunities that I might not otherwise have conceived of.”


OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should work with Alexis at FranNet because she is a great listener. Just very thoughtful. Approachable. She presents things that would work for me. She is more of an advocate than a salesperson. She definitely has your interests first and foremost. Very motivated for presenting you with franchises that work for your strengths.”

“I am currently interested in a franchise and exploring that with her. She’s been very patient. I definitely never felt pressured. She’s very committed to finding what would work best for you. There’s no fee associated with this. She makes it feel like she has all the time in world to talk to you about this franchise possibility.”

“She had me take the quiz on FranNet to find out my personality type, my leadership type, and then presented franchises that were geared towards my strengths. She’s presented many options to us. Franchises I would never thought of that would possibly work.”

“Alexis has great experience. Very frank about the joys and the struggles. You get a very accurate view of owning a franchise. Having her know both sides, being a franchisee and a franchisor, she really can see the whole picture.”

Monica Bell

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should work with Alexis because she’s an expert and she will help you choose the very best business opportunity for you. She was very quick at finding recommendations for me, and very thorough in her descriptions of the different options that are available. She helped me narrow down the choices to two that seemed to fit my personality and abilities best. Then helped me get in touch with those companies to start exploring a franchise opportunity.”

“At no time was there any pressure from her. She genuinely seems to care about my professional development and made choices and appointments and suggestions that had my best interests at heart. Even when I ended up having to put things on pause for a little bit she was very supportive and helpful and has been very patient and good to work with.”

“She’s never asked me for any kind of fee or compensation for what she’s done. At no point did I feel like I was being sold something. It was very much like a counselor-type role and a supporter in helping me achieve my goals.”

“She’s very friendly and very personable, very approachable. She has a great skill of listening to people and getting to know people quickly and make what I think are very solid evaluations of what kind of person you are and what opportunities would be best for you.”

“She gave me a test that helped me really get in and explore what my interests were, and what my strengths and weaknesses were. She was able to really come back with good recommendations for me. She was able to eliminate any franchises that didn’t really fit me and then came back with just a really narrow and focused list of companies.”

“She recommended some franchises that I’ve never even heard of as a possibility. In fact one of those was one that I began exploring. It would have never entered my mind, but as soon as we talked about it I realized that was a really great option for me.”

“The fact that she’s both a franchisor and franchisee is very helpful because she’s been on both sides of this transaction. She knows exactly what I’m looking for as a franchisee and how to weigh the different companies. As a franchisor, she knows where they’re coming from and so she’s able to get the right information from me to make a good case to those companies in my behalf.”

“As I talked to her she was very realistic in what I should expect and look for in franchises. It wasn’t all pie in the sky and everything’s going to be wonderful. She was able to enumerate the challenges that I’d face very clearly and very well, as well the benefits.”

Zach Hicken

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