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OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“I honestly think you should work with Sarah at FranNet because she knows what she’s doing. Her experience, her knowledge, helpfulness in what she does made the difference in my decision. No pressure. Not a lot of high-pressure sales tactics. Just informative.”

“She asked a lot of a good question on my background and what I wanted out of a business. She spent quite a bit of time to know not only myself but my wife. Trying to look at what was going to fit those needs. Saved me a ton of a time. Matchmaker would be a great title for her.”

“The thing I like about her is, she ran a franchise. That’s what gives you the comfort level and that set my mind at ease; that she understood the process. I absolutely wouldn’t have bought a franchise if it wasn’t for Sarah.”

“I wouldn’t have thought of a Molly Maid. I was looking at yogurt shops and the typical things you would think that a franchise was. From a business model, it did fit what I was looking at doing. I think the Molly Maid that she found for me was a perfect fit. Almost exact business model from what I’m used to doing when I was in the corporate world.”

“We did talk about long term. Five, ten years down the road. Is it going to be recession-proof? Are you going to be able to scale it and grow?”

“Low pressure, no pressure sale, she really wants what’s best for her customer and that’s important. I can remember her saying ‘It’s okay to be scared. It’s all right to say no. You don’t have to say yes. No matter how far we get into the process, if you say no, as long as you think it’s the right decision for you.’”

“We met for coffee a couple of times during that process. Even when we narrowed it down to the Molly Maid she was there asking how the home-to-office visit went and if I had any questions. Very helpful.”

“If you’ve never tried to start or run your own business, to me, the franchise is the way to go. When you go the route of a franchise you have your checklist from the home office. You have the support from the home office. I still have support from the home office. I’m on weekly calls with other owners.”

James Montgomery

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should work with Sarah Brown from FranNet because she’s awesome. After I met her, she made the process easy for me to follow and understand. At this point, I don’t even feel like I’m a client.”

“I didn’t know what industry that I wanted to get into. The franchise I chose, I wasn’t interested at all in that space. If it wasn’t for her giving me a whole bunch of options and allowing me to open my mind to see other things I probably wouldn’t have known that particular franchise.”

“Open your eyes. Open your mind. Give yourself more options and more opportunities to reach your goals. Sarah is the perfect person to do that with. She’ll match you up with the perfect franchise for you. Being open to different types of franchises will make it that much easier.”

“She let me know the challenges of owning a franchise. It wasn’t like she was just trying to sell me to make a commission. It was more trying to give me all the information possible to make a great decision. Her experience with owning franchises, she eases that stress just because she’s been through it.”

“Opening a business on your own from scratch is tough. Opening a franchise, some of the work is done for you already, and you have a model that you can follow that will make it easier for you. It’s definitely the advantage of owning a franchise over starting your own business.”

“She definitely held my hand all the way through. I feel like I can call to ask her a question or get her to help me through something.”

John Salmons


OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should work with Sarah Brown because she takes the time to bring you through the franchise vetting process, very methodically, in a step-by-step fashion. It was helpful to have somebody who’s gone through the process to let you know what the potential pitfalls are.”

“She definitely took a lot of time. She got to know my family. It was a very good experience. She was very thorough through all the steps of how to research a franchise, what the process would be and how to do the legal side of things, the financial side of things. And then, how to interact with the potential franchisors to see what would be the best fit.”

“She was able to give me some choices based on my overall philosophical and financial goals. I ended picking one that I initially did not think that I would like in a food and retail environment. However, by going through the vetting process, it did seem like the best fit for me.”

“What was nice is that after I would talk to the franchisor, I’d talk to Sarah to rehash what the franchisor told me. Get any sort of questions answered.”

“I think franchises are great options for people that do not have business experience. Myself, I don’t work in retail or food at all. I work in medicine. Having a franchise take you through each step so you don’t have to recreate the wheel for every issue that comes up. They’re able to help keep things a little bit more organized and on track.”

Dr. Ron Mallick

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should work with Sarah Brown at FranNet because you will never find a more professional, hard-working broker. She did a profile on me, we had discussions about what I was looking for. She did a great job of really listening to what my goals were and where I wanted to see myself going. In that process she introduced me to multiple franchise opportunities that really met my profile.”

“There was no pressure at all. She advised me on the pros and cons. It was an advisory type of relationship, very consultative; not something in which I felt like I was under any pressure to actually even purchase a franchise. She was open to looking at the process of self-discovery for myself and not necessarily just trying to get me to purchase a franchise.”

“I wanted to be in a B2B environment, and she presented me with some opportunities that really fit that profile. From there I started researching, and she helped me along that way and gave me questions to ask and advised me on what I should be looking for. Ultimately I made a decision to purchase a franchise, Anago Cleaning Systems.”

“She really understood what I was looking for and was able to understand the journey I was going through. She had been through it herself in the past, having owned other franchises.”

“It would have been very difficult for me to go out and try to uncover an opportunity that fit what I was looking for on my own. She kept me on point in getting the materials, if I had any questions. I had several face-to-face meetings with her as well as just phone call consultations, as I was reviewing the different opportunities.”

“I would have never thought that I would have gone into the commercial cleaning industry, never had that on my radar whatsoever.”

“Everything has risk, but working with a franchise gives you a proven business model and then you have a support team behind you. It allows you to get your company started quickly. One thing I was looking for is that I can get the ball rolling quickly in going with the franchise verses trying to go out and do something on my own.”

“Go in with an open mind. You have to look at all opportunities and not be close-minded into thinking that there’s only one solution. There could be multiple solutions that fit the goals that you have for yourself from a career perspective. Sarah will guide you through that process without trying to steer you in any particular direction.”

“I’m very impressed with her work ethic. She’s been helping me in multiple areas in trying to get out into the community and helping me network. A lot of the advisement I’ve gotten from her is beyond just selling me a franchise, it’s also uncovering where there are resources for me to help get my business started.”

Deron Hunsberger

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should work with Sarah Brown at FranNet because she’s extremely knowledgeable. She can help you navigate through a maze of different franchise opportunities to help you find the one that’s truly right for you. She doesn’t push you. She lets you work things through at your own pace while she’s there to help you. She comes across more as a friend than a salesperson. She’s with you the entire process.”

“Sarah was very patient with me. When I came in, I was not sure that franchising was even a direction to go in. I was information-seeking. She guided me through the process. We looked at different franchises to find the one that really would be right for me. She spent a lot of time with me. We looked at different types of businesses to really see what would match.”

“I appreciated that the companies that she introduces you to, they’ve already been vetted through FranNet. And, she has testing to help see what’s going to fit. She’s been through the process, herself,
of franchising. I got a franchise that I would never have thought of. When she first brought up auto care centers, my first reaction was, ‘No. Why would I do that?
I don’t know anything about cars.’”

“I would not have wanted to do it myself. First off, you’re getting a brand that will support you as you go in. Why reinvent the wheel? If you’ve got a successful program and process, why not buy into it and utilize that? If you were to go out and do it yourself, it would be hit and miss, experimentation, trying to figure out what works, trying to figure out what the best vendors are.”

Cindy Schultz

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should work with Sarah Brown with FranNet because she is just a ray of knowledge and resources, and will find you a great match. When people think of franchises they think of fast food, and I really couldn’t move past fast food until I met Sarah. She brought us different options with things I had never thought of. We took a profile which was really helpful, because it set us in a direction that we would not have thought of.”

“I would probably still be floundering around trying to figure it out, thinking fast food was the only franchise out there, if I hadn’t met Sarah. Within just a few months we were able to make a decision and move forward.”

“She took the information from our profile and was able to bring good information for us to evaluate and broke down everything really easily for us to understand. I did feel comfortable with her right away, which put me at ease so that I could move forward and make a decision, instead of feeling lost and overwhelmed. She’s very personable and friendly, but yet knowledgeable about the business.”

“She brought me good options. She had had a franchise and understood the challenges of having a franchise and all of the things that it encompassed. She was able to share her experiences good and bad. She was able to help us understand what it was like to own a franchise, all of the legalities of it and obligations.”

“She really was able to let us know, ‘Okay, this is what you’re going to see and this is what it’s going to be like.’ There just weren’t a lot of unknowns and scary stuff because she was there to answer our questions through all her knowledge and her own personal experience owning a franchise.”

“I appreciated the fact, the one we chose, she personally had gone to the Meet the Team days and she understood what we were going to encounter. She really anticipated our needs and helped fill in a lot of blanks for us. There wasn’t this big unknown as we went forward.”

“We already own a business and it is not a franchise, so we knew we did not want to reinvent the wheel. That is why we went with a franchise. Now that I’m in the middle of both businesses with my feet planted I do see the advantage of the franchise. There are so many protocols in place that you just have to follow instead of creating the stuff. It just makes it so much easier to build your business without having to think of every aspect, because there are so many things that are already spelled out for you.”

“For the record, Sarah was very supportive when we opened our franchise. It wasn’t like she sold us the franchise and we never saw her again; she had a lot of follow through. She continually checked in on us, she came to our studio when we opened it, to our store, and was very supportive even when the doors were open.”

Christy Sauter

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