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OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Mike can take you where you want to go a lot faster and can curtail ninety percent of the dilemmas simply because of experience. He can get me where I want to go five times as fast.”

“In three sessions, he was able to take me 18 months down the road. He was absolutely worth the money that I paid him.”

“He’s very informed and knowledgeable about the way the systems work. He is absolutely one hundred percent interested in your well-being, your welfare in regards to getting you up and going on LinkedIn.”

“It’s always nice to get more for your money than what you expect. There was always some extra added tip or extra added benefit or bonus, and that was simply because of all his experience.”

“He was really a great teacher. When you see it it’s one thing, but when you physically do it it’s another. So he would go through, incrementally, and guide me through the process on every single thing that we did.”

“He would take and share his screen with me each and every time and walk me through the exercise. It wasn’t just a tutorial that I watched in regards to how to do something. But he would hold your hand and walk you through the whole process step by step by step.”

Aaron Walker


OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Mike O’Neil is what I would consider an expert, and that is not a light thing for me to say. Very few people really are an expert in a world where lots of people claim to be an expert. We have absolutely made money because we have been following what Mike told us to do. Pure and simple. The service that Mike provides is critical to the modern-day businessperson.”

“Mike has a well of information. He’s literally the kind of guy that’s forgotten more than most people will ever know about LinkedIn, about building their own, personal brands, about getting their best foot forward and putting their best face on.

“Mike is very willing to spend time doing the right thing. He carves out enough time for what needs to be done. I like that he’s punctual both on the beginning of the meeting and the end of the meeting.”

“He’s backed me away from the edge of the cliff a couple times. Not always do my instincts and my learning serve me well. Mike has been able to very effectively and diplomatically point me in the right direction.”

“Mike helped me pull down my database of connections in LinkedIn, get them exported into Excel. Then organized, regrouped, and sorted appropriately so that we could more easily identify who were potential clients. That prioritization has saved me an incalculable amount of time.”

Michael Bright, THC Magazine

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should work with Integrated Alliances because Mike has very extensive knowledge and experience working with LinkedIn and can truly leverage the tool to best benefit your business. It really is focused on what your particular strengths are. We did have a couple of brainstorming sessions. It was nice to get a chance to pick his brain about what he’s done and what has been successful.”

“I’ve been working with Integrated Alliances since July and have utilized his service to make LinkedIn connections that I’ve used to generate appointments for my business. I can say that Mike does help build a pipeline. Mike’s leads, they’re more specific. When I finally talk to them, it’s not as if it’s a cold call. I’ve actually exchanged pleasantries via LinkedIn before actually connecting with a potential prospect.”

“Through Mike’s service, a prospect, they’re more likely to know what we’re going to meet about, so I spend less time educating them. I would give Integrated Alliance and his LinkedIn campaign positive feedback about the way the prospect is prepared to actually have a conversation about becoming a member of the Alternative Board.”

“Starting from ground zero with no network and no real folks to prospect, Mike really jumpstarted my business with getting me in front of people that I would not ordinarily have gotten in front of. I did get appointments through Integrated Alliances a lot quicker than if I had contacted them myself.”

“Mike gave me feedback about my LinkedIn profile as well as making some very significant changes in the presentation of my bio. Some pretty simple things but they did make a difference, such as changing my image so that I looked more positive.”

Carey Mason, TAB Northern Colorado

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Michael, he’s incredibly knowledgeable at LinkedIn. He definitely knows the ins and outs. He’s the most knowledgeable person I have met as far as the inner workings of how to utilize LinkedIn to its best potential. He’s one of the good ones. He’s definitely very invested in our business.”

“He knows how to explain things in terms that make anybody understand what he’s saying. He’s helped me to have a better profile as a CFO of our company. It definitely helped get an increase in profile views.”

David Maddalena, THC Magazine

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“They helped me understand the importance of LinkedIn, how to reorganize my Bio and got me oriented to really understand the power of LinkedIn and what it can do for a business like mine.”

“Of all the people I meet, it’s about the fact that they’re so enthusiastic, dedicated, and high energy. I trust them, like them and you can be yourself with them. They feel like they already know you.”

“They were able to help put the emotional connection back, make me into a human instead of a piece of cardboard.”

David Tyreman, World Famous Company


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