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OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Work with Jim at Dental Fix because he is reliable, will do a great job, and will complete the work on time and as promised. He always gets it done. He is completely honest with his pricing and his time.”

“Jim is very communicative. I can just talk to him directly. He will tell me something in person or over the phone and then also follow up with an email, which I love. He does not go over his quote. Very easy to work with. He is always on time and shows up when he’s supposed to.”

“Jim is great to work with. He is local. I like how he shows up. I’ve dealt with other people in town and it’s hard to get someone to come over and do the repairs. Or, they’ll not show up and I have to call, and follow up and find out where they are. I know that he’s going to show up when he’s supposed to.”

Lisa Koehler, nSequence

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“I would definitely recommend Jim Cryan and Dental Fix to any practice that needs assistance and repairs. He is phenomenal, will keep your costs down, and keep your practice running smoothly. He’s a wealth of information and knowledge. He’s so honest and he has saved us so much money.”

“He has been phenomenal. It is great to know that he is locally owned and runs his own business. He’s been just invaluable to us. We would recommend him highly.”

“A couple of days within us receiving purchase order numbers from our purchasing department, I can call Jim on the phone, reach him personally, and schedule an appointment. We’re about 100 miles from him and he’s out here within a day. He doesn’t charge us for travel, and that’s so convenient for us.”

“He does not nickel and dime you. He’ll quote a price for everything and he sticks to it. He’s very accurate in his pricing. He’s able to give everything that I’ve asked for and needed and then some. I cannot say enough about Jim.”

“We’ve had trouble getting anyone out here to service our equipment for I’m going to say about seven years. Jim came out and did about seven years’ worth of work. He could’ve charged us a phenomenal amount. What he charged us was just pennies.”

“Jim has been able to not only give me advice, but has been able to actually find equipment for me, much lower cost, and save me the legwork from having to find it myself. You just don’t find that from other companies. Being a government facility, our purchasing department certainly appreciates that.”

Desiree Hultenschmidt, Nevada Department of Corrections

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Work with Jim with Dental Fix because he gets straight to the point and he doesn’t beat around the bush. He doesn’t nickel and dime, he’s very helpful, and he doesn’t speak in techie terms. He will explain it to you in English. He gets the job done accurately. He’s just very, very thorough.”

“Working with Jim is really pleasant because when he comes in, he’s always very friendly. He always lets us know what he’s doing. He’s very informative. Gets it done accurately and then he’s out. We call him directly, because we like him.”

“When people talk in techie, we don’t understand. But he breaks it down in laymen’s terms, in English. He’s very informative.”

“We communicate through email, which is very helpful because we’re not always going to be on our phones during work hours.”

“He will talk to our doctor and our office manager and he’ll give us advice on good products, and what’s not good for the pieces that we have. He’s not trying to sell us extra products. He gets straight to the point.”

Jennifer Washburn, Kwong Dental Care

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Jim at Dental Fix is efficient, effective, reasonable, pleasant, and timely. He’s been very flexible and very responsive. They’re very competitive. He’s very quiet. He comes and goes. He doesn’t disrupt our service.”

“He calls us right back. We have never had to wait for him to get back to us, even on weekends or after hours, holidays. The doctor appreciates anyone that is running their own business efficiently. His prices are reasonable. We would rather have someone who had their own local business.”

“In the past, somebody had to come back again. We were charged for something that we don’t feel we should’ve been. We have not had to do that with Jim. We’ve never had to have Jim come back to fix anything a second time.”

“We’re a very small office, four rooms and they’re always busy. We cannot afford the downtime. He doesn’t disrupt our patient or our production time, he works with us and he’s always on time. He does what he says, gets it done, and he goes away. Fantastic for any vendor that services equipment.”

Lori Piccini, Office Manager, Dr. Mark Allen

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Work with Jim at Dental Fix because his work ethic, the quality of work, the fees that he charges. It’s a blessing to be able to have someone you can call and know that the work’s going to get completed, and that he’s not going to take advantage of you, cost-wise.”

“I price compared with the two competitors. Jim’s fees are lower, and the quality of work is better. He doesn’t nickel and dime you. He’s very cost effective; staying with quality equipment. Jim guarantees his work. He doesn’t charge you every time he walks through the door. He won’t invoice us until he’s confident that the problem is fixed. I’m really happy with the quality and the amount he charges.”

“He’s prompt when he comes out to fix our equipment. He comes in and he’s concentrated on his work. He’s personable, always very friendly and very respectful. He checks in with you, let you know how things are going. When he’s done, he checks in with you again, let’s you know it’s fixed or if he has to order a part, and then he’s gone. He doesn’t dilly dally around. He doesn’t mess around. He’s definitely earning his money. If he does have to order a part, he always stays in touch with me. He never leaves me waiting and wondering what’s going on.”

“I absolutely like the fact that it’s locally owned. I would much rather patronize a local business because they’re the ones that keep America running. Him being local, we can give him a call and there’s a better chance that he’s going to be able to get here quicker. He’s got pretty much everything on his truck. He usually gets it fixed the same day.”

“He was resourceful. We have a couple of chairs that are pretty old. Jim knew someone that carried the motor for the chairs and he was on that right away. We had everything ordered and installed in less than two weeks because it was coming from back east. We didn’t have to buy new chairs.”

“He’s always very helpful. He’ll work until he gets the problem solved; very thorough. He really cares about what he’s doing. He wants to make sure that we’re up and running. It’s a pleasure giving him our business because he really, really does a good job.”

Shay Robles, Michael Atencio, DDS

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Jim at Dental Fix is very professional, very knowledgeable, and he’s punctual. You give him a call, he shows up, and he’ll get the job done. I’ve had hand pieces turned around in single days or even within 24 hours. I highly recommend him. His work is awesome. He’s very trustworthy, very knowledgeable. His work is great. He’s very effective, fast, on time, and very informative.”

“Emergency cases, when we do need some of these hand pieces or operatory stations to be fixed, it’s almost like a crisis situation. You’ll be waiting for other individuals to get here. By that time, you’ve lost on production in the office or you’ve had to cancel appointments. With Jim able to perform his work so fast and effectively, we have been able to keep our schedules full and keep patients happy.”

“He will come in and discuss with us before he fixes the product or whatever’s broken and go over why it broke or give us some ideas as to how we can prevent it from breaking again. He gives us a lot of information regarding that. The prices are very comparable to other places, and will give us estimates. We just give the go-ahead because he does such a good job.”

“With the repair cost going down, it’s great. With my budget and how much I would have allowable to spend, when things get broken, it gives me less stress about getting those things fixed.”

“One of the first times I needed to get an operatory fix, I did not have Jim’s information on hand. I was able to go through the call center and they were able to get in contact with Jim the same day and he was in that same afternoon, fixing my operatory. They were very efficient, very fast, and very effective.”

“He knows how our practice runs and he has awesome recommendations on what kind of products we would be most effective using, here. He’s got so much information and so much feedback. It just makes it so much more efficient and more cost effective and our return on those investments are greater. That’s great for our practice.”

“Some other places, they will charge you just to show up. With Jim, he gets to work without that extra cost on top of what I already have to fix, that’s great. That saves me another $100 to $200 just for someone to stop in, which is great. I can’t even say thank you enough for that.”

“I think that’s very awesome that it’s a local company and I’m always proud to support my local companies in the area. To be able to support that is a great thing, in this area. I’ll continue to support local companies in this area, including Dental Fix.”

Kevin Mortlock, David M. White DDS

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