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OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"You should use Kris and Keith Myers to sell your house because they are a great team. They’re extremely professional, very personable, at the same time very knowledgeable. They treat you as if you are the only one they’re dealing with, and we know that that’s not the case because they’re highly successful. They make you feel completely part of the process and they are completely hands on. You have daily contact with them. You’re never out of the loop."

"They’re hands on. They take care of each step. When you call them and you have a question, they don’t have to go to a staff member. They have the answer immediately. No question is a dumb question. They always address it as if it’s really important and as if it’s the first time they’re answering that question, which I know it’s not."

"They’re a great team. They know the business so well they knew exactly what to put our house on the market for. They do the research. They know what’s going on in the neighborhood. They have that all laid out when they come for the first appointment, so all of the knowledge is in a folder, it’s done. We let them take control of what they thought our house would go for and our house sold the first day."

"We had several offers to go from and we got above market value. That happened in one day. Literally, the sign hadn’t even gone up yet before we had several solid offers. They’re very knowledgeable. They were working to get us a secure offer while getting us the most money. They want you to have a solid offer."

"They’re actually a fabulous team to work with. I think the most important thing that I can say is they’re very good listeners to what we expect or want or question. They get back with you right away. Selling your home, it’s a very nerve-racking time. They treat you as if you’re the only person they’re dealing with."

"You can see right off the bat that they’re professional, they’re honest, and everything that they say they’re going to do they do. I felt from the first step that they had our best interests at heart and they wanted the best for us. I always felt as if he was there to answer all my questions. He always, always picked up the phone or if he couldn’t pick up the phone he would shoot me a text and say “I’m in a meeting right now, I’ll get right back with you.”

"We went from California to North Carolina in literally five weeks. So the money transfer, everything that went on, we had absolutely no issue, and that’s a huge move. If we were going to be signing any kind of document via DocuSign, we didn’t just get that and be expected to know what we were supposed to do with it. They would explain it in easier terms rather than just getting that document for us to try and decipher on our own."

"For somebody who has never sold a house before, I felt like I really knew what was going on. My husband has sold four homes and he said this is the absolute best experience he’s ever had."

Valerie Mastro

          Valerie Mastro 1

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"You should work with Kris and Keith Myers because they are outstanding, seasoned professionals with a real handle on the area marketplace. And, the most honorable people I’ve ever met. They’re really high-quality people. They did a terrific job, both on the sales part of the things and then helping represent us on the acquisition of this other home."

"This was our second time around. The first time, Keith sold our home in 1999. Keith did a good job on that property, which helped us move to a larger home. And then, we decided this past year, to put that house on the market and downsize to something smaller. A one-story. They did a great job. They produced great video and home marketing program for us, held multiple open houses, whatever it took."

"They had two possible buyers that had made an offer on a home in our neighborhood and we immediately got offers from both of them. They had a little bit of a bidding war that helped us get our price that we really wanted, which was great. So, we were really pleased with that part of the process."

"They guided us through all the paperwork and inspection. And the purchasing couple were rather difficult at times. They did a particularly good job of handling those situations that, at one point, almost became a deal breaker. Smoothing those situations out, when some of the demands or requests were really kind of out of line."

"Here’s where they really, really did a great thing by us that we are extremely grateful for the two of them. They found us a pocket listing out of their office on a one-story home with just an amazing view. Needed a lot of work but, because of that we got it at an amazing price. It never really went on the market and saved us a ton of money. I believe we scooped it up below market price."

"We recommended them to many of our neighbors and just think the world of them. Like them a lot, personally. They’re just really nice people. They are very honest. Always shoots it straight."

Richard Newcomb

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OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"I would recommend that you use Keith and Kris Myers for any real estate needs that you have. They’re always very dependable, prompt, thorough, and professional. Very ethical and hardworking. I think Keith and Kris both take a personal interest in their clients. They try to gear the transaction to the individual party."

"I’ve known Keith for over say 25 years, as he was the selling agent for the first house that I bought. Since then, I’ve consulted with him many times regarding the real estate market. He’s always been very informative, friendly and helpful with anything that I needed, whether I was doing a transaction or not. Sometimes, I just wanted general real estate information."

"He did become the listing agent for me when we were selling my parents’ house. And, that was during the downtime of the market. It was a buyers’ market and I was a seller. But, he worked diligently to get the best price that he could get. He basically just went back for the offers and tried to get the most for us. And, to make sure that the transaction happened quickly and was not dragged out. It went smoothly."

"I do know that the phone number that is listed on Keith’s business card, website, et cetera, is his personal cell phone that he’s had for many years. I’ve always gotten a response from him in a timely manner."

"Keith also handled a business transaction with me. Not a residential transaction. It was a commercial property as the buying agent. Even though I know he does mostly residential, he was able to help me and represent me completely in that commercial property transaction."

"I know that Keith has been around in the Granada Hills area for 25, 30 years. He’s also lived and raised his family in the area. He is very familiar with this area. All the schools and businesses, the trends going on in this valley."

Joanne Young

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OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"You should work with Kris and Keith Myers because these are the two most honest, upstanding people that I know and there truly should be more of them on this earth. At one time my husband and I owned 12 pieces of property, and he’s taken care of all of them. He’s negotiated several pieces of property."

"I’ve only dealt with them. They follow through on every aspect of every sale and I don’t have to fool with anybody else. They take care of it for me."

"Kris does the fine tuning. Keith has always been the marketing person, getting the right people to show and list it. He has so many contacts here in Southern California that he knows who to talk to and they know their contacts personally."

"I can trust Keith to be the most honest person that I know, and he’s always had my welfare at heart and my best interest. My husband passed away and I had a lot of negotiations and appraisals to take care of, and he’s always been there for me."

"I trust Keith better than my own sons. I said, 'Keith, here’s a house that’s giving me trouble, I’m losing money on it, what should I do?' When he says, 'Well, let’s see what we did.' And then we got all the figures together and he says, “'It’s not working for you, Linda,”' and we sold it."

"This last deal that I did with them, I’m not up on all this technology and what have you. They walk me through every step of the way of how to get documents, where to go look for them, how to sign them, how to return them, and take care of it all on my computer. I’m quite a ways from them, and it was handled over the e-mail, it was all sent to me."

"I had one house that we ran into a problem with septic tanks and drainage. And I didn’t even know about it until after the sale was finished because he handled all of it."

Linda Anderson


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