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OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"I take my kid to Kids Korner because the teachers are wonderful. They all seem to know all the kids’ names and individual personalities. We really like the facility the best. We like the size of the outdoor space and the classrooms. I feel lucky to have found that location."

"I’m a first-time mom. I always have tons of questions. They always seem happy to tell me how Autumn’s day was and what she did. The level of attention the kids are getting is always consistent. They all seem happy and well cared for and getting a lot of personalized attention."

"The last day before she went home for summer break, the teacher started practically crying having to say good-bye to her. And then I started crying. So, it just made me feel they really cared about her and weren’t afraid to develop close relationships with the kids."

"When we were going to put Autumn in daycare, we toured a number of different daycares and liked Kids Korner the best. Partly because of their facilities and the attention that they gave the kids on our visit. They’re kind of out of our way, location-wise. We have to drive quite a way to get there."

"I would never consider moving Autumn to a different place and sacrificing the bond she’s already made with the teachers there. I just feel like I can trust them and wouldn’t ever want to go to any other place, even if it’s more convenient."

Elizabeth Houston

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"I take my children to Kids’ Korner because they have the best teachers who love children, you can tell. The staff was really friendly. As you walk in the door, they greet you, no matter what room you’re walking by. All the teachers know your kid, even if your kid’s not in their room. And they all interact with your child. They’re very loving."

"Our oldest is currently a kindergartener and the education he’s gotten from Kids Korner has been outstanding. It’s really put him ahead. They have amazing teachers who must know the standards really well, because he knows the sight words. He knows his counting. He knows pretty much all of the standards that kindergarten teaches. So, kindergarten has been more a review for him. That’s great."

"Their outdoor playground’s really nice because it’s shaded. It’s well-developed. A lot of the other centers we see, the playground’s out in the middle of the sun. And I have two very fair-skinned boys. So, having the shade there is awesome. My sons love the waterpark. And, having the indoor gym is key to getting their energy out."

Jill Darling

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"I take my child to Kids Korner because I feel safe when they’re there. The teachers are very loving and caring and take care of your children while you’re working all day. It’s been positive. I have a daughter that went there for three years who’s in kindergarten and now my son goes there. The staff is really good. They definitely do have a good time, and they always seem to be doing something and having fun."

"They will take pictures of the kids and then e-mail them to the parents, which is kind of nice. So, throughout the day, you have a better sense of knowing that they’re okay when you get pictures. I know it helps me a little bit."

"The staff is really good. They’re very accommodating. Any problems or concerns, they address them immediately."

"She loves the food there. She actually probably eats food there better than she eats it at home. They definitely do provide healthy, good meals. The soup was her favorite."

"They do have fun in the waterpark. I have many of the pictures that they’ve sent me, having fun in the waterpark."

Rachel Malina

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"I take my kid to Kids Korner, because I know that she is loved and cared for there. We did a lot of research. We visited a lot of facilities in the area when we decided to put our daughter in. And it was really the only place that we walked away with a good feeling, just knowing that there was a safe environment. We liked the people that we had met and the activities that they do throughout the day. That’s why we chose it."

"My kid has her favorites, but when she walks down the hall, there are so many people that she knows, not just in her own classroom. So that she actually feels safe no matter where she goes in the facility. Even the guy at the front desk eventually got her to be high fiving, so now she even knows him and will go to him as well."

"What I was also surprised with, because we looked at it during the winter time, I didn’t realize what a huge yard they had. And, it gives them a lot of fresh air and time to play outside and sensory. It was a really nice surprise."

"They have a little splash area which my daughter really loved. You don’t have to worry about having the lifeguards or anything. It’s not like they’re submersed in water. But it does give them the option to kind of cool down."

Amanda Williams

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"I take my child to Kids’ Korner because I feel like it’s a great experience for children to interact socially and developmentally. It’s a great learning development place for young children. My son, Blake, goes there. He’s six months old. I used to go to Kids’ Korner, myself, when I was a young child."

"The staff is very welcoming. They’re understanding. They work very well with schedules. And, they’re very involved with my children and making sure that they’re having a good day."

"They like to snuggle and the room is very cozy for the babies. I like how they keep the room quiet with some music. And, they can go in their pajamas. It’s like an at-home environment."

"I have a nice relationship with Blake’s teachers. They work well with me to giving me advice on what I could do, scheduling-wise, and different kinds of foods that I’m experimenting with Blake right now. They have a lot of positive impact on working with him."

Amanda Berchou

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