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OnFire Quotes – not just complements

“I take my kid to Kids ‘R’ Kids Liberty Field because of the loving and caring atmosphere. It’s just an awesome facility. We have nothing but praise for the school, the teachers.”

“Our daughter was six weeks old when she started there and she’s now three. She has blossomed from an infant to a toddler. We’re just amazed, every day, about what she comes home with and tells us. When she said the Pledge of Allegiance before being three, it’s just kind of like, ‘Oh, my gosh.’”

“When you leave your first child in the care of someone else, it’s hard to leave the first day. Being able to see them, it makes things a little bit easier. It just gives you that feeling of your child’s safe and that they’re being taken care of. My parents live in Arkansas. So, it makes it a lot easier for them to watch Sydney grow because they get to log in every day and watch her and see how active she is and how she interacts with her friends and with the teachers. It’s an awesome opportunity for parents and grandparents alike that they can check in and see all the activities that they do on a daily basis.”

“The teachers are outstanding. I look at the comparison between her and my nephew, who is the same age, who’s in just a regular daycare. And the differences between them, it’s just amazing.”

“All the teachers take the time to learn the kids’ names. Address her by name if she’s leaving. “Bye, Sydney. Have a good day.” They’re very personable. You can tell that they love their job and they love these kids. They love watching them learn and succeed.”

“If she has her mouth full or something like that, she’ll use sign language to ask for more for something. She’ll come home, every day, even now, and say, “Hey, this is the sign language for ‘boy’ and this is how you say ‘girl.’” She’s excited that she can speak with sign language.”

Stephanie Dean

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

“I take my kids to Kids R Kids Liberty Field, because I know that they will get a great learning experience and loving care from the teachers.”
“My kids, they’re learning a lot and they get a lot of experience. I enjoy the environment that they’re in. They’re learning at a higher level than for their age.”

“There are teachers there that have been there since my son was a baby. I do like that they actually know and care about our kids.”

“The one thing that sold me, especially when I was a first-time mom, having the capability of being able to watch my son interact, and grow, and crawl, and now play with his friends. And so, I do. I do love that.”

Leticia Trevino

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

“I take my kids to Kids ‘R’ Kids Liberty Field because of the learning environment that they provide there. They do a lot of group activities, a lot of indoor, outdoor, and painting. She’s learning to write her name, trace the lines, and learning her letters and alphabet.”

“I really like the STEM program because they basically turned one of the smaller little areas of the building into a lab. They have computers and little microscopes in there, and all kinds of things for the kids to go in there and learn about science or technology.”

“They really know the kids. They can tell you pretty much everything about our daughter, they know all of her habits. Some of the teachers have been with her older sister, they definitely see the traits in the younger one. They’ve told me, the similarities or differences between the two.”

“It’s a good peace of mind knowing that somebody’s watching them on, Watch Me Grow, secure camera system.”

“I’ve actually been guilty of standing outside the glass and just kind of watching to see how my little one’s going in and out, or how she’s interacting with the other teachers or the students.”

“I’ve walked by the kitchen in the morning and see her have a full roast out with fresh seasonings on it and that’s what she’s making for the kids for lunch. It almost makes you jealous that you’re not eating with them. She’s a really big blessing. She’s a sweet lady.”

“I think that the cost is actually kind of minimal compared to what you get out of it. We have a very big peace of mind.”

Jessica Hubbard

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