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OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"Two years ago we left for a couple of months because we were worried about how expensive it was to send the two oldest boys. We had a bad experience where we went. Ended up coming right back to Kids ‘R’ Kids. Zachary went back to one of the classrooms and no less than seven or eight kids, immediately it was, “Zachary’s back!” and he gave them a big old hug. I hadn’t seen him smile that big in two months. We decided that it was worth the cost to put him back where he’s happy."

"I love that they use “Watch Me Grow” for the remote viewing with the cameras, especially when we first started going, I was constantly checking on the kids to see what they were doing, see what’s going on. It’s also nice because we were able to get the grandparents to log on, so they can check on the kids and see what they’re doing since they live out of state."

"I love the glass walls. It gives it an open feel. The kids can see what’s going on in the other classes. They’re not completely taken by surprise what happens when they go to the next class. Or, if they have siblings, they can see a couple of classes down and know that their sibling is around."

"I love that the playgrounds have age-appropriate playground equipment. I don’t have to worry about my 21/2-year-olds being on the big playground equipment for the school-aged kids and having an accident. And, it’s all fenced off from each other. The sunshades always help, especially in Texas heat. Even though it still gets awfully hot out there, the shade sure does help."

"The kids do love the fish tanks. My kids have been going forever and still when it’s time to leave, they go, “Mommy, fishies!” The center’s clean. I like the way it’s set up. It feels welcoming. I love that."

"Having everything included in the tuition is great. When we tried a different school, they had additional art fees and what not that came up. And so, while their tuition was cheaper, it was very easy to forget that you had these fees coming up. And then it was kind of a surprise. It’s all worked into the cost of the tuition at Kids ‘R’ Kids and it’s still extremely comparable, if not cheaper than some of the other day care and preschool facilities in the area."

"It’s nice that I don’t have to worry about breakfast or paying extra for breakfast and that I can drop the younger kids off as soon as I bring my oldest to school, and that they have breakfast if they’re still hungry or if we were running late. It’s just nice to not have to worry about that as a mom of four trying to get four kids ready to go in the morning."

"Everybody from the teachers all the way up to Alex, the owner, know the kids individually. Even teachers that are not my kids’ teachers know my kids and know their names and know who they are and will talk to them and say, “Hi.” You can really tell when the teachers love what they’re doing and love that their job is to love on these kids. That’s very obvious in the teachers that we have come across at Kids ‘R’ Kids. It makes a big difference in how the kids react to going to school, how well they thrive at school, and how well they’ll learn because of their environment."

"I am a big fan of learning through play. I love that they don’t just sit down and do worksheets all day. I send them there to play and have fun and also to learn. I love that they’re learning, even though they don’t always know that they’re learning. Its songs and play and stations, the dress-up station, the home station, and the different types of play. Be it dramatic play or imaginative play, they’re learning through all of that. They’re learning how to interact with each other. They’re learning skills. Then they have play and art and things that are geared specifically towards whatever the curriculum for the week is."

"When teachers address the class, a lot of it is, “my friends,” or, “oh, we don’t do that with our friends,” or, “let’s come play with our friends over here.” So, the language that they use is very all-inclusive. I think that really helps the kids start understanding that they’re a part of the group and group dynamic. It makes them feel included and part of what’s going on."

"I chose Kids ‘R’ Kids because of their academic accreditation, but also the learning through play. What was more important to me than any of the academic stuff was that I wanted my kids to be in an environment where they felt like they were loved like they would be if they were at home."

Danielle Thomas

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"The Kids ‘R’ Kids staff has been fantastic. They all welcome our child with open arms and love him. They really do care for him and give him the attention that he needs."

"The new owners have a physical presence there daily and they know him, and he really likes them. He will run up to them and give them hugs. And the same with all of the staff, the teachers, everyone. You can just tell that they really do care."

"I think Kids ‘R’ Kids having the cameras is a great thing. It gave us a peace of mind that every day we could check in and watch him and see, 'What are they doing with them today? Is he playing with friends? Is he doing what they’re asking him to? Is he sitting in circle time? Is he engaging with them?'"

"I think the glass walls are good for him when it comes time for him to transition to a new room. He’s already familiar with the room next door where he would be going. He’s already familiar with those teachers that are in that room because he sees them throughout the day because of the glass wall."

"It’s more open feeling. Right when you walk in, Kids ‘R’ Kids does a good job of keeping the facility as a whole clean, all the individual rooms, the café, the front reception area."

"He loves to be outside. The previous school that he was at, they actually went outside maybe once a day, if that. And here, they’re going outside twice a day for 30 or 45 minutes. That’s really important that he’s getting to go do something that he enjoys to do every day and burn off some energy. With the cameras, it’s really nice, though, to watch him and see him outside enjoying himself and playing with other kids."

"We’re in Texas and it’s very hot sometimes, it’s nice that things are covered. The playground facility and the slides and things aren’t on fire because they’re not sitting in the sun, they’re covered. And, it is nice to know that it’s separated by age group. Kids around his age are only going to be the ones out there. There’s not going to be anybody that’s older playing on the same playground as him and maybe knocking him over. It’s comforting to know that."

"The teachers are very engaged with them. They’re getting down on their level. They do sit at the tables while they eat. They’ll ask the kid that’s just walking up to come sit next to them. It makes them feel welcome and invites them to join the group."

"The socialization factor of him being at school is really good because you can tell the teachers are talking to them and are trying to teach because his vocabulary is growing. You could just tell that our son has a much broader vocabulary already. I really think it is because of Kid ‘R’ Kids and the time that they invest in him every day."

"I chose Kids ‘R’ Kids because the people and the staff were just very welcoming in comparison to places we had been in the past. They wanted to talk to us, to meet our child, to learn about him, and they wanted to learn about our family. It was a very open, warm, and inviting atmosphere when we walked in."

Jessica Trout

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"Kids 'R' Kids is amazing. We absolutely love it. My son started going there when he was two and went all the way up through their private kindergarten. And now my daughter has started, and she is two. I’m best friends with every single teacher there because we’ve been there so long."

"A huge selling point for me was their webcam capabilities. They have at least two cameras in every single classroom, two cameras in their cafeteria, cameras outside on the different playgrounds, four different cameras in their gym. It’s just the perfect way for parents to feel better about who’s taking care of their children."

"My kid hardly ever has come home with any illness. They promote cleanliness and hygiene, they instill that in your children, as well. My son would come home even singing some sort of clean-up and pick-up song, which I thoroughly enjoyed."

"They do know the different personalities of each child. They know their clocks, when it’s time for a nap, when they think they’re hungry. They just read them. They know who needs to be in their lap, who needs to be patted to sleep. I think you just have to have a love of your job for what they do. The owners, the front desk, everyone knows all the children’s names. It gives you a whole other dimension of comfort level as a parent."

"They’ve got specialized playground equipment that’s covered for each kind of individual age groups. The littler kids have smaller things versus the older kids have larger things. And even in the gym you name it, a ping pong table and a foosball table and an air hockey and basketball. My son looked forward to doing the splash pad all through the summer two and three days a week."

"They’re always playing with something that’s corresponding to what they’re learning for that week. My only girl just started about two or three weeks ago and all the little bitty kids welcomed her with open arms."

"I’ve noticed that they’ll eat the same lunch as the kiddos, which I kind of enjoyed. My only son has a texture, food pickiness issue so I think it helps seeing an adult eating the same thing. It helps him to see that, 'Oh, yeah. That actually might be good. I might actually taste that.'"

"I chose Kids ‘R’ Kids because of the friendliness of the staff, how welcoming everyone is no matter what day, time. And the interactions that they have with my kids as well as the webcams."

Laura Kennedy

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"You should send your kids to Kids ‘R’ Kids, because the teachers are absolutely wonderful. They truly care for the children. The staff is amazing. You can tell that they really love what they do. I don’t know with all of the kids that they have how they have all of their names memorized."

"My almost-6-year-old child had the same teachers and now my almost-2-year-old has the teachers that she had. So it’s really cool, pretty impressive."

"Anytime that they come in, they run to the staff members and they give them hugs. The owner went out of town on business, and my 5-year-old was missing him so much that she started crying, saying how much she missed Mr. Alex, and she wanted to make him a card."

"The kids are in a safe environment. The glass walls are great. It’s nice to see in the rooms. All the kids can look at each other in each of the rooms. One of the reasons we chose Kids ‘R’ Kids is they have the video cameras that we can take a look at and peek in anytime."

"It’s hard to get them out of the daycare at the end of the day because sometimes they want to stop and stare at the fish. The height of the fish tank is nice because it’s eye level for the kids to look at."

"The playgrounds are covered, which is great especially with the hot Texas sun. In the summer time, the kids get to go out one or two times a week and play on the splash pads."

"They’re open 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m and it’s nice because I work in the medical field, so I have to work early."

"At Kids ‘R’ Kids everything’s included. One of my coworkers uses a different daycare and she told me that they charge them fee if they have breakfast in the morning. Then there’s an extra fee for the nap mats. They have to bring their sippy cups themselves and take them home every day. And then they have uniforms that they have to pay for. I just assumed that everything was included."

Jackie Dondero

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"Send your kids to Kids ‘R’ Kids. They do a great job of nurturing the kids and making sure that they’re being educated at the same time."

"I like the glass walls. When it is time for the kids to transition that makes it easier because they’ve already been exposed to those other classrooms."

"Kids ‘R’ Kids doesn’t have any strange smells, which is important to us in picking a place because we definitely have been turned off other places by strange smells."

"What I really love about this Kids ‘R’ Kids is the separate cafeteria. I really like that they don’t eat in the room and that that just gives them a space to come and eat."

"We were already a big fan of ABCmouse. It’s a great way for the kids to learn how to use the mouse and learn some of those skills in a really fun way."

Marnie Alarenga

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