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OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should use MatrixCare because it was founded and set up by operators that understand the true workflow and the efficiencies needed in running a healthcare environment. It’s a great value, from the actual product to the utilization to the productivity where the end result is very lucrative for any type of company.”

“It’s integrated. You’re not doing redundancy in work. When I enter a lead and I’m ready to take that lead to a deposit, it’s all there. I take that deposit into the move-in screen and it populates everything. It’s programmed to automatically put in their daily rate, then takes them through the move-in process to become a resident. Their assessment’s there. Everything’s there and accessible to see the big picture of the resident.”

“They have the ability to generate their billing. It’s real time. If I change the assessment the day before, then, that’s captured, pro-rated, ready to go. If they moved in in the middle of the month, it’s pro-rated, ready to go. It’s very simple. It takes about two minutes to do your billing.”

“I can do all of my HR. Payroll is on a biometric clock. That it’s real time. I can see that. I have a dashboard. I have payroll ready to go within a minute. I’m not having to shuffle through all the different data to get that. It automatically calculates everything and sends it over to process payroll.”

“Invoices go directly into the MatrixCare system and to the AP and to the pending task for the executive director to approve it. It populates their OMT, operation management tool, shows it been down to their budget that’s been inputted.”

“We’ve done a lot of time studies on how long does it take for an assistant director to do all those components. Moving this person into the move-in screen. Getting the billing done. Getting AP done. Doing HR. You went from an hour to do all those components to one to two minutes. That’s more efficient and you have time to spend with residents and their families and building better team members.”

“If I have a problem with the system, I can email, I can call in. They’re very, very good. They do demos. They have online training tools, too, which I think are exceptional.”

Sharee Cummings, VP

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should use MatrixCare because it’s the most complete, integrated, simple, and cost-effective property management system out there. We’re very pleased with them and we’re going to use them on the next several projects as we develop them. I don’t see us using another vendor for this information system.”

“We’ve been using MatrixCare for the past six years and we love it. The program is completely integrated from the sales lead all the way through the assessment and the clinical components, to billing, to timekeeping, human resources and payables. It’s a great system. Easy to use. The support has been excellent. We’re big fans.”

“It’s a web-based system. I can see any information in any community that I want to look at from wherever I am in the world. That is a pretty big benefit. Rather than having to call people and have them send me reports I can just go find the information, myself. We don’t have to keep invoices, billing and assessments all in paper copy. It’s all in the system.”

“There are other MatrixCare products, but this one is specifically for this industry. All of the things that are important, in terms of assessments and meeting regulatory requirements of the various states are well-covered in the clinical modules. When you do an assessment on a resident and then, six months later, you do another assessment, you don’t have to start from scratch, without having to rekey everything.”

“I’ve got two people that I’ve hired here in the past two months that are new to our company and new to the industry. On the first day, they were able to, with very little instructions, input information into the professional database and to the lead database. It’s not difficult to learn at all.”

“The monthly fee that we pay for this is very reasonable. For me to put together a system that’s comparable using component parts would be much more expensive.”

“The relationship that we’ve had with the folks that support us has been excellent. They’ve been super-responsive to us. They always respond to our feedback. They’ve taken suggestions for enhancements and acted on them.”

Steve LampaPartner


OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should use MatrixCare because you will have all the data you need at your fingertips to make your operation run. We can actually pull a lot of the data that we need just looking at the system. I think it’s pretty easy. I think it’s definitely priced right.”

“What I like the most is I have everything at our fingertips. At our corporate office, we do not have to interrupt their days at the community. We can pull invoices and research stuff ourselves so that they can focus more on the residents and not providing us with stuff that we need here to do our jobs.”

“It’s an all-inclusive system. Look at everything and it’s right there at your fingertips. We can see the actual assessments right from here, and that feeds over to the billing system, then we can do the payables, the payroll.”

“I’ve been working with most of them for so long, the group they have in there right now is definitely the best team they’ve ever had in there. They can walk you through anything. They’re great about calling you back to follow up and keeping me posted.”

Krista K, Accounting Manager

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“What really excites us about MatrixCare is they’re proactively thinking about the industry and where it’s going. Really forcing their users to think along those terms, too, which is really refreshing. I’m not so sure all the competitors are thinking along those lines, but MatrixCare challenges us to think along those lines, and it’s great for the senior housing industry.”

“I’ve been in the senior housing business for close to thirty years now, and been working with a variety of different technology platforms. There’s a lot of people that are writing software for senior housing, but this was written with the executive director in mind, to run their business. As far as an operating platform goes, we just find it far and above others we’ve used in the past.”

“On the dashboard, they can see just about all the key elements of what’s involved in their business on a day-to-day basis. It gives an indication of who’s logged in on the time clock, tells them where their billing is, where their receivables are, talks about the clinical assessments, what needs to be done. It’s really a daily P&L, so it’s comparing the invoices as they’re coming through to what the budget is. It’s all up on one dashboard, which is unique in the industry.”

“For the accounts payable, everything is scanned at the community level. Once that invoice is scanned, it really doesn’t have to be handled again. It gets routed for approvals throughout the organization, which is just very, very powerful. If it’s an invoice, let’s say over ten thousand dollars, we can route it to a regional or a home office person for an approval over and above the executive director approval.”

“MatrixCare has really streamlined the processing in the organization. Everybody in our company feels that processing streamlined, to the extent that even the staff accounts have come and said, ‘You know, the only reason we’re able to close our financial statements a lot quicker than we used to be is because of the streamlining of the processes. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been doable.’”

“There is a fairly robust amount of configuring. We can put in what our rooms are like and our pricing and all of that, so it’s customizable from that standpoint. We’re akin to the nursing home industry, but we have some major differences and this platform really addresses those differences too.”

Jerry Liguori, CFO

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“We’ve been with MatrixCare for about five years, now. The company is top notch and you’ll get excellent customer service. It’s an intuitive product. The vision that MatrixCare for senior living has on their roadmap I believe supports growth and efficiencies for your business.”

“It does meet our needs and we do successfully conduct our business with it. Having one resource that’s web based allows you to manage your business with flexibility from your office, home, or while traveling on business. In our industry, any business solution that provides flexibility to spend more time with our residents and families is always helpful.”

“The tools provide an effective way to manage everything from monthly billing to a full suite of accounting and operations modules. They’re top of the line, as far as I’m concerned.”

“Their support team and their customer service is excellent, bar none. I talk about it all the time. Headed by Eric Silverman, he has a top-notch crew. Their follow-up and their product knowledge is exemplary.”

“Their support team has really identified what our core needs are. I’ve never had an issue with them. They tailored support teams to work alongside us during implementations. They’d been really receptive to understanding what our business needs are and explaining how they can adapt their software to meet our needs. We’ve worked with their implementation teams both on site and remotely with great results.”

Greg Jimmie, Director, Community Resources
Kensington Senior Living

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should use MatrixCare because it is a one-stop for all your senior living needs. We have five communities. MatrixCare is all inclusive. You can go to one spot for everything from billing to marketing to team members to accounts payable. It is very helpful.”

“We’re assisted living and memory care. We need a program that is tailored towards that. We’re able to create our own template, so we can also tailor it to how we want. It does save us time, allows us more time with the residents, and gives us the tools we need in one stop.”

Lindsay Baumann

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