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OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should get Mobile-SHOP because it’ll save you time and money. It’s well worth your money. When you’re using the cart, it makes you look more professional, organized. That’s a big thing. A person that’s well-organized and professional is going to be a lot better respected and look a lot a better on the property than someone that’s driving around a grocery sack full of tools.”

“The Mobile-SHOP’s great. It has everything there on the cart. It helps you save time, save money from having to buy another set of tools, and it’s real effective. One of the best things is you eliminate time. Time is money. You eliminate trips back to the shop, trying to get tools.”

“No matter what your age, you’re always in a hurry. There’s the opportunity to leave something behind and tools are really expensive. With the Mobile-SHOP, each tool has its place and you can look back at a quick glance to make sure everything’s there. I like that there’s some open spots on it for specialty tools that you can customize to your location and to your work. I’m glad that they’re made in the U.S. It’s nice to have someone supporting us.”

“It’s a good product. We use the cart. What’s really handy for us is when we have to do a lot of turns. A lot of students move out and we need to go through and fix a lot of things at once, in a short amount of time, to get ready for the next students to move. Mobile-SHOP, it’s mostly stocked with the tools that we do need. We’ve added a few things to it. All the tools to fix anything that we need real quick and move on our way to the next unit.”

“We got the largest cart with the wheels. They have heavy-duty wheels that hold up. It’s really easy to roll from unit to unit. It’s really effective in our apartment complexes, they’re a multilevel, high story that have an elevator and the rooms are right next door to each other. We can just throw the Mobile-SHOP on the elevator. We can have one guy in one unit, working, using parts from the Mobile-SHOP. Sometimes, they’ll just leave it in the hall, there and then we’ll have another guy in the next unit that can be using the same Mobile-SHOP. We’re able to get two units at one time, not having to run and get two full sets of tools.”

Jake Nelson, Mountain States Property Management

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should buy Mobile-SHOP because it’s going to affect your bottom line, increase your return. It’s quantified in the white paper. When you read those numbers and you think of the impact on the bottom line and how it affects your net operating income, it was a no-brainer. The time efficiency, alone, that all translates to dollars and cents just based on the efficiencies, how well thought-out and organized the individual carts are.”

“You should buy Mobile-SHOP because it works. Period. You’re going to have a benefit on the efficiencies on your sites. You’re going to have happier customers. You’re going to have technicians that are preforming at a much higher level because they’re equipped to do so and they’re not looking for tools and scrambling around, trying to find things to piecemeal bits and pieces together.”

“I got Mobile-SHOP at all of my properties. I highly recommend it because it’s real dollars. You’re having an impact on net operating income. Every pocket’s labeled. So, there’s no fumbling around, looking through a toolbox, pulling stuff out, dropping it on people, setting it on people’s coffee tables or on the kitchen counters. That creates a happy customer renewing and accepting a little bit of an increase in their rent because they feel that they’re getting the service that they’re paying for.”

“A resident puts a work order in for a leaky faucet in the bathroom. One of your service technicians goes and while they’re in there, the resident tells them, “Oh, the door on the closet is a little loose.” Now, they go back down to the shop. They go back up and just as they’re about to finish up, the resident says, “Oh, the toilet’s clogged.” Three really simple tasks that could’ve been done in fifteen minutes just took an hour with all the back and forth. With the Mobile-SHOP, it’s all right there. It’s literally a shop that’s mobile. It’s a very well thought-out design. They took a very methodical approach to the design and putting it together. It really streamlined and created a lot of efficiencies for the service teams.”

“Everything’s packed up. Organized. There’s a work bench on it. There’s a little tray where you can open it up. You can pull the work order. You can get a signature for the work order. There’s an accountability factor there, too, because as each cart comes in, we assigned them to an individual technician. The maintenance manager and the technician go through check each tool, all the equipment operational. Then they sign off on it and, at that point, they own it.”

“You’re not spending all kinds of money buying drills because someone left it in someone’s apartment the day before. Someone didn’t waste an hour and a half trying to look for it before someone had to go run over to the local hardware store to get one because everyone’s accountable for their own items.”

“I’m a veteran. I’m all about made in the U.S.A. They’re using brand-name tools, building them here. There’s a cover that locks it and it also has an alarm where if the cart’s jolted, it gives a not big, loud, obnoxious alarm. No one’s going to confuse it with a fire alarm. But it’s going to alarm the person that’s touched the cart and they’re going to get away from it and the technician inside of an apartment’s going to hear it.”

Baron Hazen, Rose Associates

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

1. “Carrying the Mobile-SHOP tool bags, our maintenance technicians are more confident in their abilities. Their presentation is much more professional. The credibility that’s given to them by the customers is increased. They’re also more properly prepared to be able to cross the threshold of an apartment, complete all the required tasks in that apartment, and leave in one trip as opposed to having to go back and forth.”

2. “There’s consistency in the appearance of all of our maintenance technicians. They are able to arrive at the door with this tool bag and it really sets a professional impression right out of the first gate. We call it the “presentation.” They’re in a uniform. They have consistent tool bag. They’re well-groomed. The presentation is such that it indicates to our customer that the person standing in front of them is a professional and not just a handyman who’s there to do a maintenance task.”

3. “For many of the associates they really liked it because they’re able to use the right tool for the right job. It really has a very positive effect on someone’s morale and how they perform their job when they feel that the company is invested in making sure that they have the right equipment, the right materials, the right training to be able to do the job.”

4. “Prior to using the Mobile-SHOP tools, we just issued independent tools and a gym bag; there was just a collection of tools thrown in a bag. What we found was that they were getting cuts and nicks and abrasions from reaching in the bag to get the tools. They weren’t able to keep the tools well-organized and often they wouldn’t even bring their complete tool bag with them. They would grab a screwdriver and a pair of channel locks and stick it in their back pocket and go in.”

5. “We purchased about 20 bags. We piloted it at one community. The feedback from the property management side of the house, from the technicians, and from our customers was really good. So we made the decision that we were going to roll it enterprise-wide and we purchased another 500 bags.”

6. “Every maintenance technician on the first day of employment is issued one of these Mobile-SHOP tool bags. It really helps set them up so that they have a good understanding of where they’re working, the support that we’re providing them. We also provide them their proper tools. Our maintenance shops are all set up in a consistent way and properly stocked. It really speaks to the maintenance associate that it’s not just little fly-by-night, we’re just patching maintenance. But, that we’re a professional operation that cares about quality customer service.”

7. “The feedback that we received from our property management associates, that are non-maintenance, it was a much more professional appearance, that this person is capable of accommodating different types of requests. Our customers, really felt that the maintenance guy knew what he was doing.”

8. “The feedback that we received from the technicians that carry the tool bags was across the board. Some of the technicians, that have been in the industry for a while and were used to doing things a certain way, were a little resistant at first. ‘Why should I have to carry 50 different tools. I know I’m going in for a garbage disposal. All I need is the wrench that’s going to unjam the garbage disposal.’ We were able to listen to that feedback and use it to alter mindset. ‘You’re absolutely right. You don’t need 50 tools to unclog a garbage disposal. The presentations to a customer is much more professional when you arrive with the full toolkit. While you’re in the apartment, if the customer has another issue they can bring it to your attention and you’re equipped to be able to take care of that. We look professional. We act professional. We’re able to accomplish more with a single cross of the threshold, which is real important to us.’”

Ed Groleau

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