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“You should work with MTC because they will help make the overwhelming parts of ADA compliance less overwhelming. I do not believe that we would have had as broad a focus and as good a vision of where we needed to go, what we needed to accomplish, and how we needed to accomplish it if we had not used MTC.”

“I am very pleased that we went with MTC. We, honestly, did not know where to turn when this occurred. Our settlement agreement from the DOJ specifically said we had to hire an independent licensed architect. But we got so much more than that by choosing MTC. I think their ability to have a broader focus has been very helpful to us.”

“They have been really helpful to us. We were completely overwhelmed when the DOJ said, “You have this sign this settlement agreement and we’ll help you figure out what it means afterwards.” The settlement agreement was pretty long. We are a small county. We all wear a lot of different hats. Finding MTC and having them step in to help guide us through this whole process has been really helpful. Making sure that we hit deadlines, making sure that we do things the way the DOJ wants them done.”

“It can be very challenging prioritizing what to do first, because a lot of the deadlines were very close together. The DOJ’s been cooperative in renegotiating some of those deadlines, but we still always need to have a plan. We need to be able to say to the DOJ, “Here’s what we want to do next. Here’s why. Here’s by when we think we will have it done.” MTC has helped us determine how to approach those things and which things to approach first.”

“The database gives us the ability to visualize where we need to go, what we need to do, how far down the journey we are. It lets us see some successes, which when an agency or organization is overwhelmed, that’s really important. I sometimes think MTC has taken filters to a new level in Excel. But it’s been really great to be able to sort that information in whatever manner we could come up with that we would like to see it. It’s been really wonderful to have that flexibility.”

“They have especially helped with the solutions they’ve provided by pulling everything together for us. We did not really have any idea how to approach the Department of Justice with the reporting. They have been excellent at pooling all the data together because there are thousands of data points. Having them do that for us has been a lifesaver.”

“MTC has gone to bat for us with the DOJ and said, “No. You’re saying this is not compliant. But it really is, and here’s the standard.” We tried doing that with the DOJ but we had to have a group with credibility with the DOJ. Not just saying, “Here’s the standard and we meet it,” MTC makes photographs. They show the measurements. They prove to the DOJ why we actually did meet some of the standards that they originally thought we did not.”

“I do have confidence in what MTC tells me and knowing that they work for both sides of the coin is very helpful in increasing my confidence in the answers that they give us.”

Alicia Davis, Lupkin County Board of Commissioners

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