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OnFire Quotes – not just complements

“You should work with Paint Denver because they focus on the details that others overlook, and make sure your job comes off looking as professional as possible. I’ve worked with Rob five or six projects, both professionally on our properties and at my own home. It’s be a wonderful experience with Rob.”

“They have the ability to interact and work well with other contractors. They are able to understand the needs of the other people and the needs of the person they’re working for to facilitate the quickest and most efficient use of everyone’s time. They’re focused on making sure that the bottom line doesn’t get affected.”

“If there’s any sort of issue, Rob or someone from Paint Denver have always contacted me to tell me what the cause might be. It’s been very nice feature.”

Rawleigh Pyne, Penguin Rock Management

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

“I worked with Paint Denver because hands down was the most pleasant contracting experience I’ve ever had. They were probably the third or fourth company that I called. And from the get-go, they were a little different than the other companies, far more professional. And, it started when I first met Dave. He was very articulate and I just felt like I was in good hands.”

“I did read about painters, and this one, in particular, on Yelp. And, the reviews are exactly the same. They’re always raving about how good they are and how the customer service is great. It’s hard to find that many people that all agree on the same thing.”

“After we determined what I wanted to have done, he got back to me with a proposal that was by far more detailed and more professional-looking than any quote that I’ve ever received. They did exactly what they said they were going to do and what I expected them to do.”

“They showed up in a vehicle that was a business vehicle. It had a mural attached to it or painted onto it. You could see the vehicle from a mile away and not mistake who they were.”

“They actually provided a colorist, somebody that came to the place and made some suggestions based on my likes and dislikes and what the property looked like. Dave came out on his own time and did paint samples. I thought I liked one of them but other people didn’t. And I went, “Hmm.” So, he came out and we picked a fourth. And, he did that on his time.”

“I looked at some of the cut lines that they would put in a paint job. Areas that people would never see without a ladder or without bending their neck around a bend or something. They still had perfect cut lines where you wouldn’t expect people to look. So, even when nobody’s looking, they’re still doing a great job.”

Neil Jones, Clayton Apartments

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

“I work with Paint Denver because they always manage to meet my schedule and do their due diligence to do the best job possible. I’ve worked with Paint Denver for about a year. I’ve had them on three projects and they’ve always do everything we ask them to. They are exemplary. Fantastic.”

“They’re really good about fitting into our schedule, coming in after hours, working weekends. There really isn’t anything that they won’t do to meet my schedule.”

“They are really good about getting down plenty of protection. Making sure the bottoms of their ladders and things like that are always protected. If there’s an issue with the floor, masking off properly. They really just do their due diligence to make sure everything’s covered and protected.”

“I trust them with giving them lockbox codes, leaving them with the keys to the site. Knowing that it’s going to be locked up just as I left it before they arrived.”

Brandon Dooley, Pacific West Contracting

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