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OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Work with Cyndi Stout because she is easy to work with, easy to talk to. She was right there to help me. We had a good rapport, we work well together, we got along well, great personality. She is the reason that I came on board.”

“Cyndi was very helpful when I was leaving my previous company. The support she gave me and questions that I have and any issues that I have, I know I can always go to Cyndi and she helps me out.”

“Cyndi’s right there to help with everything and make sure that you get established and you have all the help that you need to have a successful business. Especially making sure you follow up on your orders. It’s very important.”

“Cyndi sends a newsletter to all her sub-dealers and gives them ideas on selling and things that we can do and telemarketing and networking. She’s just right there to help us. If we make money, she makes money, too. It’s beneficial to everybody.”

Judi Thilges


OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should be a sub-dealer with Cyndi Stout at Promoz because she will keep you guided through the twists and turns of promotional products. She’s good at training us.”

“She just makes our job easier. She’s quite personable and she’s on the spot for helping us get to products and finding the products that we can’t find.”

“She’s very good at advising us on how to network and advising us on what we need to get out there.”

“She has a lot of videos that she sends us. She also answers our questions quickly when we send them to her. Added layer of support.”

Dale Reasor

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Join Cindy Stout’s team because she has extensive experience and knowledge. She fully supports her team 100%. In the sale of promotional products, it could feel really alone because it’s just me in my office with no feedback. Cindy’s always been great in not only giving me the feedback and the support that I need but being so enthusiastic that I get fired up to do it. Cindy provides me with leads in my region.”

“I didn’t know anything about promotional products when I first started. Cindy taught me everything. The emails that she sent were an education on how to contact potential customers, how to put together the pitch, how to investigate, everything that I needed to know. She was so enthusiastic and such a good teacher that if I accounted with somebody else, I don’t think that it would’ve been as profitable to me.”

“When I have something that I’m looking for and I don’t feel real comfortable with finding it and I know it’ll take me hours and hours, I call Cindy and she would give me ideas of places to look to find exactly what I was looking for.”

“In the course of my training and turning to Cindy for support, she always helped me figure out a way to price something. Encourages me to get to the next level so that my commission can be higher. Working with her and seeing how she does things, that’s one of the reasons that I’ve been successful.”

Cynthia Sanders


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