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OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

Work with Cyndi Stout because everything you get from her is going to be exactly the specifications that you want. It’ll be promptly on time. If you need a recommendation as far as what might work in a certain avenue or needing a specific idea or concept to be fulfilled, she is able to help you with that.”

“She’s always able to assist. She takes the time to recommend a couple different items. Not just one but a few in that genre that would be of assistance. Every time, people who receive the items absolutely love them.”

“It never seems like she’s just trying to close the deal. She’s more than willing to take a couple extra days, give me a preview of the item that we’re looking at, and get some true feedback. Doesn’t take it personally if sometime doesn’t fulfill the needs.”

“It seems like she has a mental catalog of all the different items she works with. The items that we have shown interest in, she’s always happy to send out a test of it and see how we like it. She knows what she’s talking about when it comes to the needs of the customers she works with.”

“Don’t know how she does it but we send her a couple images. She’s able to consistently keep our logo across a bag to a water bottle to a pouch of some sort, all different products that we’ve ordered have been very consistent and it’s extremely, extremely high quality.”

“We are 100% about quality. Her ability to take the time and make sure everything is done properly and, also, give us an accurate quote on timing is extremely valuable to us. It’s either been a day or two early or spot on.”

“For us, quality is of the highest importance. When looking online and comparing the products that Cyndi offers to what we could otherwise get maybe a day earlier and maybe ten percent cheaper, we can always guarantee that the products that we get from Cyndi are going to be of the highest quality and exactly on time and what we want for our students and other prospective clients.”

“I’m would give Cyndi five out of five for quality, five out of five for customer service, friendliness, on time with deliveries. It’s not just one certain aspect, but everything is from top to bottom of the highest caliber.”

Eric Romo

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Cyndi at Promoz, she’s very friendly, very knowledgeable, very professional, very helpful and everything she promotes is the best quality. I’m happy with the prices, the value, the products and the fast service.”
“What I like to buy is the little cleaning cloth. The thing that’s nice about it is I was able to put my company name on it, with all the colors and information on there. It’s very attractive and the customers love it. They always got my information. They can call me anytime.”

“When I have a special event, they got me the stuff on time even though I only had two weeks to get it here. They’re great.”

“The graphic work they do, not only do they get it done fast but it’s just professional looking, very neat and clean, the colors are great. The graphic work is wonderful.”

Cheryl Macomber, Cheryl Macomber Violins & Repair

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Cyndi is one of the most helpful people that you could ever work with. She’s there from start to finish. She helps you determine what the best product is. She makes sure that you get it and it’s done correctly and exactly the way you want it. We’re just very pleased with what we get for our money.”

“I always have a very good experience with Promoz. Cyndi always helps me find exactly what I want, what I need. The price is always good. I’ve never been dissatisfied with any of the products that I’ve gotten.”

“Sometimes, I just need premium items and she is as prompt with that as she is when I have an event date. When I do have an event date, I always get my premiums in plenty of time before that date. Sometimes, I’m late getting them ordered. She still always gets them to me in plenty of time.”

“If I order something and the graphics will not work she always sends it back to me. What it would look like and why it will not work or why it will not look right and helps me make the decision to go in another direction.”

“Cyndi is very good about staying in touch throughout the whole process, from the time I initiate the order until the order gets here. Then, she still will stay in touch throughout the year.”

Vickie Gillian, Diamond Lakes Federal Credit Union


OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Cyndi Stout at Promoz is efficient, on time, gets everything that you need done properly. Any time I’ve ever worked with her, I’ve just given her a call and she’s on it. I just tell her what I need and she gets back to me right away.”

“We work in an auto body shop. She’ll find me the most awesome-est cups. She’s got everything we need. She always sends us stuff to make sure that it’s right. I’ve never had to send anything back. She does an excellent job on making sure graphics are put on where they need to be and everything looks good. It’s definitely value stuff. You’re not buying something that’s flimsy.”

“The last 12 years that I’ve worked with Cyndi, she’ll remind me because we get really busy here at the shop, “Do you still have everything?” We keep a stock continuously with her. She definitely helps me keep my job going.”

Sadie Ernst

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