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Renee Darata

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Renee at Farmers Insurance takes care of your needs as if they were her own. If we call after hours, she’s back on the phone with us within just a few minutes. She doesn’t pressure you. She asks questions about what you want and then gives you your options and tells you your pros and cons of it. She’s very good that way.”

“Renee is our insurance agent for all of our insurance needs; our home, our auto, our kids’ rental insurances. She has always been really good to call right back when we have a problem. She’s been really good if we’ve forgotten to renew something and we’re heading out wave running for the day, and call up and say, “Oh, can you renew that right now before we leave?” She’s really on top of it, works with us very well, and been very accommodating.”

“If Renee tells you something, it’s going to be what she tells you. If she’s found out that that isn’t correct, she will call you back and correct it and explain to you why. She’s always been very honest with us.”

“We had several accidents one year, and she was really good to help us through all of them. She just did everything. We just had to call her and say, “This is what’s happened,” and she took care of it from there.”

“My daughter just got married, and she called up and said, ‘Just thinking about Carly getting married and we should add her husband to the policy so there’s not any question if something happens in a car. Even though they’ve got their separate cars, let’s just make sure he’s added on the policy.’ She thought ahead of something we hadn’t thought of.”

Delin Minert

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Renee at Farmers Insurance because she is adept at what she does. She gives a personal touch, she’s always available, and she’ll never let you down. Renee stands out for me not only in her knowledge of her insurance products but her availability and attention to detail. Renee is not only available on the phone, but she’s also readily available by email. For me, particularly during the time of the accident, Renee was very available to me by text.”

“I started using Renee after I was recommended to her. We talked about the types of things that I wanted to insure as well as the type of car I drove and what my goals were for my insurance coverage. Renee definitely educated me from top to bottom on all the details so that we could find products that were the right fit for my family.”

“Renee was very concerned about me personally. I’ve stayed with Renee for several years now because we’ve built a relationship, and I think that she’s authentic in her dealings with me. I’m not just another customer or another number.”

“In six months, I was hit twice in my car at different times. After the first experience ran so smoothly, and I got hit the second time at a red light, the first person I called was the police officer. The second person I called was Renee; I knew I would be taken care of from top to bottom.”

“She held my hand through the entire process. I had never been in an accident. I had small children with me in the car. I was shaken up. I took her advice and called her first, and she led me very adeptly through the process, keeping me calm the whole time, telling me what I could expect step by step, and staying on the line and introducing me to my claims people. It’s nice to know that your insurance agent actually is holding hands with you and cares about the outcome of your claim. I got a rental car so that I didn’t have to miss a beat with running my children around.”

“I would get a Christmas card, a birthday card; she hand-signs these cards so that you know they’re not run off by a third-party company. She knows my name and she knows the names of my children. That’s a lot to be said. It’s a personal touch that keeps a relationship alive, especially in this day and age where everything is electronic.”

Kristin Vazquez

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

Renee at Farmers Insurance really, really cares about her clients. She goes the extra mile and wants them to have the best experience possible. She’s the best out there.”

“Renee paid attention to the things that I was saying and took really, really good care of me, gave me some really good ideas. At that point, I decided, ‘You know what? I’m going to switch agents.’ Even though it’s the same company, she’s paying far more attention to me and my business and my needs than the other guy. I just felt like a number to him.”

“There have been times that I’ve contacted her on the weekend. I’ve sent her a text, “Oh, by the way. I just got rear-ended but it didn’t do any damage.” And, she responded right away.”

“When I had an auto accident a year ago, I contacted her and she was like, ‘Call this number. I’ve opened up a claim for you and this is exactly who you’re supposed to contact.’ Being a chiropractor, I deal with a lot of patients that have been in auto accidents and they’re getting the runaround. Renee had all of that information for me very, very quickly and she kept following up throughout my accident, just to make sure that I was doing okay and that I was getting the treatment that I needed.”

“She came to my office for the business insurance and she took pictures of equipment and the tables so that she had documentation of what was actually being insured. I was way over-insured on some parts and underinsured on others. She wanted to know what exactly was there and to offer me the best plan.”

Brad Shaw

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should work with Renee at Farmers Insurance because she’s personal. She’ll take care of you. You don’t have to worry about filing a claim when you are at an accident site. She’ll take care of you immediately. You just have to text her or e-mail her. You’ll be very happy to have someone that will take care of you 24 hours a day. I call her on her main line or cell phone, I email her, she gets back to me immediately.”

“When we were going to the airport, once, in our van. I was in kind of spin and hit the pole. She took care of me and of my wife and was able to provide all the services that we expected. We are highly impressed with her work and customer service. She said, ‘Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you.’ She is the one that initiates the claim.”

“My coverage has been fair compared to other places. I checked with other insurances and she also provide me quotes. That’s what I like about her. I trust her and there’s no question about her integrity and what she tells me, it’s very accurate.”

“Renee has been very, very helpful and provides me excellent service. When I was purchasing my new home, exchanging cars, she facilitated communication between mortgages, banks, car dealers.”

“There is a relationship, quality service, and it’s not just about insurance. It’s about saying hi or sending an email. She sends a birthday card every year. She’s personal and I love that. I love working with her because I just text her, email her, call her and say, ‘This happened.’ She said, ‘Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you. You’ll be getting a call from the insurance company.’”

“She’s a very good insurance agent. She cares for her clients. If you had an accident, you’re upset about something, she always cool. I think that’s very impressive. If I need a rental car, she took care of me. That was not an issue. It’s very simple.”

Rick Dalanhese

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Work with Renee at Farmers Insurance because she will get you the best deal and the best coverage to suit your needs. She’s the only agent that I’ve ever had that has really researched into things, made sure we understood, doing a review on your account to make sure you’re covered the best way you can be covered. I trust her opinion.”

“She’s been great to work with, good about keeping up with the process, getting back to people and keeping you up to date. I always have a rental car available to me.”

Shelley Potts

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Renee at Farmers Insurance, she’s been very easy to work with and she’s very quick to get back with me. We use her for our personal insurance. We also are self-employed. We have a construction business. I’ve got to get insurance certificates quite frequently for contractors. Whenever I email her and request those, she usually gets them same day.”

“We just bought a new truck recently and I emailed her after hours just to let her know, ‘We got a new truck. Please add this to the insurance.’ I thought she might do it the next day or in a few days. She did it that same night. She’s very quick to help me whenever we need to update or change our policy.”

“I had a teenage son that was in a car accident. She would call me and say, ‘This is what’s going to happen with the claim.’ She’s very genuine to talk to. She just helps with things that I didn’t really even think were part of her job description.”

“I’ve had a lot of insurance issues this year. I had some smoke damage in my house recently. It was a Sunday afternoon. I called her Sunday evening and within a couple hours, she had somebody from disaster cleanup here. I’ve just been impressed with how quick she gets back to me. I can tell that she actually cares about me, as a person. I’m not just a policy or money to her.”

“I had to update our business insurance. We didn’t quite have enough coverage for some of the jobs that we were doing. She was able to help me know how we could meet the requirements that were needed. She cares about me, as an individual and what our insurance needs are.”

Missy DeHaan

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