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OnFire Quotes – not just complements

“I take my children to Richmond Hill Montessori because I know they’re getting an amazing foundation for future academic success in an environment that is warm and nurturing and secure. I feel confident in allowing my children to be there all day, as a parent. Richmond Hill Montessori has truly provided my kids an amazing foundation and wonderful advantage to what they’re going to experience as they enter into elementary school.”

“Two children have gone through the entire curriculum at Richmond Hill Montessori. They have both truly thrived in the warm and nurturing environment. I’ve got one child who has already entered kindergarten and he is just leaps and bounds ahead of the students around him. My kids have gone through this program so seamlessly and a lot of that has to do with their flexibility and treating each child and their own individual needs very uniquely.”

“They really work with the parents to help the child just be as successful as they possibly can. That means really focusing attention around one academic need or helping them through potty training or transitioning out of naps. They really just work with the families and the kids on an individual basis to meet them at the level where they most need it.”

“Very much appreciated the low turnover rate of the teachers. One child goes through and has that teacher and loves that teacher. That teacher is still there. We know them. They’re already part of our extended family when my other child comes into the classroom. Appreciate that there’s so much consistency with the teachers and the staff there.”

“There really is just such a warm and caring environment. The teachers know all of the students, whether they’re in their classroom or not, and I really value that because sometimes another teacher has to step in and be accountable for your child for a period of time. They just all know your kid and they know their needs.”

“The kids have learned so much at Richmond Hill Montessori and I think some of the things that have really surprised me, one is on the softer side, the manners, the pushing in the chairs, sitting and eating at the table. But the other thing that’s surprising about what they have academically achieved at Richmond Hill and I see them working on things like multiplication tables, advancing them academically beyond the years they should traditionally be.”

“I love being able to come in every evening when I’m picking up my children and really be able to peer into the classroom. I can’t be there all day with them, but to have those few moments at the end of the day and really observe them in their sort of natural setting and interacting with their friends. It’s really a fun part of my day that I look forward to.”

Dana Beckman

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

“I take my child to Richmond Hill Montessori because I know she’s getting more than I can offer her at home from an education perspective and just as much nurturing as I could offer her at home. And she’s socialized really great there. It’s just been all around a perfect environment for our family.”

“We started my daughter there at 18 months. Prior to going to school at Richmond Hill, she was home with me as a stay-at-home mom. We wanted her to be able to be in an environment where she was learning but also with her peers and start to learn about playing with other children. She’s just blossomed socially. She went from really not having a lot of experience of playing with other children to now being the first child on the playground to run up to another group of kids and introduce herself and start playing right away.”

“She’s grown academically there. She has learned so much. She has learned counting and her letters and pre-reading and prewriting skills. Also been exposed to music class and to Spanish as a second language.”
“It’s been really nice to see academic activities that they’re most interested in and they get to move at their own pace. And teaching them life skills, as well. How to wash their hands. How to clean up. How to sweep. Things that you probably wouldn’t get at a normal daycare and probably wouldn’t get at a different type of preschool or early childhood center.”

“All of the teachers and administrators know who we are, know who my husband is, know who our infant son is and what’s going on with his development. And it really has become an extension of our family. She really loves them all. She notices when a teacher in even a different classroom isn’t there for the day. She always has funny stories to tell about different teachers. We’ve really loved everybody there. They’ve been so nurturing to her, which has been great.”

“All of the teachers that we’ve known since she started are all still there. She’s not having to learn a new style of teaching or a new teacher’s behavior each time. It’s been really nice that there’s not a lot of turnover. Seem to have a solid foundation of teachers who like to work there and stay there for a long time. I think that that speaks volumes about the school beyond just the education that my daughter’s got there so far.”

Jessica Roe

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

“I take my child to Richmond Hill Montessori because it is a home away from home. My daughter has been going there since she was 18 months old, almost over two years. Honestly, it’s the best decision we ever made in caring for our child. My husband and I have no doubt that when we drop her off at school that she is just as loved and taken care of as if she was at home with us.”

“The open atmosphere, it’s just bright and cheery when you go in the building. It’s really kind of a family. You could tell, right away, all the teachers, the owner, director, everybody knew all the parents and the kids.”

“My daughter, she’d been diagnosed with anaphylactic reaction to dairy, eggs, nuts, wheat. She is just a very, very highly allergy baby. They look at the menu but even beyond that, they will come ask are there certain ingredients or a certain recipe that you can give us? They’ve just been fabulous with getting her back to normal eating but still very, very, very cautious about her restrictions.”

“She’s moved through three of the different rooms but she still sees all the teachers every day. They all talk to her. It doesn’t matter which room she’s going to walk into, she knows she’s happy and she’s going to play with whichever teacher is in the room.”

“Honestly, going back from the restrictions and her delays, within six months of being at the school, she graduated out of the early childhood intervention. She had started meeting all of her milestones. Everything from regular speech and talking to the point, now, where some of the times you hear words coming out of your mouth, like, ‘Did you just say that? That’s amazing.’”

“She knows how to color. We think she might be left-handed. And they were completely encouraging with whichever hand she grabs things or wants to use, that they never try to force pencils or crayons or paper or anything into her right hand. They encourage her to develop at her own pace and master the skills that she needs to master.”

“My husband was really adamant that he wanted a school. He didn’t want just a daycare. And it’s been everything and more. She sings songs in Spanish. You just see her growing and becoming this little person. And it’s been fabulous.”

Kim Maciekowicz

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

“I take my child to Richmond Hill Montessori, because it’s a great learning environment. It creates a great sense of independence in the children. They’re eager to go to class every day, calm in their learning environment, and just overall happy and eager to learn.”

“When you walk in, you’re always greeted by either the director or the assistant director. The teachers and both of the directors know everybody that comes in and out. They know the children’s names, everything about the families. It just really feels like a family environment.”

“They really value the safety and well-being of each child. It’s a very individualized approach, and they care genuinely for each child. The low turnover is great. They definitely put emphasis on kindness. We saw immediate positive changes in him.”

“He’s learned his letters and numbers and counting. In general, he just has become a more independent and more engaged child. It’s things like clearing his own tray at home, throwing his own dishes away. He was drinking out of an open cup for an early age. My son has just seemed really engaged and is very happy to go to class every day.”

“It’s a very clean environment. And observing the classroom, one of the first things I noticed is that there was a sense of calm. The children aren’t running around. They’re taught to walk in the classroom and be respectful of others.”

“The glass doors make it open so that you can see the children. You can walk in when you’re going to pick them up and see what they’re doing, what activities they’re doing.”

Cynthia Padin

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

“I take my children to Richmond Hill Montessori because I feel that it’s a second home to us. I know that they are giving my children the best education possible. They’re learning things that I never would’ve thought they were capable of learning at the age that they’re at. And I feel very comfortable that they’re in a loving and safe environment.”

“I looked at about three or four different schools. And we really felt like a Montessori school was the right fit for us. Some of the schools that we went to look at felt more like a daycare than a school. I didn’t need a daycare. I needed a school for my daughter.”

“Since she started at Richmond Hill, she has become so independent and very self-assured. They teach her things that I didn’t even think about starting to teach her. I didn’t think that she could even comprehend her right hand versus her left hand. She comes home and starts to tell me about different continents and different animals and that they’re nocturnal. I wouldn’t have started teaching her those things at home because I wouldn’t think that she was capable of comprehending them.”

“When I first walked in, I liked that it’s kind of like a fishbowl. You’ve got the center and from there you can see all of the different classrooms. It’s not a big school so you don’t feel like your children are going to get lost in the shuffle. There’s just the four main classrooms.”

“Her teachers, the front staff, the owner and the front desk assistant, I can ask any of them a question and they all know what’s going on with Bentley, how her development is going. They’re all very hands on. They seem to all communicate really well. All of the teachers that we’ve had at Richmond Hill have been amazing. And I very rarely see any turnover in the staff, they keep their staff very happy there.”

“Her brother, since he’s a lot younger than her, he’ll go over and maybe pull her hair, and she’ll say, “Please don’t do that. That’s not a very good choice. And that’s not respectful.” I think that it’s very cute, the way that they teach the children to respect each other and respect themselves and respect the teachers and the adults. And making sure that they’re listening to what the adult is telling them to do.”

“I really feel like they all communicate really well. And you can see the children walk in a straight line from room to room to go to music class, to go to yoga. My daughter actually gave me a yoga class the other day and it was very entertaining.”

Brooke Evans

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