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OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

"Rose Marketing is listed on our organization chart as a member of our staff. We work and collaborate with her on a monthly basis on what we want to do each month for our marketing campaign. She ensures that they track what we committed to do. She helps us refine our wording, helps us with feedback on target markets, and she makes really good suggestions on various ways to approach things."

"She does not miss deadlines. I’ve seen her turn three or four different redesigns of something in a day. I don’t like anything to go outside the door for communication that she has not reviewed to ensure that it’s worded correctly. She gives us a really softer tone to what it is we’re trying to say."

"I use Rose Marketing because she recommends other vendors to us that may have creative ways for us to communicate various messages. I do like the fact that she’s always looking for new and creative ways to do marketing. I know she’s always recommending somebody from an unbiased perspective, if she’s not getting commissions from them."

"I really have enjoyed working with her. She came highly recommended from another company that had used her, and so I’m really happy to have her as a part of our team."

Sharon Perry, Kids ‘R’ Kids Liberty Field


OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

"She’s very good to work with. She does the social media, she looks at our website, she helps us with our Facebook stuff. We tell her specifically what we’re looking for, what we’d want, we’ve given her a budget, and we let her go, and she goes and does it."

"It’s a difficult thing to run these businesses, there are a million working parts, and it’s just really nice to have somebody who knows what they’re doing that you can just turn that aspect over to them and not worry about it. And that’s exactly how she operates."

"She gets paid to go find the best stuff. She is not getting paid by the other vendors. If she believes it works for us, then she recommends it, and if she doesn’t, she doesn’t."

"She’s very honest and very trustworthy and she is a part of the team. We’ve given her access, passwords, and everything else to get on and post on our website. We have not done that with anybody else before. We completely trust her to be able to do what she needs to do."

"In the social media world nothing ever stays slick very long. So, she has to stay on top of it. Some things work well for a little while. When it stops working well, she doesn’t have a problem of stop doing that and let’s move on to something different. There’s always something different that she knows about, so it works well for us."

"She’s just really easy to work with, really fun to work with. She’s got a great personality. She answers every phone call, every text, you send it to her, and within minutes you’re getting it back. She’s just the consummate professional, and we have worked with her for quite a while now and love every minute of it."

"You should use Rose Marketing Solutions because she is results-driven. When you get their services and you work with her, you’ll get the results that you’re expecting."

Lonnie Hutson, Kids ‘R’ Kids of North Sugar Land


OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

"We have used Ruth Ann Rose with Rose Marketing Solutions for many, many years. She’s always looking for new cutting edge technology and inventive ways to recreate our business. And, to promote more business coming to us, via the Internet or whatever it may be."

"She’s just an awesome woman to have on our team. She is well worth her time. It’s just always been a win-win situation for us every time we’ve been involved with her or her company. I don’t have to worry about the marketing part of my business. It’s just wonderful to have that peace of mind that she’s got my back and she’s going to take care of us. At this day and age, you’ve got to watch every penny, where it goes. And I know she’s watching it for us, as well as I am. It’s nice to have that."

"They constantly are updating our website for us, looking for ways for us to market our business, whether it be the Internet or anything else in the community. She’s always there and always looking for new opportunities for us to better our business."

"She does the legwork for us. Goes to the vendors and she’s always coming back to the table with a great deal. She’s always looking out for the best products and the best avenues for our business to go into."

"She’s a problem solver. Some people come with problems. She solves those problems before they become problems. She always gives you a reason why that we have decided to use this avenue versus something else. And why we believe it would work. And able to back it up with proof and data. So, it’s just lovely to see that."

"There is a group of Dallas-Fort Worth owners that all advertise together. She goes out there and really helps us find the best opportunities to promote our businesses and save money, too. So, it’s just a win-win situation for all of us individual owners in this group. She’s looking for new and innovative ways to be able to capture people on not just the computers but on their phones, also. Just constantly updating and looking for new opportunities for her clients."

"You should use Rose Marketing Solutions because they have your back. They’re looking for new ways to recreate and innovate your business at your school level, on the business level, out in the communities, out in the areas."

Missie Brown, Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Keller


OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

"Ruth Ann has been instrumental in helping to market both of our schools in the area, not only doing external marketing in doctors’ offices and businesses, but lots of social media marketing, which is something that is not my strength. It’s been wonderful to have her assistance in that area."

"It’s an amazing service that she provides. Being a director of a school you have to wear so many hats. And if you are spending all of your time outside the school marketing, then, you’re not doing what’s important. It is a huge relief, a huge piece that’s off of our plates so that we can concentrate on the children and families that are already here."

"Ruth Ann is an amazing person. And you can talk to her about anything, she’s just so open."

"She’s so open and willing to help that I reached out to her one time, before 6:00 in the morning, to help me with an issue. Not that I suggest people do that, but she was there, money can’t pay for that."

"When I first heard that Paul was going to hire somebody for marketing, I was a little taken aback. I found out all of the things that she does, things that I had never known about or had been trained on or I didn’t even know that some of these things existed. It was just amazing to know that she’s working behind the scenes, doing all of this stuff."

"I can call Ruth Ann or shoot her an e-mail and ask her to put together a flyer. And I am never disappointed in the product that comes back to me."

"There is not any one that doesn’t like her. She just has that gift and that talent to be able to connect with people."

"You should use Rose Marketing Solutions because the work that she does behind the scenes takes an incredible amount of pressure, stress, and workload off of an already very busy, busy day. She is instrumental in helping members of management and owners grow their schools and get the school’s name out in the community in a positive way."

Karen Shelley, Kids ‘R’ Kids  of West Frisco and Legacy West Campuses


OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

"I’ve been working with Ruth Ann for several years on a committee with a local owners group. She has always been very organized and thorough with her presentations. She advises on different kinds of marketing opportunities. Besides being prepared and organized, she’s got a really even, positive attitude and is a joy to work with."

"We get a lot of bang for our buck. She finds lots of things that we wouldn’t normally run into in our normal course of business. She’s an expert at that. She goes out and digs around and finds us some neat opportunities."

"She runs interference for us on just about everything. We don’t really have to deal with the vendors unless we choose to. She negotiates the deal, sets it up, fits it together, makes sure that the checks are written and all the Is are dotted and the Ts are crossed. She’s also very creative in coming up with alternatives in her negotiations with marketing vendors. It’s something that we rely on her to do and she excels at it."

"With Ruth Ann, there are no marketing emergencies. She’s always ahead of the game. We’re not put in a position to where we’re having to play catch-up."

"I would be very comfortable recommending to anyone to use Rose Marketing Solutions. You won’t regret it. Period."

Bill Sample, Kids ‘R’ Kids Arlington


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