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OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"You should work with Senior Living SMART because they take a lot of the guesswork out of connecting with other partners and tools. They go a long way towards getting you to the right solutions. It helps you really tap into the tools that are going to be most beneficial for your company."

"Debbie Howard has done a great job of connecting me with all sorts of different companies and people that we’ve been able to benefit greatly from. They’ve done a great job for us. They’ve been full of lots of different resources that we’ve been able to take advantage of. There’s been a number of times when I’ve been looking for different solutions to issues that were facing and the problems that we had. Sometimes, the resources that we didn’t even consider as a possibility."

"Senior Living SMART, they know what to look for in those different providers, it really helps us because we don’t have to interview ten or twelve different people to find the one solution that’s going to work well for us. It’s really nice because they’re definitely experts in our industry. They’re keeping up to speed on changing technologies and new things that are being offered to the marketplace means that we’ve got an advocate for us out there that’s saying, 'Here’s a new opportunity. Here’s a new tool that you can use to be more competitive in the marketplace.'"

"For example, if we want to do a new website. You can’t really just go to anybody because you need somebody that understands what senior living prospects and their families are actually looking for and what going to be beneficial for them. The vendors, they’re able to really tailor their solutions to my specific needs and our company’s specific needs. Being a smaller, more reasonable provider, it’s sometimes difficult to compete with larger providers that have a lot of the solutions that Senior Living SMART provides us. Some of the larger providers are able to have those things in-house. It helps us out because we can’t necessarily afford to have a department solely dedicated to one thing or another."

"Recently, we were looking for a call center solution. Senior Living SMART connected me with a company that is fantastic. Debbie got me on the phone with the COO of that company and we were able to very quickly come to an agreement about what they would provide and what we would need."

"They make that introduction, which is huge because you know you’re talking to somebody who can make decisions. You’re talking to somebody who can adapt their program to whatever you need. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship because both the provider of the service and the person who’s seeking the service knows that they’re dealing with somebody who’s a real stakeholder and is able to actually make those decisions."

"Senior Living SMART, it’s a repository for a lot of our documents and all of our marketing collaterals so when our teams out in the field need a specific brochure or a specific piece of collateral, they don’t have to go in, talk to our creative designer and design something from scratch. They can go on and find one of our branded templates and customize it for a specific event or a specific sales activity that they have going on. And it’s very turnkey. It’s very convenient. It’s nice because you can set it up to where you have certain budgeted amounts that they can’t go beyond. You can set limitations and parameters for them to work within."

"Brand consistency is a huge, huge concern. Obviously, when you’ve got a multi-site business and having everything consolidated in one space, it makes sure that our brand is consistent across the entire company. There’s no missed phone numbers. No missed addresses. Everything is in."

David Dodson, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing – Commonwealth Assisted Living

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"You should work with Senior Living SMART because they’ve invested a tremendous amount of time vetting some cutting-edge organizations and products that can be extremely beneficial as you continue to look at driving revenue, keeping your resident acquisition costs down, and exceeding your customer goals and budget goals for your organization."

"Deb does a fantastic job of vetting what I believe are some of the cutting edge technologies, companies in the industry that can help you drive revenue but also manage some of your cost structure better. The companies that she’s referred to us have been really top-notch. It takes a lot of time every time a new company reaches out to you to really get underneath, “Is this a good quality organization? Is this going to be a good fit?” And I appreciate the time that Senior Living SMART invests to make sure that it is a good fit for your organization."

"They really do look at every organization differently to better identify what resources I currently have at the organization that I work for, what may be a good fit. I feel like when they make that introduction, there’s also a lot of follow-up that goes into it to make sure that they are exceeding my expectations, that it has been a good fit."

"My experience with Senior Living SMART has been extremely valuable and professional. Having individuals that get it. They’ve lived it. They’ve been in those roles. There’s huge advantages when you have a team that has been at regional and corporate levels for very well-respected organizations on both the sales and operating side of the company. They bring a huge amount of sensitivity to the needs and some of the challenges that we face as we continue to try to grow occupancy, grow revenue, exceed customer expectations."

"There’s definitely some advantage when you’re leveraging multiple companies from a cost structure standpoint, cost savings. There’s also, better product and service. And quite honestly, they do a lot of that legwork on the front end, which saves me a lot of time with conference calls, follow-ups, and all of that that they handle and take care of as they make that introduction."

"For small operators that fall between 15, 40 communities, Senior Living SMART offers a wonderful service that can definitely help drive residents, revenue opportunities. It can help drive occupancy. It can help you with cost savings. Ultimately, drive a better product and quality so that you can take those dollars and really put them into quality initiatives and programs."

Carlene Motto, CMO – Belmont Village

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"You should work with Senior Living SMART because they offer solutions that are tailored to unique situations faced by the industry. Are able to provide a useful resource, ensuring that the vendors that they’ve procured have been vetted, that the solutions that they offer have been tested, and that they are tailored to the unique needs of the industry. We’ve got a variety of different folks that use different aspects of Senior Living SMART."

"Senior Living SMART, an outstanding resource at providing valuable solutions that help our partner operators be able to implement strategies that more effectively target both occupancy, as well as expense control."

"Debbie has a good, strong understanding of the operating side and some of the challenges faced by operations. The solutions that are being proposed aren’t necessarily sort of pie in the sky or under an ideal scenario, but more under more realistic scenarios of where people are really struggling and what aspects of what could be done in terms of solution that can be brought to bear and be more productive in getting those things underway."

"The Senior Living SMART team has gone through the process of shepherding those solutions to come to fruition, which not only helps the operator who may be engaging Senior Living SMART, but also it helps that vendor have a better foothold in ensuring that those solutions that they’re offering really take hold."

"Senior Living SMART’s able to go through and do some of the key vetting and narrowing down the field of likely solutions. It helps the process move a little bit faster and being able to work with any of the recommended vendors to get their solutions in place and ensure that there’s a timely mechanism of starting to see some results."

Aaron D’Costa, Director of Senior Living Acquisitions – Virtus Estate Capital

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"You should work with Senior Living SMART because they know what they’re doing. They know what the goal is at the end of the day with senior living; to take care of people, improve the lives of seniors, their families, and each other. They put you in touch only with providers who understand that. They’re just a great resource industry-wide. They’re someone to trust. They’ve been there. They know what it’s like when a family walks in on Saturday and they’re desperately looking for someplace to put their dad and their mom. They know what that world’s like. And, at the same time, can help you solve the other business problems we face."

"Deb’s a great resource, just industry-wise. She often will have an opinion or folks that we can reach out to. And I appreciate having someone who can do those things. I’ve certainly reached out to Deb for advice on various topics. A good example is we went through a massive culture change, a very systematic culture change, and she offers feedback, advice. That’s a real advantage of having a senior living-specific partner like Deb and her team. They know, day to day, what we’re dealing with."

"Deb is very good at sharing a lot of information. When I’m thinking about pursuing something, she’s either had experience with it or knows someone who does. There’s a lot of value in that because you can get right to someone who can help, someone who has gone through this exact process. Can you walk through 'Okay, here’s the things to watch for. Here’s the challenges.'"

"Deb’s very responsive. The vetting process is definitely helpful. If she’s recommending to reach out to someone, I know they know what they’re doing. You can go right to the person you need to talk to, get the straight answer right up front, and you’re not going through these layers to really get to the information you need. I think all of us appreciate that. Our time is valuable. But we still need to find a solution to the various issues we’re facing."

"I needed to talk to someone who’s done a roll out the red carpet recognition program. She coordinated a time for me to talk to the right person. I didn’t have to really do anything more than confirm a date and time. And, that person already was somewhat familiar with us because Deb did that for me."

"It’s just ingrained in our culture, now, for people to use the SMARTStore. It’s one of the easiest ones of all the systems we use to add users or deactivate users. It’s very easy to post materials. To make sure that they’re live and in the system. It’s good for quality control, we know anything reflected on the SMARTStore is the most recent version."

"We like the fact that the SMARTStore option was run by senior living folks that understood our space. There’s some challenge when you talk to technology providers whom aren’t as familiar with it. They don’t understand the day to day of what our communities deal with. You have to have a lean, agile system."

"The SMARTStore is web-based, it’s not dependent on loading a software. Someone could access a form from home if needed. Doesn’t matter if your server goes down. It’s still there. All you got to do is have an open Internet connection. So, that’s very handy. Cost was very, very good. We have ready-to-go branded campaigns where you just have to fill in some details. It’s not like every 22 communities are reinventing the wheel. It saves them time so they can devote it to what they truly love doing and that’s taking care of seniors."

"We use SMARTStore to operate as the source for all documentation. Forms, policies, PDFs, anything that a community or a home office employee would need to use on a regular basis; from HR forms, sales and marketing literature, to the ability to print off flyers, order business cards. We have things branded and consistent. If someone needs access to a form this allows them relatively quickly and easily to find what they need and not send five e-mails or have to call five people to find something."

Tommy Comer, VP of Human Resources – Commonwealth Assisted Living

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