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“You should use Summit Practice Solutions because they do great work. They’re super helpful and they can take your office to the next level. I’ve used them since 1995 and my income has gone up most every year. The other thing is they’re very honest. There’s a lot of integrity there.”

“Highly recommend them. You’re going to get a paradigm shift in your mind. No matter what phase you are. You could be a million-dollar practice already. But you might want to grow it to a two million-dollar practice. There are things that they can help you to see that you just can’t see.”

“Summit Practice Solutions are there for me. They’re easily accessible via email or phone call. A lot of a time, as dentists, we hit a wall or a plateau in our practice and they help you get past it. They’re on the cutting edge of what’s going on. They’re a good partner in that way.”

“It’s hard to get from a solo practice to a group practice and not make a mistake in how to market that and how to generate enough new patients. I think when I opened my office in ‘95, marketing a dental practice was not really kosher. But, now, everybody markets. Things are changing with the print media, with social media, with the Internet. You really do have to stay on top of it and what works and what doesn’t work. Every situation is different and so, it’s helpful to have a dentist involved. It’s not cookie cutter advice. It’s everybody’s going to be very unique on what it is that they’re going to want to do.”

“What the Summit Practice Solutions theory is, is that you want a staff-driven practice. You want all the staff being engaged. You want all A players. People that really know what they’re doing, so it’s not 100 percent on the doctor. You can grow the practice and be open six days a week and take on more staff, you can delegate those responsibilities to individuals so you don’t have one guy having to be a superstar in a lot of different areas.”

“My website is drhaight.com. But I have another office in Melissa, which I got the rights to melissadentist.com, but I’d forgotten about it. When I showed him the billboard, he said, “Don’t you have a better website name than drhaight.com?” I’m, “Oh, yeah, yeah. The melissadentist.com.” I would’ve had a billboard up for a year, not taking advantage of a website that I bought seven, eight years ago.”

“I am transitioning but not for a retirement. Basically, I’m bringing in another doctor to one of my locations that’s going to be working full time. Hopefully, within the next year, she’ll buy in and probably own about a third of the office. Then, the year after that, my second location, I’m having another doctor that I’ve already hired but she’s still in school. She’ll be coming in and maybe buying a third of that location. They’re definitely helping me transition into that.”

Dr. Fred Haight

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