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OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Work with TeamLogic IT because they were very cost-effective when they came in to give us a quote. They offered exactly what we’re looking for and were willing to sit down with us and figure out what we needed and work around that. We were thinking that we needed to have a more robust IT service, because we’re growing.”

“They came and sat down with us when we were in the process of hiring them and learned about how we do business. They didn’t try to force on us just a standard product. They actually worked with us and even brought in a new vendor that fit our needs better than what they had before.”

“Right as we hired them, everything happened. We ended up with a lot of IT problems that were waiting in the wings and everything just fell right about that time. We ended up replacing our server recently. We had to set up our other office and our Wi-Fi was down. We had to replace our server and they found us the appropriate equipment to go with on that. They’re quite helpful. We’re thrilled. Everything’s been great. We have a good system in place going forward.”

“The biggest thing that we’re getting from TeamLogic that I really appreciate is the responsiveness. Our technician, Timothy Kim, is fantastic. Ryan Mann, who’s our account manager, is very responsive and very helpful and willing to educate me as we go along.”

“They’ve helped us a lot in the areas of IT security and learning what’s the best way to remote users in from their home computers and get that set up and still be secure. They are very good at educating and helping me understand what we’re doing and I ask a lot of questions.”

“I feel like everything’s been very fair. We’ve spent a lot of money going into this. But, the thing to understand is that we had a lot of things that needed to be taken care of in a very short amount of time. And, TeamLogic has been really good about that. They have been keeping us going.”

“They’re always very friendly and helpful and responsive. If Tim’s not available, whoever answers the phone is usually able to help very quickly and we don’t have to wait for anything. That’s one of the main things I needed in my IT.”

Michelle Casillas, Office Manager, Hoover Krepelka, LLP

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Work with TeamLogic IT because they are a highly professional and trustworthy organization. The people are very high quality and the service is strong. I have been nickeled and dimed in the past. So, we were pretty clear when we set up the contract what it was going to cover. Our invoices are very clean.”

“We count on them to make sure our productivity stays high as anyone encounters bumps in their computers or in the software. They’ll respond quickly. We certainly count on them for that. We haven’t had any issues. They’re addressing any issues where people are struggling and their problem is taking up too much time.”

“Their initial assessment was very proactive. They really went through, in detail, all the service that was being provided, and things that weren’t being provided. Helped us very clearly lay out where misses and our strengths were, and now, are moving forward prioritizing the rest of the projects. I feel really comfortable that they’ve done a good assessment for us and that they are looking ahead for us.”

“They made it very smooth. It was a seamless transition. I know it wasn’t easy for them. They had to go digging around and pull up records that might not have been at the old place or, might not have been in great order. But it was seamless, to me. That was really nice.”

“I can call on them any time and they’re very responsive. They do respond to my e-mails very quickly and my tickets get picked up very quickly. They’re very professional. They are not too techy. Our whole organization is, I would say, not a technical organization. They have been communicating very clearly. They speak in English.”

“They are professional, high-quality people. I can ask them questions that may be outside of the purview and they’ll work with me, anyway. They feel like part of the team. They come in and work like another person here.”

“Jon and Adrienne are highly trustworthy individuals. Their staff seem to be the same. I’m completely comfortable that they have access to our data and that they can advise us on ways to keep others to not have access to that data. I completely trust TeamLogic.”

Julie Mahowald, CFO, Housing Trust of Silicon Valley

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“I work with TeamLogic IT because I feel that they really understand my business. They work in partnership with me to really help me take care of all my IT needs; I know that they’re taken care of. I’ve not really had a lot of downtime. It’s been the rare occurrence when we’ve had downtime. They do a good job of painting the picture and setting expectations.”

“I’ve been working with them for several years, now. They help me with my IT. I’m a small business owner. They help me to manage my whole process. They do things remotely, which is nice. It helps me stay focused on my business; I don’t have to worry about the IT issues. They may be fixing things behind the scenes that I don’t even know about. As long as things are working on my end and I know that they have my back, I’m comfortable.”

“One of the things that I really like is that they schedule a quarterly review. We talk about things beyond what’s happening with my current stuff. They ask questions about what do I want to do going forward? Where do I see my business going? And they help provide solutions to me as part of that.”

“They’re in tune with security issues. I deal a lot with companies’ financial data that needs to be maintained securely. We’ve talked about the level of security that I need. We really talked about a lot of that up front when I originally hired them. They’ve taken all that into consideration when they’ve put together my office environment.”

“I’m a small business owner, so I’m always cognizant of what my costs are. People have told me that because of the nature of the work I do, I really need more IT probably more than other businesses my size. Cost is always a factor. We’re always trying to maintain a good balance between my cost, their cost benefit. I’ve sat with them and said, ‘What can we do to make these go down, what can we take away?’ They’re always very good about that.”

“We downsized a little bit. I wanted to be able to see if we could downsize the contract some and they were able to do that. Easy to talk to about those types of things and I think they’re very willing to work with companies. I’ve never felt nickel and dimed by TeamLogic.”

“We used to have a physical server in our office. It was getting older. We had to have them come out quite a bit. It was increasing our IT costs quite a bit. They recommended to me to move a lot of that in the cloud. We looked at where my business was going. They did a great job of walking me through all my concerns. I actually really love it. I love being able to access things in the cloud and not having to deal with a server and not having to deal with the actual box in my office and the security around that. That was a huge boon for my business to be able to do that.”

“They are responsive and they get back to you very quickly and they get the problem taken care of right away. I’ve been with them for several years. Jon and Adrienne make every effort to get people on the jobs that can explain it to you in English.”

“I do like having the single point of reference. I do tax consulting. I don’t want to be an IT person, so I really just put that all in their hands. I trust that they’re going to take care of everything for me. Heretofore, they have done a great job with that. It’s one less thing that I need to worry about on my plate.”

Monika Miles, Principal, Miles Consulting Group, Inc.

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“TeamLogic, when they took over, our IT was in a mess, and slowly, over time, they unwound it, made very good recommendations about improvements, and brought our cost down. They’re very responsive. It’s been one of the best business decisions that I’ve made. Every recommendation they’ve ever made has been correct.”

“They have made recommendations over the years. They are able to put it in a common, everyday language for us neophytes, and that makes it much simpler to understand. They have also made recommendations that we might need to replace some of our PCs so that we wouldn’t end up with continual expenses fixing PCs.”

“I meet with Ryan Mann on a quarterly basis. Ryan usually has recommendations for our next steps to either improve our security or make our network more bulletproof. It’s always a worthwhile hour of my time.”

Barbara Patterson, CFO, The Menkes Clinic & Surgery Center

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Use TeamLogic IT because they’re responsive, they’re up to date, and they’re great people to work with. They respond in a timely way. I found them very responsive and I give them high marks. I am pleased. We have not suffered downtime with them.”

“When I joined as president and CEO about two years ago, there were two things that I wanted to do work on immediately: standardizing our equipment and our applications. They were Johnny on the spot; really helpful with that. They help me think through things. We’ve moved, with TeamLogic, from having a server in the building to going to the cloud.”

“Really pleasant folks to work with. I’ve worked with other IT companies where the frontline folks really didn’t enjoy working with people and it came across. You really don’t get that vibe from the TeamLogic folks.”

Jeff Whisenant, CEO, ReSurge International

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

1. “Work with TeamLogic IT because they’re reliable and easy to work with. They make sure everything’s always working when it’s supposed to. We trust them with all of our programming and everything.”

2. “It’s very easy to work with them. They’re responsive. You can always get ahold of them. It’s always easy to get answers. They’ll explain to you what’s going on where you can actually understand it.”

3. “They helped us setting up everything; our machines, our phones and, also, our IT. Even, when we would get new employees, with their cell phones. That way, I wouldn’t have to deal with AT&T. They have a lot of knowledge as far as the machines that we’re using because we have a lot of different ones in the office. That has been easy for us.”

4. “Before, we had a bunch of servers. They would monitor all the servers. Now, we have everything pretty much in the cloud. They’re able to monitor that. That way, we can catch stuff before it’s an issue. Any updates are always done late at night, on off hours. It makes sure that everything works during the business hours.”

5. “If it’s something where we prefer to have someone come out to the office, they’ll send someone out. It’s not like it’s this humongous corporation where you’re just getting some person that’s in a different country or somewhere else. They never have had a problem just sending someone over and it’s always the same day.”

6. “We’ll have an idea of what we want and won’t know exactly what we’re looking for. We can give them what our goal is and then, they’re able to tell us what will get us to our goal.”

7. “They’re able to log into your machine remotely. They can show you what made the problem. If it’s operator error, you can make sure you’re not creating issues. That way, it corrects the problem in the future.”

Lesley Hamilton, Office Manager, Milroy Construction, Inc.

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