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OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“Working with TeamLogic IT has been one of the best changes that we have ever made. From an IT standpoint, we had lots of back-and-forth with different companies that would come in and they’d be good for a while. Then, they would kind of slack off; we would not be high priority for them anymore. TeamLogic IT has always made it very clear that we’re still a high priority for them. That’s priceless, from our standpoint.”

“Trustworthy. I have no issue giving them every ounce of critical personal business data that we would need. They have access to everything on our books. They’re really great at establishing that personal connection. For a small company that makes a big difference because you know that people have your back, not just because you’re paying them money but because you have that connection.”

“Dawn, I’m more than her client. We’re friends. She’s friendly. She’s funny. She is extremely knowledgeable about IT. She is responsive. I could go on and on, honestly. There’s so many good things about that woman that I wouldn’t even know where to begin. She is so great breaking it down to the simple illustration of why something is happening. She even has gotten to the point where our president can understand what she’s saying, which is amazing because he is probably one of the least tech-savvy people that I know.”

“Every time we have had some sort of an issue we needed immediate resolution on, there’s always someone there to answer the phone and get back to us. They’re 100 percent professional all the time. They have gone so far out of their way to make sure that we don’t ever have downtime. When we do have downtime, they find a workaround for us. It’s the little details like that that keep us feeling like we’re the high priority for them.”

“One of the things that they have done really well for us is help us with finding the right technology that’s going to be the best service for us. They’ve worked with us a lot. We use Egnyte as a file-sharing service. They are really knowledgeable about that and have answered a lot of our questions about it. They’ve also helped us go to Microsoft 365 for a lot of our online Microsoft needs. They’ve cut our costs down on our e-mail by over half, just by switching. They’ve definitely taken the time to get to know us and what our needs are.”

“A while back, our Internet connections were kind of fluctuating a lot. TeamLogic IT came in. They monitored it, saw that it was a problem, and recommended that we get a sonic wall that will switch between the two automatically so that when one is down, we never, ever see that downtime. We were to the point where we were about to have to move locations because we were so frustrated with the fact that we couldn’t get consistent Internet until they made that recommendation.”

“Their billing is so easy that we don’t even have to think about it. We just reimburse a bucket of time and then, when that gets diminished, we replenish it. That way, we don’t have to worry about billing and trying to get a check or a credit card or anything like that every single time that they need a bill. Everything about them is easy to deal with.”

Liz Murten

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should use TeamLogic IT. They’re an excellent vendor; a good business partner. They provide excellent service in a timely manner. We trust them implicitly with all of our data and we allow them access to everything. They monitor our systems and we have very little downtime.”

“They do feel like part of our team; they are head and shoulders above any other vendor. They’re very responsive. We’re a statewide organization with many satellite offices; they service the entire organization.”

“Dawn is a goddess. She is absolutely wonderful. Her customer service is second to none, her technical skills are exceptional. I’ve dealt with a lot of IT firms. She’s part of the team and she’s the reason that we continue to have the contract with TeamLogic year after year.”

“Dawn can talk to each of our employees at whatever level they’re able to understand. For those of us that are somewhat more savvy, she talks one way; for folks that are not very savvy, she could talk another. She’s very good about fixing problems very quickly and giving as much or as little explanation as the caller needs. They handle people that are IT challenged.”

“Dawn does handle some of our other vendors. She also assists us in dealing with El Paso County, which actually hosts our hardware. She also is the go between us and Egnyte, who is our share drive. We have to have another share drive other than the county one because we’re a statewide organization; for security reasons.”

“TeamLogic still manages buying our software and hardware, managing our software, everything off the county server. They also advise us on software. Do we need this? Do we not need that? They ask the right questions to drill down to give us good advice.”

“We wanted to move from $1,500 laptops to 5 or $600 laptops, as our users were really just using their computers to access our share drive and the web. Mark was really helpful in understanding what we wanted to do. We wanted to be able to replace more computers more rapidly. He was able to go out, get quotes for me the same day, and actually buy machines for me and then Dawn would configure them for our company. That’s really, really helpful.”

Joan Saunders

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

1. “We’ve worked with TeamLogic over the past three or four years. They’ve done some database development and, about a year ago, we decided to bring them on to develop our IT equipment, all of our IT relationships within the company. That was probably one of the best decisions we ever made.”

2. “We haven’t had any downtime whatsoever since TeamLogic took over. When we have a good portion of our company assembled in a meeting, that’s roughly, $1,500.00 an hour that we’re spending on salaries for that. So, downtime is very critical to us. If we’re down 4 hours, we’re going to lose $6,000.00 worth of our employees’ productivity. We’re not going to send them home but we’re not going to be productive; that’s just going to cost us more money.”

3. “When they said they want to be part of the team, they really meant that. They come up with ideas and plans that we frankly don’t have time to think about but should be. They come up with ideas and strategies without us even probing them for those. I love Mark and Dawn. We consider them part of the MTC family.”

4. “They’ll often call us up where they see something starting to go haywire and say, “Look. Your Internet service is going to go down. We’ve got somebody on our way to come kick start it and get it back going again.” They’ve done that on several occasions.”

5. “They advise us on just about every question we have that has to deal with electronics or technology. They help us negotiate our phone and Internet provider contract. They help us get fiber for the building, at no charge to us. They advise us on how to improve our technology, overall, whether it’s replacing a laptop or going towards Skype for business or Office365.”

6. “They look at all facets, how IT touches our company and how it can make us more productive and more professional. Who to select for Internet provider or a good telephone provider. How we negotiate our telephone buyout of our lease.”

7. “The first thing all of our employees say, “Well, I’ve got a technology question.” Or, “I need some advice. I’m going to call TeamLogic.” They’ve helped me on weekends, where I’m struggling to get access to some of our financials and I can’t access it through the network. So, they’ll remote in on Saturday or Sunday or late at night. Sometimes, it’s 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 at night and fix what I need to fix.”

8. “We’ve used Dawn to provide training on a variety of topics. The latest one was Skype for Business. At first glance, people would think Skype for Business is relatively simple and easy to use. Well, with the way we want to maximize what we can get out of Skype for Business, she was able to come in and present it without any intimidating jargon, which makes us all feel at ease.”

9. “We needed a refresher on Excel. She came in and she put up with me and a bunch of other people and our lack of knowledge. She did patiently, graciously, and with a great sense of humor. So, we always look forward to have her help us. Whenever I have a question and I’m probably the worst, she’ll walk me through it, help me understand it without coming from a position of superiority or superior knowledge. She’s always a real pleasure to work with.”

10. “I am probably the worst at maintaining security on my personal computer. I used to have all of my passwords for work and personal accounts on a spreadsheet on my desktop, which is absolutely the worst thing you can do. They saw this through interaction with me and I joke about it. They took the initiative to put me into a password-management application. They had free reign of all my personal accounts, everything. I think that speaks for my trust in them to access any of our data. I have no qualms about that whatsoever.”

11. “I had an experience where my data crashed on my computer and I had been under the impression, with my previous IT provider, that I was being backed up on a daily basis. I found that I wasn’t and it cost me about $2,700.00 to recover what data I could from my crashed hard drive. Now, all of our equipment is backed up on a daily basis in the cloud. We’re not chugging through old servers and things of that sort that are vulnerable to security and everything else. We’ve got a streamlined way that we back it up. I feel a lot more peace.”

12. “We had a freelancer handling the IT before TeamLogic and they were not responsive. With TeamLogic, it’ll take a matter of moments before they address the problem. They usually have either someone come out here or they have a weekly visit, which was completely unheard of with our previous providers. So, I’m thrilled. They really are the best option out there for IT management.”

Kent Kelley

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

1. “I highly recommend them. I think that Mark and Dawn have created a company with integrity, that they are committed to excellence, and that I couldn’t more highly recommend somebody for IT. It wouldn’t even cross my mind to start looking for somebody else, because I’m just 100% satisfied with them.”

2. “Great people. I love that it’s a veteran-owned company and that they employ veterans. They installed all new computers and new systems for me a couple of years ago and continue to do my monthly IT work. Have also installed a phone system for us, and I’m very happy with them. With that comes a great degree of comfort and trust, knowing their military background and the clearance level, especially that Mark had to have to do the jobs that he did. I would unequivocally say he’s a very trustworthy person. Because of the trust factor that we have with TeamLogic, we allow them to have remote access into our system.”

3. “Initially, Mark spent a few hours with me asking me what our needs were, what we did, what our processes currently were. We set another time up for Mark to come back and to give me a proposal. Mark had everything detailed in writing as far as the procedures that would happen, the timeline it would happen in, and the cost that would be incurred. Spent a lot of time with us initially, explaining things about what they were doing, and why they were doing it, and how the process worked.”

4. “Dawn is a very patient teacher. Dawn spent a lot of time with me personally and my staff, training and teaching us what the new systems were doing and the purpose of why they were doing it. I am definitely not a techie, and I appreciated very much how Dawn would talk to me in a way that I could understand what she was doing. Since that point, if we need talk to Dawn, we just e-mail her or pick up the phone, and she’s readily available to us. Just a wonderful lady.”

5. “I’ve been running small businesses since 1981, and a frustrating aspect of operating small businesses, has been you have to have so many vendors for so many things within your business. I do appreciate that I can have my phone system, monitor, and equipment, as well as all of my computer and IT needs from TeamLogic. If I have an issue, I call them.”

6. “Since we’re so linked into the Internet and into computers, if we’re down, we can’t work. Doing contracts and all of our rental property information is all computer based so if we go down, we can’t work. Everything now is digital, so we are dependent on our computers working daily, and I’m very satisfied with how TeamLogic has been able to ensure that that happens.”

David Blazis

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should use TeamLogic IT because they are professional, competent and easy to work with. Very easy; hassle-free. I trust them. They’re always very responsive. Very, very rarely had to leave them a message to call me back; there’s always someone on the other end of the line.”

“They almost always solve our issues over the phone; rarely do they need to come out and have the onsite visit. I don’t get a different person on the phone every time and have to explain everything from scratch. They understand our IT needs. They have advised us on IT purchases and equipment.”

“They’re easy to work with and they can put complicated IT issues in easy to understand language. They don’t use a lot of lingo and complicated vocabulary that as a non-IT person I wouldn’t understand.”

Lizanne Stableford, HEI Partners

OnFire Quotes – not just compliments

“You should use TeamLogic IT because they are a small business that understands other small business, specifically our IT needs. They monitor the backups for us, and if they do see issues, they will send us a report and not only about activity on our server, but also the data storage, if we’re getting close to our capacities. We really appreciate the way that Mark keeps us abreast of problems before they arise because we certainly aren’t looking out for that day to day. But, they are.”

“TeamLogic IT performs the majority of our IT support services, our backups. I believe that we’ve been with them for about four years. We see Mark Kelley and Dawn in our office at least once a month, if not once every other week. There is a very extreme comfort level with Mark and Dawn, you know they’re not coming in to try to sell something which they will make a buck on. They take a lot of time to try to understand what we’re doing.”

“They have remote access to our data. In the line of work that we do, the data that we have on our server, includes all of our drawing support, and topography and maps. We trust Mark and Dawn implicitly with continued access to all of our stuff. The biggest thing with Dawn is she’s extremely responsive.”

“One of the things that I really like about working with TeamLogic IT is Mark and Dawn’s willingness to come in and really go over the service they’re providing if there’s a change in services. For example, we brought Mark in on Friday because we’re approaching the capacity of our server, and Mark is more than willing to go over all the options that best fits our company’s needs including ones that may not require as much of his support. He’s willing to promote options that he may not make the most amount of money off of. He’s always willing to promote the option which best serves our needs.”

“Part of the work they do doesn’t usually require a lot of down time and they’re more than willing to come and perform a lot of their duties towards the end of working hours or after hours.”

Doug Schwenke

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