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OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"You should take your children to the Texas Children’s Academy because of the love and care they show your child every day. I absolutely love them. All the teachers, even if they’re not in the room with my child, know her name. The director is so personable, she’s just the nicest lady."

"The cameras are excellent. When I’m missing her I can login and see what’s going on. I know what’s happening with my child and it really is great for your peace of mind."

"All the kids are taught to be very respectful. She comes home learning new things every day. I just love my daycare."

Rebecca Horton

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"You should take your children to the Texas Children’s Academy because they will treat your babies as if they were their own. They’re like adoptive moms to the baby. My son, he is 17 months now, cries sometimes when I picked him up because he didn’t want to leave."

"They got to know my son and they knew things that he liked, things that he didn’t like. They knew that at nap time he would fall asleep but halfway through his nap he tossed and turned so a teacher would be nearby to pat his back. They knew that. I didn’t have to tell them that."

"My niece actually referred me to Texas Children’s Academy because I was at a point where I was ready to just give up, thinking about maybe leaving my job because I couldn’t find care for my baby. Once I went in and looked around and spoke with the staff I made my decision right there on the spot. The staff there, they just make you feel really comfortable. It’s like family."

"You can tell that the people who work there are working there because that is their passion. They like to work with kids. It doesn’t seem like they’re coming to work just to get a paycheck."

"They’re wonderful. I feel safe with my son’s being there. They’re friendly. It’s clean. The secured access, I was comforted with that. And then the facility is clean, very clean."

"I like where they’re located because it’s easy for me to get in, get out, get on the highway and get to work. They have parent parking right there in the front by the front door. It’s really simple, easy and convenient."

Kem Ellis

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"My oldest daughter who is now three, is potty trained and her vocabulary has improved since attending. My other baby, Mattie Kate is a seven month old now. She is holding her bottle and she is being very social. She’s always well-kept, clean and happy. It’s more like a family environment. So I’m really happy and feel at peace when I leave my children at the academy."

"Safety is always important to me and my husband and that was one of the deciding factors why we chose Texas Children’s Academy, because they have the cameras where we can check in on our children throughout the day. There is no extra charge, it comes with the regular fee."

"Miss Julie is really, really an enthusiastic, amazing person that works with my daughter. She’s very passionate about teaching on the preschool level. She was telling us about all the phonics they would be learning and they would get to have 'show and tell'. So, that just shows to me that she cares about their learning and their growing and reaching their full potential which is great for me."

"Every single day, since day one, I’ve dropped off my children and all the staff, every teacher has said, ‘Hey, Mattie’ or ‘Hi, Kaylee, good morning’. They’re verbal with them. They have conversations with them on an adult speaking level which is great because they’re teaching them communication and I think that’s awesome."

Mattie, my baby, doesn’t hesitate to go to them. They’re always playing with the babies. They just always seem so happy to work with the children in both classes. They do some sensory crafts with the babies, we’re excited about that. Kaylee is learning this week the letter 'A' and phonics and how to say that and to recognize the letter 'A'."

"If they’re there after 5 o’clock which is great, they get an additional snack. They’re healthy. They’re with all of the food groups. So it’s a good balance for them."

"All the children come up and play. All the teachers are active with them every day. They’re playing with the babies on the floor or they’re getting the children involved with something. Even while they’re serving breakfast, other teachers are in there interacting with them."

"I’m the owner of a cleaning company so cleanliness is a very big priority for me. The place is always spotless. They are really good about keeping it clean and it smells good. They wear no shoes on the baby carpet rug where the babies play, I don’t want my baby crawling on stuff where shoes are on there."

"You should take your children to Texas Children’s Academy because it’s a family safe, loving environment as well as a great program with academics for the children where they can learn and grow both socially, academically and emotionally."

Crystal Edwards

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