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OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"I take my child to WEE SCHOOL because I care. WEE SCHOOL definitely took the time with my daughter. She was exclusively breast fed, so they did a really good job giving her the bottles. She was also having a really hard time sleeping in her crib at home. They really took the time and they worked with her and she ended up within the first week sleeping in her crib at home. And they took the time as she grew older to switch her to a sippy cup, which was really nice."

"This being my first child, it was really nice to work with the teachers as she progressed. Now that she’s a toddler, she’s been in this daycare for a year now. They’ve been teaching her so much stuff. She comes home almost every day and shows me something new that she’s doing. She also has been doing a lot of songs and dances at school."

"She loves the food that they do at the daycare: the snacks, the breakfast."

"I’ve seen some daycares that take off all the Wake County public school dates, and that’s just way too many days to ask off for at work. So, I am very pleased that they are open so many days during the year."

"Every day I get a chart on what she’s done during the day, listing songs that she did, the books that she read, and what things she played with on the playground. They’re very good at communicating things, even little things. They’ve been very great just communicating like, 'Oh look, she learned to blow kisses today, look.'"

"My husband and I wanted to move to a bigger house and if we were to move away from the area the cost for the daycare would be so much more. I said, 'Well, I guess our bigger house is going to be around this same area because I don’t want to move daycares, this one is too good of a deal for the care that she’s getting.'"

"It is very hard to get my baby to come home sometimes, especially if I come and they’re playing outside. She gets very upset on the weekends when she’s stuck at home with mommy, I can tell she misses her friends at school."

Julie Snead

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"You should take your child to Wee School Development because I don’t think anybody would be more dedicated to your child. Not just academically, but personally. Not just their phonics but their manners, what they’re learning, their schedule. Just all around basics, what their whole program is about."

"Ashlyn is my granddaughter and she’s four and has been in a child custody situation. Their number one priority has been to protect my grandchild. Everybody just absolutely loves her."

"When she got to the school, she was somewhat behind. And now, I would say she’s actually on level, maybe a little bit above. She’s learned all of her phonics, ABCs, numbers, colors. She loves school and she loves going there so she could be with her friends. I like that the classroom sizes are smaller. They always have adequate coverage."

"It’s made her much more independent as far as being able to do stuff, cleaning up her room, it’s teaching her responsibilities. A lot of times she will say to me, “You need to,” and I say, “I need to what?” And she’ll say, “Will you please,” and “I found my manners. They were in my mouth.” And so, she corrects herself when she realizes how she says things."

"Miss Mary cooks them breakfast every morning at 8:30. And, then cooks them lunch. She cooks them a well-balanced meal. They’re always fresh, homemade meals. And she’s cooking them yams, things they wouldn’t ordinarily eat at home. They eat Miss Mary’s. Some of her grandchildren go to the daycare and they call her Granny. So, now, all the kids call her Granny, too. They all love Miss Mary.:

Pat Trip

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

"You should take your children to Wee School because they are amazing and loving. Their programs are structured and really helps our kids to excel way in advance than I’ve seen at other schools. My son, he’s two, recognizes all his shapes, his letters, and colors, which is more than most daycares. He’s become very independent. He likes to do things on his own."

"He likes the structure. I’ll stand outside the classroom and look through the window to see what’s going on. He’ll pick up the toys on his own. He’ll play. He’ll sit down. And he’s with the teachers while they’re reading to him, and he listens, and he pays attention to everything that they’re saying and doing. My husband and I were talking about it, that he’s become such a rule follower. So that structure that they have in the class, he knows exactly what to expect throughout the day and he thrives on it."

"I could tell that they teach him to be nice, because the way he interacts with people is very gentle and sensitive. With his sister, who’s about to turn five months old, very affectionate and loving. At times, Adam misses her, they let him peak in on her to see how she’s doing. And he just loves it. He loves to see his sissy."

"I can tell that the staff loves them. They all know my kids’ names, even the teachers that are not teachers to their classes, their rooms. If I don’t bring one of them, because one of them is sick, they’re always asking how the other one is doing. It makes me feel good to know that my kids are in a place that’s safe and that the staff genuinely cares for my kids."

"I feel like they care for us as well, the parents, especially as a new mom. They’re just very patient with me and they let me know what’s going on. One of the nice things they did was when I was on maternity leave after I had Lexie, they sent me flowers to my house to congratulate me. And I thought it was the nicest thing, because they didn’t have to do that, and yet they did it anyway."

"I like that they have little events for the kids to perform around the holidays both Christmas and Easter. And just be willing to do it at hours that are accommodating to the parents, so that way we don’t have to miss work to go and see our kids. I’m so thankful."

Tina Moss

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