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OnFire Quotes – not just complements

“Sara was accurate. She met the deadlines. She followed our directives very well. And also, contributed to the copy in her own style, which was very helpful for us.”

“Sara was very prompt in replying to our requests and providing all the information that we needed to consider her for writing our copy for a membership brochure that we were creating.”

“Sara followed through with extreme accuracy on deadlines. When she promised something, she delivered it on the date that she promised it.”

“We asked of her to set the tone of the brochure to be more casual conversation and she did very well in that.”

“It was a pleasure working with Sara and we definitely look forward to doing additional work with her.”

Michelle LaFlam

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

“Sarah has been able to provide us with the materials that we needed in a timely and cost-effective fashion. We use her for some of our marketing materials. Lateral development.”

“The phrases that she’s come up with for our marketing campaign were unique. It’s one of those things where, sometimes, you can’t see the forest for the trees. She brings the unique perspective to that.”

“She’s been very reliable. Quick turnaround on all the work that we’ve done. Cost-competitive, or cost-effective. We’re continuing to use her so we’re pleased with services that we’re getting.”

Dana Huston

OnFire Quotes – not just complements

“You should work with Sara Korn because she sees what makes you different from other businesses and how to communicate your uniqueness with your clients. She’s like a graphic designer for words. She weaves magic with words in a way that makes businesses stand out from the crowd. Her messages are crystal clear so they get heard.”

“She clarified my business by seeing things about us that we didn’t see. Telling us what makes us different. She designed her message to really represent our brand.”

‘TC’ Teresa Clark


OnFire Quotes – not just complements

“I brought Sara on board to help me get started with my blog. She was very accurate, really responsive and very helpful providing guidance.”

“We set some deliverable dates and she hit those. If for some reason there was a delay, she would communicate with me. She was really good at also keeping me in the loop as to what was going on.”

“I would definitely recommend Sara. She’s very professional, she has her process in place and she was very accurate.”

Paula Wittekind


OnFire Quotes – not just complements

“She does all of our social media and she definitely has brought attention to our company. She does weekly blogs and also helps us when we need to put together marketing materials.”

“She is very timely and listens to everything that you say about what you need in your marketing. She knows exactly what needs to be done.”

“She always gets back to us in a timely manner and she is very creative. When it comes to editing for typos and grammar she’s always 100 percent correct.”

Tami Vigilante


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