Have Your Best Clients
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  • Uncomfortable asking for testimonials?
  • It's awkward digging for details?
  • Frustrated getting just fluff with no social proof?
  • Trouble getting clients in front of a camera (or they're too wordy)?

What OnFire's Clients Have to Say

“They’re a wonderful tool for our salespeople, it’s adding to our sales process testimonials that complement what we’re saying we can do for our customers.”
Roger Knecht, Owner – Universal Accounting

“I love the videos have multiple customers talking in the video. It’s just not one person talking but multiple people telling their own personal experience with the product.”
Peter Thorpe, Owner – FireAvert

“OnFire Reviews, it’s a new look that’s not only visual but it’s audio. It helps shorten the sales cycles of new business development. It’s a great tool to use to engage with your prospects.”
Patrick Hart, Vice President, Senior Living Solutions at MatrixCare



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Result Driven Testimonials

  • Obtain concise quotes that are perfect social proof
  • Dig for quotes that hook prospects - easier for a 3rd party
  • Increase leads converting to appointments - instant trust and rapport
  • Deliver tools that make following up, answering objections, and closing sales easier
  • Guide clients to crystalize their experience in their own words