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The ‘secret sauce’ behind our OnFire Written and Video Reviews is the Discovery sessions. This is the first step in getting the quotes that are more than just compliments. Compliment say, “You’re Awesome.” Quotes detail WHY you are awesome. To get these quotes that tell specifically why people choose you and hook potential customers we need to know what make you unique; why your customers choose you.

We hold a Discovery and Editing session to clarify exactly what you want your perfect testimonial to say before we call one of your favorite people. With your permission we’ll have a conversation gently guiding them to tell their story about their experience over the phone using the questions we create together.


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OnFire Discovery Session – Brainstorming

We brainstorm online for approximately 30 minutes about the following.

  • the specific reasons that people chose you
  • what you want people to say about you
  • some of the greatest compliments you have received
  • what your favorite customers are saying
  • exactly how you help people
  • the objections (if any) that you hear

As with any brainstorming session, having the input of the right people on the call creates the best outcome. We also give you a quick overview so you will be comfortable with us contacting your clients. After this session, we type up your list of Quotes / Statements and schedule a time to review them with you.

OnFire Editing Session

When we meet online again, we’ll finalize the best verbiage. We use these phrases to gently guide your customers to give quotes instead of compliments.

To find out more about how we ‘lead the witness’ check out our eBook “10+ Ways to Market with Reviews & Testimonials.

Get OnFire Quotes instead of compliments:

  • We interview your people over the phone. Gently guiding them to say, in their own words, what makes you unique and different. With their permission, this conversation is recorded.
  • From a transcript, we use their exact words to write up a tightly worded testimonial, full of phases the will attract and hook potential clients.
  • Because it is only a 5-minute phone call, we get reviews from people who do not have the time to write one or get in front of a camera. It is so easy and convenient individuals are eager to participate!


We turn your powerful quotes into videos with people telling your story in their own voice.
Hearing their voice provides an emotional connection.


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“The best part about the process was looking at my customers in a new way. What I want my existing customers to say about their experience”
Mike O’Neil, Integrated Alliances

“The brainstorming session I had with TC brought me clarity about my business and how I want to be remembered by my clients. It was beneficial to have a neutral third party see my business from an external point of view. TC picked up on things I said in my session that I didn’t think about. She helped me emphasize what I do every day to bring value to my clients.”
Cindy Rayfield, FranNet Mountain West

“TC helps you speak in customer-speak, look at the world from the customer’s viewpoint.”
Mitchell Levy, AHAthat

“TC and the OnFire team do a phenomenal job of really helping to sort out the reasons that clients do business with you and why more clients need to do business with you.”
Mark Kutowy, Volume Nine

“They do a fantastic job of helping you understand what value you deliver to your client. This helps you attract new clients, and that’s really what it’s all about.”
Kris Murray, Child Care Marketing

“The session helped us to nail down the culture that we have here in the office.”
Dr. Julia Rohleder, D.M.D., The Downtown Dentist

“The session was eye opening. I excel at telling my client’s stories, but often downplay my own strengths. Seeing my business through a third party brought me rare clarity.”
Laura Pence Atencio, Social Savvy Geek

“The session will help you get clarity on what makes your business special, which is critical to your overall marketing.”
Devin Sizemore, Local Child Care Marketing

“They will help you present your business to your clients in a way that you never could do for yourself.”
Jane Lawrence, McKinney Smiles

“A session is a breath of fresh air, makes you stop and really think about why you’re in business, what you’re offering to your clients. Very refreshing to have a new set of eyes looking at our company.” Ruth
Ann Rose, Rose Marketing Solutions

“It was great to have somebody from outside our business take an objective and unbiased look, and get a different perspective on what value our services do provide for our clients.”
Kevin McKee, The Exercise Coach

“OnFire has their process figured out! The session forced me to think about how we have differentiated.”
Rob Peterson, Paint Denver

“Helped us really see the things we do really well for our customers and sets us apart from our competition.”
Mark Kelly, TeamLogic IT

“OnFire Reviews got what was in my head down onto paper. They really helped me clarify what makes me so unique and different from my competition.”
Monica Miller, Monica Writes

“You will learn some things about your business that you haven’t thought about before.” Pat Sculley, The Exercise Coach

“They helped me to discover how I’m different from the other providers that are out there.”
Sharon Simpson-Dogon, Wellness Matters

“What an amazing process. It was so helpful to me in clarifying the message that I want others to know.”
Kim Prayfrock, Oak Meadows

“OnFire has their process figured out! The session forced me to think about how we have differentiated.”
Rob Peterson, Paint Denver

“Going back and forth summarized it so that we had good verbiage to relay to the families that we were hoping to get into our center.”
Sarah Kirschling, Giggly Hugs Child Care

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