What are Topic Videos?

A topic video is a video compiled of quotes from different people on one of your selling points. Having a video from one person is great; topic videos are even more powerful.

For example, if your selling point is that you save people time, then your topic video has quotes from different people saying that in their own words. Using topic videos is effective in your marketing, prospecting, and closing sales. Once you have determined what’s important to a prospect, you can send them a video to reinforce that point with your clients’ quotes.

We all have follow up calls or a need to keep pinging a prospect. Topic videos help us do this without being pushy. Let your clients tell your prospect why they should choose you. Each topic video can highlight a different sales point in a fun and distinctive way. This makes each touch unique and refreshes your prospect’s memory on what they liked.

Click here to see some topic videos we’ve created for our clients.

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