Using testimonial videos as references.

What we hear from our B2B clients is that usually more than one person is making the decision about which company to hire, sometimes it is a even a committee. Also, there are other staff that influence the company’s choice. They tell us they usually don’t even get to talk directly to everyone involved. Frustrating!

Using testimonial videos you let your clients do the talking, directly with all the people involved in the decision making process. We suggest you find out everyone who might influence who gets hired.

Send each person an individual email. Something like this: “We are honored to be in the running to become your software provider. We understand how important it is for us to work with the (office manager) in a company. Here is a video of what our clients have to say.”

This way you create a buzz in the office that completely sets you apart from your competition. It lets all the different staff members know their input is valuable. Also that as a provider, it is an essential part of your business to connect with them.

It is even more powerful to use a topic testimonial video (multiply clients sharing about a specific topic) that addresses a concern that person would have. Especially if the people on the video has the same title and responsibilities.

Be sure your video is focused on facts not flattery. We say: “Get quotes not compliments. A compliments says you’re awesome, a quote details why.”

Compliment Example:

“I’m excited about the partnership with OnFire and I appreciate the customer service that they’ve provided.” Patrick Hart, VP, Senior Living Solutions – MatrixCare

Quote Example:

“You have an archive of videos where clients have said nothing but true, tremendous things about your company. Sending that throughout the sales process, it extremely shortens the sales cycle.”

Jump start the on boarding process by sharing why staff from other companies enjoy working with you.

Video testimonials are obliviously better, however written ones will work in a pinch. Let me know your thoughts and ideas on how you are using testimonials to get leads, convert leads into appointments, drives business, shortens the sale cycle and close.

I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts.

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